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[28 Jul 2005|11:05am]
new lj kids, add me if u want, hopefully i'll be keepin this one updated all year.

EDIT: sorry, my new name is nomadic_red
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From an area code far far away.... [26 Aug 2004|10:17am]
Hello, for anyone i haven't talked to I am indeed at ithaca. Today is day two of classes and sam is stopping by around 10:30 to walk to class with me. Only two classes today, Script Analisis and Intro to Drawing. Yesterday I only had three classes, that sent me with homework of the reading of two books, a coupple chapters each of two text books and a paper. WOO! I think I have a meeting today too.... With my basic theatre tech proffesor. I'm having some seriouse doubts about this. I miss..... home..... kinda anyways. I don't even know if this is the major I want anymore! I mean i was so sure of it for a while that my "second thaughts" of a while ago I didn't take seriousely and I might end up reealy regretting it. Oh well, its still a great school. I haven't found my nook yet, but we shall see. LOOKING FORWARD TO LABOR DAY WEEKEND! :-D
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figured i should...UPDATE [04 Aug 2004|12:38am]
buggerboo, anywyas

Ben Tinker inspired me to update, and i figured i should cause i've had an awesome coupple of days.

LAST monday, Great Escape day with EmDawg. Yes I got lost, Yes i didn't listen to EmDawg, yes it did take 4 hrs to get there after getting lost a lot of times, but hey it was still great! WE PASSED THE MEAT LAND SIGN! hey thay make meat affordable. There were hotties and fatties (not that i should be speaking) and dip n dots and funnel cake and DEEP FRIED CHEESECAKE. Fuck yes, a good day.

Okay then week days, i worked some.

THEN ON FRIDAY. the 30'th. Big day, Show at the furnace. After a quick snack at wendy's we were on the thru way! Didn't get lost once mind you! we found the venue and then ate pizza at a kinda skeevy pie shop where the tables were made out of BARRELS! and then came the show.

OH god, okay This Afternoon, seen them before, they're okay i guess.
ROSES ARE RED (formerly known as Nobody Cares) were AMAZING! ohhh god the guy in the red shirt was like likcing his guitar on stage. It was one of the hottest things I've ever seen.
I've allready forgotten the name of the third band cause they sucked so badly.
Senses Fail was definately lacking. Made a political statement that we should all hate Bush. Perhaps but please. During all of this we began at the front but then were squished to the side and emily was ass raped in the proccess i belive.
Then we saw pete and his gf, She does not like us I believe, but it was very nice to see pete. I don't know when i'll ever talk to him again. We saw some gay guys too, very hot.
MCR was amazing. No blood this time but god. Happiness and sweatiness merged into greatness. Woah okay. And then you know sex with frank after... i mean... ummm yeah meet and greet. A good good time.
BK on the way back. Tasty. SOOO glad we skipped K-Rockathon.

And since then there have been a few exciting excertions with Emdawg. The pics from both shows came out great.

This evening was a good time, Yetty's and mall.
So this is an update.

Soon I will leave for college, I shall miss you all :)

♥ Snood
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[22 Jun 2004|12:49pm]
[ mood | blah ]

You know how sometimes after you've done something pretty stupid you know you are probably going to pay for it later? So yeah last night it was around 11:30 and i was bored as all hell and watching nip/tuck (???? plastic surgeons smuggling breast implnts full of heroin er something) and i was super board. So what did i decide to do?? i pierced my ear of corse, dur. A little bit of ice and a straight pin later i had a 4th hole in my left ear. Sadly i now realise i didn't steralize the needle or my ear and its kinda itching so i hope it doesnt get infected. Maybe tonight i'll do the other one :)

I'm not working tonight becuase of a stupid mistake on mine and my mothers part. I'm super sorry emdawg that u had to work in my place, i'll pay next time at applebees, I SWEAR! :). See because of my nice traffic ticket i've gotta go to court. I never saw the thing they sent back on the date and my mom wrote this tuesday instead of next tuesday on the calaner. SO i went through this big thing to get tonight off because i thaught i had to go to court. When i realized i didn't have it tonight i then called work and kara called me back and in the end my stupidity wins. But hey thats okay.

Countdown, 4 more days to graduation.

Mom ordered my present. A very nice mac lap top. Should be in on friday.

