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I'm not running anymore; [entries|friends|calendar]
Glynis ♥

but this morning, there's a calm I can't explain. the rock candy's melted, only diamonds now remain. by the time I recognize this moment, this moment will be gone. but I will bend the light, pretend that it somehow lingered on

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Looking for plain dresses!
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<3 [Wed 20 Oct / 12:00am]

Using this account for commenting, posting in communities, selling my stuff & reading my friends' friends-only entries :) For private, comment & add me at [info]loveme_electrik. For daily dose, scriptedrama.blogspot.com Thank you!

If you're thinking of leaving a comment regarding sgsale or sggirlsbargins, go ahead & you'll be banned immediately from the community. Seriously, go ahead! That is what will happen to you for NOT reading the rules. Good luck!

If you're gonna leave a comment to advertise on your new blogshop, it'll be marked as spam. Go ahead if you like that (;

I [Sat 27 Mar / 12:12am]
I tweet.
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PERSONALFB [Fri 1 Jan / 12:00am]

Personal feedback.

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GimmeYourStuff♥ [Wed 16 Apr / 9:29pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Gimme Your Stuff

I always wanted to try this out but never really get to it & now I finally did :) I really like the idea of gimmeyourstuff.blogspot, I hope to swap something beautiful with someone across the globe! I cannot wait to swappppp.

Willing to trade..
Anything from Singapore if you can think of & you'd like!
Singapore's Snacks/Food/Candy/Chips
Singapore's fashion magazines
Books + Postcards + Stationeries + Stickers!
Accessories + clothes + shoes +hair accessories + make up + plush toys + sanitary pads!
Nail art + nail polish + nail care
Indie bangles + Henna tattoo
Mixtape of your fav genre, my picks!
Handmade stuff like, stars/Hearts made of straw :)
Basically, anything & everything. Just ask me, I'll try to get it for you!

In exchange for..
Snacks/Food/Candy/Chips of your favourite or things you eat when you were 5!
Imma' crazy accessories lover. Bangles, bracelet, necklaces, ear studs/rings & rings!
Cute postcards  + cards + books + stationeries :]
Movies/Drama DVDs/VCDs!
Anything & everything cute/pretty!
(I can't think of anything right now, brain dead)

Just so you know, I'm into photography + lomography, arts & fashion :) Shopping is my no.1 love :D I collect heart-shaped stickers, heh. Red's my colour, I don't mind black or white or grey or brown or electric blue! Elmo's my favourite cartoon character :D

Wanna swap with me? Leave a comment with your email & I'll get back to you asap! Comments are screened for your pirvacy.
Thank you ♥ (:
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