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the life in the life of my life.


3/8/09 07:39 pm - ...

(that guys one isnt scotts, we didnt like it so we didnt get it)

3/27/08 09:11 am - so soon, so confused.

its been a while since i was with jacob, and i didnt really want to move on to a new boyfriend so soon, i really wanted to kind of play the field for a while, however, i cant tell whats going on. i really like this guy scott, i met him while i was dating jacob and i really liked him then but i wasnt about to cheat on jake, im not like that. but now that im single we both kind of made a move, and ive spent the night there about three times. he has two kids, but can only see one. he wants to have a relationship but he wants to move really slow and doesnt want sex to affect our relationship. hes a really nice guy but i cant tell if im dating him. i said something to the affect that now id have to get rid of all my other boys and he said yeah... but then he told me that we probably shouldnt see each other for a couple of days. which i get, but my mind is going three ways on that. does he not want to see me? is he really just not into me and trying to decide whats up? or is it because he thinks we're going too fast... oy. life. i just dont understand it sometimes. and i know i said that i wanted to play the field, but i really like him. and i really dont want to share him (you know what i mean?) BAH. my mind is really perplexed.

2/27/08 11:16 pm - oy

sm0k3ymcpot@hotmail.com says:

Jerica I'm the best you could've ever had.

azkabazoo says:


azkabazoo says:

you arent.

sm0k3ymcpot@hotmail.com says:

You should have tried so much harder.

sm0k3ymcpot@hotmail.com says:

I tried so hard even because I thought since you were a virgin you'd try really hard.

azkabazoo says:

im done talking to you now

azkabazoo says:

have a nice life

sm0k3ymcpot@hotmail.com says:

fuck you

sm0k3ymcpot@hotmail.com says:

you're such a jerk

sm0k3ymcpot@hotmail.com says:

go fuck a complete stranger again that'll make you happy

sm0k3ymcpot@hotmail.com says:

couldn't treat your man that good ina million years

sm0k3ymcpot@hotmail.com says:



2/16/08 09:01 pm - hi.

hi there all you livejournal readers, i think in my case would just be casey. but anyway, i failed my math class as lame as that is so im going to school at EITC just to take that class over and get a better grade. then i will switch back to ISU and go for it. my dad bought me a car. at least thats what he told me. he told me the only two conditions were that 1. i got insurance (check) and 2. i sold my old car (check). but when i decided to take a smaller school load in order to pass the class i obviously had problems in (i got 3 a's and that f) my stepmom decided i have to pay part for my car (i didnt ask for a car, they just randomly bought one and shoved in into my face) not that i dont mind paying for my own car but my other car they made me sell was already paid off fully. so i found out that it was really my stepmom that bought me that car, and she is the ony making the payments (i wouldnt have ever ever ever taken that car if i knew that) but appearantly my dad is making the payment to my stepsisters car and he will take over my payments once her car is paid for. (second car they bought for her. she totaled the first one) i guess im just irritated. i didnt ask for an extra bill. on top of that the insurance is outrageously more than the insurance i was paying for my old car (being as that it was free because my mom paid it for me but she cant now because i dont live with her etc. so its 100+) but i guess thats what happens when you take handouts from your parents. in the long run they hold it over your head. Onto other news. i broke up with jacob, it was time, actually it was time a long time ago i just didnt have the guts i suppose. but thats it for now! 

10/6/06 10:15 pm - yeah, so its been a while.

So it was a little bit odd when i was rummaging through my journal etries to find my screenplay to show jake while all of my old, non-updated journal entries talked about my past. (internt nes...) anyway, Jake and I are good, oh, and if heather is reading this, i wasnt ever pregnant, nor did i think i was, i just said that cuz you were pissing me off. For all of you that dont know about that, she thought jake was like this chick we went to the mall with, shes slightly crazy. So basically she assumed jake was crazy also etc. so she told me that he wasnt good enough for me and that i should have stuck to one of my exes. well, whatever. its all good i really dont care about a lot of things anymore. i like life. kind of, i mean really how many times does it have to blow up in my face before i realize i can just blow it off? my cat almost died the other day, hes older than i am but hes still alive with three broken ribs. stupid dogs, well, stupid people for having their dogs running about instead of controlling them. it was like that one time that i accidentally ran over a dog, while its owners just stood by being morons. it wasnt like they could tell the dog to not go into the road or anything, but heaven forbid if anything happened to their precious mutt?? jake and i are good, i really love him. sometims i dont know though, cuz it seems as if he is getting bored with me or something. i really wish that i was more fun and exciting you know? so that he wouldnt even kind of get bored with me, and i wouldnt have to worry. but alas, lack of money etc. oh well. i hope that hes still happy with me. i think he is. maybe i will update more. maybe.

3/20/06 08:45 pm - ...entry.

yup. I posted. I exist.

9/19/05 11:10 pm - hehe

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8/29/05 09:03 pm

im posting this in an lj cut so heather wont get offended. so heather, dont click.


nick got owned.Collapse )

6/16/05 05:50 pm

and this....

this is what we like to call the BOBINACAT... not a bobcat, a bobina cat...


6/14/05 06:17 pm

I bought the best thing yesterday, this tops everything i have ever bought, including my car. I bought...

get ready for this..........

A water Balloon................LAUNCHER! this baby launches over two hundered feet and is the sole purpose of breathing. :)
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