Also sometime this week my shipment from science and surplus should be coming in. This contains some presents for me and some presents for emily and some presents for mom and dad's day present for dad. All under 40 mind you :)

So now i must continue cleaning my room. My mom says i can't go to college untill my room is clean so i must get crackin.

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[20 Jun 2004|11:47am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well its been a good long time since i have updated, i've been busy what can i say :) But there have been some events of late that i decided needed to be posted.

Last night was a good time, will cory emily + food = decent night. but anyways i chilled at emdawgs and came home to find several have a heart traps sticking out from under the freezer.... for those of you who don't know we adopted two very cool cats, oliver and spunk-o. SO i'm like "whats up with theese?" and my dad said oliver brought a chipmonk on the house and it ran under the fridge. As of yet it has not been caught. So then a little bit later in the night around 1:30( I was watchin some tv in my room) I come out to put popcorn back in her cage and this is how it went:

ME: Wuoh...... (long pause)
MOM: huh? (mind you they were both asleep.
ME: Either i'm trippin on icecream or theres a big ass snake on the floor.
MOM: How big?
ME: Pretty big.
MOM: So pick it up and put it outside.
ME: NO! it'll kill me!
MOM: Oh come on.
(Mom gets out of bed)

After that seeing as how my father was in a coma like snake we got a pillow case and managed to get the fairly large snake, it was like 18 in long outside. Thank you cat for bringing a snake in the house;

arx 1 hr later my dad was awakend by my other cat killing a mouse under his bed. Like a field mouse.

fun fun timse. We still haven't caught that chipmonk.... YAY LIVING IN THE WOODS!

Well soon-ish i'moff to work. I shall see you all later.

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[08 May 2004|11:47am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Woah, its been a while...

So i haven't updated in ages. SO i shall form all of you in on whats been going on though i'm sure you allready know most of it.

I have decided to go to Ithaca college. I wonder now if that was the wrong choice but hey. Emdawg i'm going to miss you SO MUCH!

Umm my grandfather passed away a while ago, now my oma needs to find a home cause shes so alsimeric.

We got two cats Spunk-o and Oliver. They're both grey (different shades) they are still getting used to everything.

No longer going to prom... GOING TO BANE!!! FUCK YES! that will be amazing. I'm so excited.

Uhhhh schools all most over, wish it was sooner.

I GOT A FUCKING JOB!!! at golf club of newport with emdawg. Money is good good good. TIPS TIPS TIPS.

So i'll post a little more later hopefully.

♥ Snood

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Hmmmm.... [31 Mar 2004|10:11am]
So anyways the beautiful days of monday and tuesday are gone and now it is a rainy wednesday and i haven't updated in forever, i find i haven't really been checking even, super busy. Anyways the show went well, I was definately sad that it was all over. (Oh tj I did get your note) We had some good times in Drama. Party at Hayleys, some good speaches, the ball smacking kid (don't ask) and YAY TRUTH AND DARE! lol and uh.... school... yeah.... sleep... yeah. Um i'm glad things should be winding down. Going to probably hear from the big B today, yay mail. YAY repro class and Mr. LaBuzz. Working more in there today, my cover really sucks i'm afraid. Its outa focus. I'm looking forward to working on my layout. Thats going ot be AWESOME. Ran into em yesterday at sal, I had a detist apt and she got outa class early, weird huh? I must say. SO anyways. Yeah allmost time for GOVT. and our presentation. TIme to finish my capt crunch.

OH AND A CALL FOR ALL NECK TIES!!! I need them to finish my dress. Now for a date? hmmmmmmm ;)
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a day in life? [16 Mar 2004|10:26pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Man, for once i just wish there could be a happy ending. For anybody, not even me, just see someone be happy. Happy without complacation. Its too hard anymore, everything is so complicated. No one ever ends up happy, theres allways so much fucking drama and then no ones happy when its all over anyways.
Where's my Jane Austin happy ending?

hmm i guess thats what music is for... trifecta!
♥ &hearts:

