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Oct. 16th, 2004

10:57 am - Goodbye

((Erin)) Well, I am saying goodbye. I am here in Germany for two more months, and for those two months I will not be on the computer. So... if you wish to reach me, email me... and I should get it. My Daddy will check my email for me. But so you know, keep checking my journal, or check after two months. I will write everyday when I get home to Daddy. I will have a lot to write about then. Well... thanks everyone, see you in two months!

°Daddys lil babe°

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Oct. 12th, 2004

10:29 am - Nothingness

((Erin)) Well, there is nothing really to update about. This is becoming almost a chore to come on here. 1 because noone comments anymore, and 2 because Daddy doesnt care. I want to go home... so that way I have everything to talk about. What me and Daddy are doing and what not. Hmmph. 64 more Days, and counting. Bye.

°Daddys little dollie°

Current Mood: crankycranky

Oct. 9th, 2004

03:35 pm - A little girl...

1. A little girl must always be respectful to her daddy.

2. A little girl must always be ready to do as daddy says.

3. A little girl must look tidy/nice for her daddy.

4. A little girl mustn't fidget around her daddy.

5. A little girl must be obedient and not make daddy look bad.

6. A little girl must always be prepared for daddy's needs.

7. A little girl must be thankful that daddy doesn't leave her.

8. A little girl must do her duties on a timely manner, as to not upset her daddy.

9. A little girl must do her best to obey all of daddy's rules.

10. A little girl must always be brave for daddy.

11. A little girl must not complain or whine.

12. A little girl must not waste time.

13. A little girl must not lie.

14. A little girl must ask daddy's permission before doing things.

15. A little girl must never say no to her daddy.

16. A little girl must make sure daddy is always happy.

17. A little girl must sit near daddy with her head resting on daddy's knees waiting daddy's comamnds.

18. A little girl must not hate daddy when he has to punish her.

19. A little girl must eat lots of vegetbles so she will grow up big and beautiful.

20. A little girl must NEVER ever dissapoint daddy

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03:13 pm - Another Day.

((Paige)) Daddy has been neglecting me latly. He says that it will be better once I come home. And I think so too. But now all he does is talk to Erin, and not me. I am sorry to say but I am mad. And I dont care if I get a spanking!! Poo! °°Sticks tongue out at Daddy°°

((Erin)) Someones a little bratty today, lol. But I can see where she is coming from. We were both sick yesterday, and didnt go to work. We got something the kids at work had. Eww, poo. It was bad, but now our tummy's just hurt a little bit. Its not a big deal. Nothing much else to say, but on the 6th of Oct. was Daddy and I's 5th month anniversary. I hope there are way more to come. I cant wait until I get back. Daddy has so many good ideas for me, about my new collar, and a bunch of other things too. And I think after the cruise we are going up to see Uncle Westy in Portland, Oregon. I am excited about that!! So bye bye for now!

°Daddys lil angel's°

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Oct. 4th, 2004

06:34 pm - Sorry

((Erin)) Sorry that I havnt writen in a while. The computer over here crashed, but we took it in, and now everything is back to the way it was and its all super. So ya. Nothing much is going on here. I went to a gothic club called LIME in Alex, Berlin. They had a Depesh Mode party! It was so awesome! So so so much fun! I requested Master and Servant and the DJ said it was deticated to the little goth in the middle of the room danceing her heart out, he also said I was from Cali, lol. Anyways. That was so so so much fun. I got hit on by 3 guys, they were all 32 or maybe one was about 29. And then there was other guys oogleing me and stuff. One told me that I was so eye catching, and when I asked him if it was a bad thing he shook his head and smiled, saying not at all. LoL. That made me feel good about myself. I told Daddy and he said he likes it when guys ooggle me, because then he says that prooves more so how beautiful and hot I am, lol. I love my Daddy. Anyways. Nothing else is really going on. Two more months on the 15th. I cant wait. Oh and Paige isnt writing today, because she said that Daddy has been neglecting her. So... ya, ha. Later.

°Daddy's lil slut°

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Sep. 29th, 2004

08:50 pm - Daddy got my letter.

