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She's a force of nature
After Sunndy-D became a great big hole in the ground, Robin and I decided to go a little roadtrip. We ended up in Cleveland, and even though things were pretty chill between us, somethin' was missin'. Sure, he was hot and all, and yeah, he and I had some wicked juicy sex, but it didn't feel right. So, after a few months of tryin' the whole 'girlfriend' sitch, I came to the conclusion that that shit just wasn't my bag. Turns out? Robin kinda knew I wasn't feelin' the warm fuzzies or whatever around him, which made the break less messy.

I can't really pinpoint the moment I finally sussed it out in my head. One day it just hit me...I missed Wes. He had changed a-wicked-lot since his Princess Margaret days as my Watcher, and when he showed up, askin' for my help with the Beast and Angelus, I didn't hesitate. His eyes....I saw it in his eyes...he was desperate, and I was his last hope of gettin' Angel back to his normal Soul Boy-self. I got spanked my that fuckin' heap of rock, but I didn't give up. I did the Dreamland-babysit-the-Psycho gig after Angelus bit me, and somehow made it out alive to 'fight the good fight' as Angel says.

When I left with Will to fight another Big Bad, Wes and I were cool with each other; kiddin' around and shit. It was nice...weird, yeah, but nice too. One thing I regret, though? Not sayin' I was sorry to Wes. I mean, I know he said he didn't mean that shit he barreled at me behind the bar, but deep down inside, he still resents me for what I did to him. I owe him big time for believing in me. Dunno how he knew I could fight Angelus and win, but he did, and I need to attach a 'thank you' to the long overdue apology.

I heard through the grapevine that Angel and his gang had taken over Evil Inc. G went on and on about them being on the wrong side of the fence and everythin', but I didn't buy that party line for a sec. I knew if ole Soul Boy was in charge, there had to be a damn good reason for it. So, I packed up all my shit in a duffel and hitched all the way to Arizona. Caught a bus to Cali, and here I am, on my way back to Hell-A.

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Continued from here.

I watch Wes shift around on the couch before settling into another position. Poor guy must be wicked tired. I know I was, but after last night's rest, I feel better. I should be good as new in a few hours. And, we still need to find out what the hell Lilah, the EvilBitch Lawyer, was doin' in my dream.

Glancin' over at the clock on the wall, I realize that I'm up at 7-fuckin'-o'clock in the morning. Which, ya know, wiggs me out big time. 'Course, bein' in the Pen for so long, stuff like, wakin' up at the fuckin' crack of dawn, is regualar shit to me now. But still...even after all the time I spent there, it feels odd to be up so early.

I finish my cereal and set it on the table infront of me, then I sit in the chair for about two more seconds, before gettin' up and moving back into the kitchen. Don't want to freak out Wes when he wakes up. But then again...I don't have a fuckin' clue how he'll react. To anything. Guess that's part of our fucked-up whatever the hell we have with each other. Just to be on the safe-side, though, I'm high-tailin' my ass to the other room. Might even get somemore zzz's. Cuz 7:00? I don't think so. 'Sides, my body could use the rest.

I clean out the bowl and spoon, snorting at how domestic I'm bein'. But, hey, I'm a guest in his home, and the last thing I need is him bitchin' at me about leavin' stuff sittin' out. Clean up your messes, make amends...that's what the shrinks told me. I rolled my eyes at them, then. But now? I kinda get it. I have alot to make up for, especially in regards to Wes, and to do that, I need to show him how much I've changed.

I know what the real problem is; I'm not stupid. He still sees me as that sick girl who tortured him, and yeah, that hurts, but I know where he's comin' from. I didn't realize it until I left yesterday after our fight, however, shit is startin' to make sense to me all the sudden, and it's all fallin' into place. Not everythin', of course, but enough to know that certain things piss him off wicked bad.

As soon as I lay down again, my body decides it does want more sleep, so I close my eyes and try to focus on good thoughts to keep the nightmares from comin' back.

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(Continued from here.)

I've been wonderin' around, passing street after street, just thinkin' about what I was told. Kakistos is back, he's already killed B's little sis, and now, Tara brought Wes and I back to stop him. Or maybe just me. I'm not real sure about that one yet. One thing's clear, though. Those Powers that Be fuckers are testing us again.

Keepin' my eyes out for any nasties that might be roamin' around, I wish I had some smokes. Funny, but I was kinda expecting Spike to help me out there. Maybe being all human again he's more aware of his health or some shit. Who knows.

For some reason I don't want to see anyone right now. Too many details to take in. And Wes? Not really wantin' to deal with him, either. He probably doesn't even know I split.

Fuck, there aren't any vamps out to dust, and I really want to hurt somethin' bad. Guess I need to be headin' back. Lots of plannin' and ass-kickin' to prepare for.

{{Open for Wes}}

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(Continued from here.)

I can tell from the way Wes reacts to my idea, that he's reluctant. Which I get, but we have to do somethin', man. If I'm stayin'-like I planned- then I'll need a job of some sort. And since Angel and company kicked Wes out on his ass, he needs one too. So...why not work together. Seems pretty easy to me. But he's gotta mull it over and shit.

I snap outta my thoughts when he asks about seein' Angel, and cuz I didn't technically see or talk with Soul Boy, I'm not real sure how to answer. But, whatev. If Wes wants to know, I'll tell him. "I didn't see him," I start, "Talked to some black dude and his chic instead. Said Angel was out, so I didn't pry. They were wicked shady about you, though, and that's why I came knockin' on your door. Couldn't find Soul Boy, so I went to your place to find out what the fuck was goin' on." I take one last sip from my drink and say, "Kinda glad he ain't around right now, cuz he and I would have a serious sit down about what went down between you two. That a good enough answer for ya?"

None of that's a lie, either. If I see Ang, he's gonna have lots of explainin' to do. I mean, smotherin' Wes with a pillow? Hello, not a good idea. Seems weird to me, Angel would do that to his best friend. I get that Wes stole his kid, but fuck! No wonder Wesley's so bitter and PO'd at everyone. He has every right to be. And that's why I want us to start our own thing. Could be fun.

"We ready to split?" I ask before nosey Nora comes back. It's almost dawn, anyway. We should head home...er...I mean, to Wesley's apartment. This is gonna take a lot of adjustin', yo.

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"I was your Watcher, Faith. And if you kill me, there's just one thing I want you to remember."
"What's that, love?"
"You are a piece of sh-"
"You're one to talk! Guess we'll just have to try a little harder."

Smashing the glass out of picture frame nearby, I study the jagged shard closely.

"We'll switch to sharp for a while."

Just when you think things can't get any weirder...Collapse )
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