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Hello old friends... [15 Mar 2004|10:10am]
Hmmm... haven't posted in a while, not that nothing has been going on, I just haven't felt the real desire too. I did make another journal i haven't done anything with yet. I don't know if i will, I do like this name, i may make like a... yeah idunno :) so anyways yeah, whats been going on you ask? Lets see.... spring break from MV this week, no class WOOHOO don't have to miss school for the Quiz Team match. I'M ON THE SHOW!!! i'm going to die i'm afraid. And lest see... still outa gym from MONO. Ugh i'm tired and sicky and i'm sorry to all my friends if you get it, i'm really sorry. MY SPLEEN COULD EXPLODE! not really, just puncture, but anyways. Ummm... lets see fun weekend. Had some fun weekends. Me Em and ash stole sign and put at school, snowed, no one noticed. Lunch at grandmas, ac moore, sun then more snow. I'm OBSESSED with Dunkin Donuts "Mocha Swill Lates" holy fuck are they good. I think they have addictives in them making them even mroe tasty. Composed "Officer Ralf" along with many other tunes to be on my upcoming EP and full length cd later in the year. Hung out will willam the other day. Ran erands for mommy. She's going to Florida on Friday for a while. Going to miss her :( lol. Just me and dad. Allcounty this weekend. Super play practice. OH AND THE BEST NEWS EVER! TRIFECTA! The Used, TBS, and yes Blink 182. Super senior trip. It'll be great. Ugh i can't wait, that give me the will to live.
So now its 4th period and i'm sitting in lib listening to The Used and soon to go to Govt. I should do this more often, a good time to update. Hmm... I am hungry, but yes folks, i'm trying a diet. We shall see, i really really REALLY am giong to try. So i'm out my friends. I leave you with one word...
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[22 Feb 2004|12:20am]
I wish my 'friends' still liked me

I wish I could trust people, and they would trust me.
really they can, they just don't.

I wish things could be like they were, but somehow I feel it could be for the best they aren't. Is it better to know now then to go on being happy only to find out later someones true feelings?

I wish people could tell the truth.

I wish people would be real.

I wish people would not have alterial motives, this shits killing me.

I wish I didn't have to ever leave my real friends, I'm going to miss you guys so much. You have no idea how much you've ment to me.

I wish the Used would come back to me.

I wish I had a job.

I wish I had my space

I wish guaging my ears didn't hurt so badly.

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A super long post? yes yes i think so! [17 Feb 2004|10:13pm]
[ mood | screamy ]

my my my, i haven't updated in a long long time

first off thank you overrdramatics for my kickass lj layout, i love it very muchly

Secondly.... a recap of the last week or so...
Okay last week I don't remember what happend really at the moment, i'm sure it had its ups and downs, last week before vacation, u know how that goes, but then came Friday. Friday I woke up at 5:00 in the morning as to leave by 5:30 to get out on the road to Nazareth. We didn't end up leavin till 6:00. SO then i slept in car untill rest stop (ap 3 hrs) and then my mom told me to change clothing into something nicer for my interview. While doing so in the tru way bathroom I ran into Jen Garlock hedin out to Fredonia for the weekend. She was going to party. ??? okay so then off to Nazareth. It was MIGHTY COLD AND WINDY! We walked in and were instructed to wait in this room with all the acting people trying out. We were all in different rooms with just a coupple other people. I was waiting in this one room with a guy who was transfering from a comunity college, he was george, exept very VERY gay. And kinda nice, but u know. SO then I went in and showed the nice ladies my portfolio and read shit and whatever and they were really nice and liked my portfolio a lot. So then we were walking out and the lighting designer lady was in the hall and asked to see my portfolio. She really liked it, said it was stunning :) And so then we went on a tour there and changed into regular clothing again and we were off. So then it was another long drive untill Fredonia where we stayed at the days inn. We went to dinner a lil ways away from there at a really nice resturaunte ;) i had chicken parmisian, it was tasty. BUT before that we looked at the ICE CASTLE! lol a big castle made of ice. It was cool, and by cool i mean cold. I froze my ass off! So then back to hotel and watched some gay as shit on tv and went to bed. Sadly the heater didn't work so well. IT was hot, then cold then hot then cold and then woke up. Shower, dressed, dennys for breakfast and then the dreaded
FREDONIA! So we got kinda lost pulling in there. The buildings are scarry, arcitecture is awful. So we went to the wrong room first and waited then went down to the right one and waited with a bunch of actors and some tech students. SO i was there and was sent down for my interview. Scarriest one yet. Me and all 5 heads of the tech departments (lighting, scenery, sound etc.) and so i went over my resume and read through the script stuff and they looked at my portfolio. I was really nervouse and i got the feeling they thaught i was kinda stupid. SO then they asked me to leave and sit next door while they 'disscused me' and i talked to this kid working on some lighting progect. So then the guy comes to get me, i walk into the room and hes like 'well we don't like you at all, please leave right now and never come back again' and i was sad, but then the lady started laughing and she was like JUST KIDDING! and so i was happy. They said they liked me very much and I WAS ACCEPTED TO THE BFA THRATRE TECH PROGRAM! ::yay yay happiness:: and so then we talked a lot about different colleges and stuff. It was a fun fun time. Then we left. I dont know if i'll really go there, depends on where else i get accepted to. so there goes college.... ugh i'm sick of it