((Paige))Daddy got my letter with the pictures I drew for him. Im happy... He hasnt talked to me about it yet, only Erin. But, I dont know... I hope he really did like them. Daddy told me the other day though what I was "feeling" was normal, and told me over the phone how to make it all better. Wow... what a feeling, Daddy said its called masterbateing... and the feeling you get before you stop is an orgasm... I think. LoL. Well, thats all I have to say. Daddy isnt writing to me or on his site, so... Im gunna be a Brat tonight, hehe. Oh, and Erin told me to say that nothing is new with her, so she will not write tonight. Bye.

°Daddy's lil baby°

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Sep. 27th, 2004

07:11 pm - Getting home to Daddy...

((Erin))Getting home to Daddy, when is that going to happened? This half a year has gone by fast, but when I stop to really think about where I am and how long Ive been here, then it hits me, and I realize how much I miss Daddy, and California, and going to school. Thats another thing. Ive been going to school everyday of my life for 12 years, and now I am graduated. It's just weird to me, I'm sure some of you people know what I mean, right? Anyways... when I am at work and doing stuff with the kids the time flies. But when I am home in my room watching a movie, or writing, reading, chatting and especially talking to Daddy, thats when the time really stops and just hits up side the back of the head. "3 months Erin, just 3 more months. 2 1\2 months Erin... 2 months!!" It just keeps going through my head, everyday... like a song that wont get out of your head. Like the thorn in your side, like the nagging mother that you listen to everyday as a child. °°Screams°° AUG! I want to go home. I miss my Daddy really bad! Poo! Daddy! Come get me!

°Daddy's lil slut°

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Current Music: Pleasure Club °Crooks°

Sep. 26th, 2004

01:57 pm - Quizzes

I really like this one, its deff one for Paige!

Your Icon is..... by d3athofs3asons
Your Name
Your Age
Your B-day
Your Icon Is....
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Umm hello! If this isnt me, I dont know what is.

Your Love Situation
by Amberishjewel
Your Love Is...Fiery
During Lovemaking You Act...Like a child, always playing
Your Partner Is...Your best friend
Your Partner Has Said That You...Are their only love
Your Love is Summed Up In A Quote."One must know how to seduce"
Quiz created with MemeGen!

HaHa! This is so funny!

If LJ Was a High School by Karen_Walker
Lunch Ladycawaker
Head Cheerleadermotorpsycho666
Prom Queenjustmaster
Gang Member_bigb_
Band Geekspankenstein74
Theatre Geekmauvaise_fille
Chess Club Captainincontrol
Loner Goth Kidkinkykouple
Class Clowndom_sir_andrew
Quiz created with MemeGen!

01:49 pm - Poem


I am here
And I am willing
Take me as I am
For you and only you
Your big makes me small
And your might makes me want to fight

I am here
And I am willing
Have me as you want
I wont bite
I dream of the day
You take a rape my begging shaking flesh

I am here
And I am willing
Forever and always
Your little toy
So use me, abuse me, please
I need it more than I need sleep

I am here
And I am willing
Bound and gag I serve only you
Whipped and flogged I cum for only you
Whimpering and crying in the darkness
Awaiting your domineering touch

I am here
And I am willing
Take me, Shake me, Make me yours
Fuck me, Cut me, Whip me good
Only you can make me feel helpless
And only you can take my pride away

°Daddys lil slut°

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Current Music: Jewel °Intuition°

Sep. 24th, 2004

05:37 pm - Frustrated with...

((Paige)) Well, Daddy couldnt talk to me Wednesday night, he was sick at work, but he talked to Erin... that makes me up set. Sometimes I think I should just run away. I need attention too. And then last night he called me, but had to stay at work, so only could talk to me for about 13 minutes, and tonight, he probably wont be able to call at all because he doesnt have money. Which I understand, but... I really wanted to tell him about this problem I'm having. But I guess that will have to wait until Erin's money gets to him in the mail. I miss my Daddy so much. Well, I'll let Erin talk now.

((Erin)) I didnt get to talk to Bran last night. He talked to Paige, which is ok with me because they didnt get to talk on Wednesday. So its all good. Plus they only talked for 15 minutes, haha. Anyways. I miss Bran, I cant wait to come home and go on the cruise with him, its going to be way fun. I finally finished his story today at work, sending it hopefully tomorrow, whenever I get to the post office. Well, later. Not much to talk about.

°Daddy's lil girl°

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Current Music: Pleasure Club °This is living°

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