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Common Acronyms 
30th-Aug-2012 05:16 pm
10q = Thank You
AYOR = At Your Own Risk
BN = Brand New
BNIB = Brand New in Bag
BNIP = Brand New in Package
BNWT = Brand New with Tags
BOGO = Buy One Get One
FYI = For Your Information
LMK = Let Me Know
L/S = Long Sleeves
NP = No Problem
NVM = Nevermind
NP = No Problem
PLMK = Please Let Me Know
PTP = Pit to Pit (refering to armpit to armpit of a top)
QYOP = Quote Your Own Price
RP = Retail Price
S/S = Short Sleeves
TY = Thank You
TYVM = Thank You Very Much
UP = Usual Price
W = With
WO or W/O = WithOut

HTHs = Hope This Helps
22nd-Dec-2008 02:28 am (UTC)
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