SO now vacation (kinda) I still have college. AND we worked on the drama set too a bunch, i can't tell you how much fun that is! College classes are going well, nice that i talk to people this time. Don scared the shit outa me by hitting my window in the parking lot with a snow ball (i think) havin great fun workin with Adobe InDesign. Oh wait, its a pain in my ass! oh well, its good fun. Then big paper for writing class. Not so fun, writing it about seether concerte tho! So lets see, tomarrow fun with emdawg after class. Mall? yes yes The Boys? yesyes Drunk? no, but thasts okay! Who needs alcohol to have fun! and then Friday Purchase :BLAH! I DON'T WANA GO!: Oh well, oh and thursday LeMoyne. And then weekend. And then school again. Ugh I can't wait till senior year is over and all this 'fake' shit ends.


♥ SNooD

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HELP ME PICKY! [04 Feb 2004|08:08pm]
Okay, so here's theese graphics i've messed around with for possible background lj layouts... I need help decideding which one I should choose if any and If they all suck and I should just find something else thats better and not queer looking please tell me. I can't tell lol =D I WILL TRUST YOU JUDGEMENT!

(or just maybe gimme suggestions on how to change it???) THANKIES!

HELP ME PICK!Collapse )
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Today: [02 Feb 2004|05:51pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


Otherwise today has been... decent i suppose, as far as days go. Third quarter of the year is begining, senior year is officially half over. Switched from Film to Mr. Frank and desktop publishing. Thats going to be fun/easy. I'm happy cause EmDizzle's in class with me. Also switched from Economics to Govt. We are going to have to actually work in there, that is going to suck balls. Oh well, shep is cool. Then lets see... I left and went to college.

Class today was pretty cool. I am way ahead of the rest of the class because I went second. I got my first part done and then helped people out untill the dark room was open and finished the second half. Now I don't have to go back untill NEXT wednesday cause I'm done. How sweet is that? My progect looks pretty cool too. All theese variations on this one photograph. Its all for printing on magazines and stuff. I like Mr. LaBuzz. And I made some friends too! Last quarter I didn't really talk to people, but cause I allready knew some people in my class its pretty nice.

Then okay, comin outa MV i was following this car and we were going pretty slow, the car wanted to turn left so we had to stop and wait for oncoming trafic to get outa the way. SO I was in the middle of this intersection and there was a car waiting to turn right behind me. So The trafic left and I was about to be able to go and then BAM the car behind me rammed into me. Sooo I pulled over and this little old guy gets outa the car and he said like "oh i'm sorry I hit your tire, if you need me to call you an ambulance I can" and he was talking lol. He only hit my tire and didn't do anything really to my car. His car had a big dent in the front, poor old guy lol. So I went on my merry way and was late for High School Quiz. Sorry Mrs. DItata.

SO then practice, univentful. Good fun with this great play we're doing

Then I came home to my incubus cd and news I got accepted at Fredonia. I still have to audition for my program, but i'm sure i'll get in. I don't' think I really wana go there but thats okay.

SO now i'm here, moms cookoing pot roast. I have some calc to do and some tv to watch =D

Woah this cd is good*

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[28 Jan 2004|10:45pm]

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

ahhh the southern states, what fun we've had in such places..... LET ME GO TO LA!!!
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woah you're tall... [28 Jan 2004|09:24pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I have scabies... okay not scabies but hives on my stomach and back and neck. Its unpleasant and itchy.

So other than that today wasn't so bad. It snowed a lot... It was definately a treck up to MV. Today class was pretty fun, I'm actually tryin to talk to people and they talk back. It was pretty funny in the exposeure room because out teachers aid left for some reason and no body knew what to do so this special ed guy came and helped us, I don't think he could read and write too well be he knew his way around the dark room lol. I felt really stupid tho because this HUGE guy came outa this one room just as i was like walking by and I got in his way ( I mean this guy musta been over 7 feet tall, and hefty too) and i just like stopped and looked up and I said "woah you're tall" and he just kinda looked at me funny and walked away, i felt really bad lol. Oh well i mean he was pretty tall. So then I came home. Tomarrow i'm giong to get my hair fixed (finnaly) I'm going to miss my black hair, I have really enjoyed it, but seems many really hate it. Saturday is my Hampshire interview. I hope i'll do okay.

I hope tomarrow is a snowday, film and fiction final doesn't sound fun. I'M SO GLAD TO GET OUTA THAT CLASS! Desktop should be fun. =D I'm so very sick of school, I can't wait for HS to end with all the fake shit thats floating around in the halls.

Now its time for strudel and the second half of OC. Mom's finally going to get of the tv.

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WOOHOO! [26 Jan 2004|09:05pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I just pre-ordered my Incubus 'A Crow Left of the Murder' limited addition and i should get it next wednesday!! eehehe i'm so happy! and for all my friends (tj included) i will make you a copy as soon as i get it (if you want) woah i'm excited about this, more than i think I should be, not as much as if it were the Used cd, but still.

So i haven't updated in a while, i've been busy workin on my college shit =/ Not that i'm going to get more time. This stupid ass drama play is so gay that we're doing it. i mean does anybody really want to do it besides the two main male leads and plang? uhgh its so boaring. oh well fuck it, i was hoping to do something good for my last play but oh well, i'm glad to be gettin outa here soon.

College classes are gong pretty well, well repro is anyways. Theres some people i allready know in there and Mr. LaBuzz is really nice so it should be cool. My internet class on the other hand, that is gong to suck, i missed the first asignment and i have a 400 word essay due on friday where after i have to read everybody else's. Oh well.

So thats the update, hopefully concert at amnesia on friday night. I'll have to be home early tho. Stupid Hampshire on saturday. Oh well, that means quality sleep time in the car and krispy kremes.
♥ Snoodles

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Fuck you fucking snow [16 Jan 2004|10:13pm]
[ mood | cold ]

So today school was CANCLED which is awesome, except i couldn't leave my house cause the driveway was snowed in.... its 1/4 mile long. I really thought about walking out for a while... but its 20 below without wind chill and i'm not into freezing my balls off. SO instead I stayed home, worked on shit for my college apps and started reading "the search for the pink headed duck" So far its pretty good. Oh I watched Dr. Doolittle 2 and that sucked massive ass. Tomarrow I can get out, maybe mall with skeeter? I need pants =D I have no clothing because the trap in the drain line of our washer is frozen so my clothes sit in a big tub of soapy water in the wash. My dad said he'll fix it tomarrow after he plows the driveway. YAY FREEDOM AND OUTSIDE WORLD!! Now i hope to find something interesting on tv. Maybe i'll eat another can of pineapple =p GOIN HEALTHY! WOOHOO!

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To Emily [12 Jan 2004|10:27pm]
[ mood | stupid ]

Dear EmDawg,
I have come to realize the fact that I am in fact a mooch. I do not mean to be, but be it taking home the extra food, 'borrowing' some money or taking multiple burned cd's from you that would rack up a hefty bill had I baught them, I do take more than I give. I have eaten mucho food at your house, you have been a harbor for me in times of need (aka running away from home =D and for this I am in grave debt to you. What Can I do about this you ask? SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! IT IS MY ETERNAL SOUL AT RISK! But I am poor. Therefor I will do the best that I can:

Untill the little yellow box dies (which won't be for a very long time, unless of corse there is another accident where this will be void anyways seeing as how I won't have a car) I will offer you free rides to wherever you want and you will pay me NO gas money whatsoever. This is a lasting agreement. Be it the thriving metropolis of Utica or the not so distant Herkimer I offer you my car.
(However this only applies to one Emily Beth Tracy and not Terry James for I owe him nothing)
If I forget this please remind me, for I am stupid as you can tell.
♥ Snood**

PS: I appologise for my queerness. I am tired and starved and looking for food.
PSS: Em, next time we get food, I PROMISE you can take leftovers home.
PSSS: The only place we can get leftovers is yettis and so that means we have to go there... we just do.

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[11 Jan 2004|06:57pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Some quizzes....Collapse )

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[07 Jan 2004|11:07pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

haha thats awesome!
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