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In der Schule. [
Jetzt sitze ich seid 8 Uhr morgens am PC, wie schrecklich is das denn bitte?!
Meine Birne tut langsam weh und meine Augen auch, voll anstrengend, jetzt schon wieder 2 weitere Stunden, 4 Stunden am Stueck am PC HALLO~~~~~ , ist auf jeden Fall schon mal nicht mein Ding.

Danach noch mal 4 Stunden Schule, dann Papa bescheid sagen das heute vertrag unterschreiben angesagt ist, irgendwie fertig machen, um 5 in Krefeld sein um mit Olli gluehwein zu trinken, ich glaub ich hab gar kein Geld dafuer.XDD''' Egal.
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An die Peoplez aus Berlin!! [
An alle Leute die in Berlin wohnen!!!

Wie einige ja mitbekommen haben will ich naechstes jahr zwei Monate Praktikum in Berlin machen.
Problem hierbei ist uebernachtugnsmoeglichkeit, zumal ich auch nicht alleine bin.
Ich kann zwar bei meiner Schwester ab und an mal unterkommen aber keine zwei Monate.

Deswegen Frage jetzt hier an jeden, waere jemand bereit Jule und mich aufzunehmen fuer etwa eine Woche? Das wir hin und her tangeln koennen zwischen verschiedenen Personen?
Jule wuerde einen Monat bleiben, ich wie gesagt zwei.

Waere in der Zeit von Anfang Juni und von da an dann 8 Wochen.

Ich brauch eure Hilfeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!T_______________T'

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Todaaaay is Rames birthday, lol.

or already are, HAHA.

really unbeliebable!°_°

I'm curious what he will look like in ten years ¦D

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Ahhhh~ I'M DEAD!
But!! It was fuckin' worth it!!!

I saw BALZAC LIVE yesterday, first time in my life and the first time I EVER heard any of their music, but they're really a really great LIVE band, grandpas~♥

A report more downwards, a report of my vacation so far, NOW:
mostly pictures, ehe ^^;

Saturday I went to Duesseldorf and met up with Anja, Jeeze, Mara and Mitsu. <3
We took puris (which look so nice~ <3 ate a bit at NANIWA and walked around)

So on Monday I went to Bochum to meet up with Jeeze, Mara and Missie to look for some fabric, eben though I couldn't find anything for my Jun cos, but I found areally nice strechty silver one hehe~

&&& I VERY spontaneously decided to stay at Mara's and go to the BALZAC concert which would be in the evening.
Fact: It was a GOOD decision to make.
Even I'm half dead and kne abused now.♥

Well, yes I geuss that's it, I hope you enjoyed.

This was one of the best concerts ever, somehow!°_°
A very small crowd of people, much fun, good music, friends, what more do you need for a great evening?!!

And after over an hour I finally finished this entry ahhhh Q_Q

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Oh Gott diese dummen Pisser bringen mich echt zum ausrasten!!!@_@

Ihr bloeden...XD

ヴィド~ル 。。。 ♥
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Cuz I'm a fuckin' fucked up one, I very often follow what's 'IN'.

My official one and only Yaplog:

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Somehow... my layout is fucked XD;
Dunno, I just wanted to change the background into my old one (Vidoll) but somehow...it's purple ONLY now...|D; someone help please?:D;

Ohhh~ and I watched old pictures from last year, gawd, can I maybe look like some kinda then again?!°_°;; at least at some times from last year?!XD;
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oh btw, the stuff I was talking about that I dun wanna have anymore, there they are.
Tell me if you like something, so we could make a good price or trade or something like that...°_°;;

-Jrock poster (other stuff)

poster/other stuff Collapse )

clothes Collapse )

Anyone anything?

if noone wants I'll sell at garagesale |D;;;
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And it's over again.
I truely have no words for yesterday, it ws just...more than fuckin' awsome, really can't descrive it.
We arrived there a about 8.30 pm, luckyly the concert started an hour later XD (9.15pm).
But to everyone who'll see them the next time, yuo won#t be dissappointed, I swear!!♥
So well...concert started, my buddies and me were standing in the back and rocked the first 3 or 4 songs, I went nearer to the stage, in front of Zero.
He's the absolutely LOVE, so Jeeze and I were standing in front of him.
Before the concert ten told me taht when you start a 'stare at each other contest' with zero he'll start tosmile, I tried and so he did hahahahaha, you can#t imagine HOW HAPPY I was T_____T~~♥ Love to Zero, really.
He also smiled when he saw me singing along with them and dunno what.
After a time he made a stupid face, the pig nose, we just had to love and did the same, he saw it, grinned and looked on the floor.
I SWEAR we had eye contact so often t was so funny see him grinning whenever you looked at him XDDD
Gawd gawd~
Hm, I didn't see the other's very well, but I just can say, Hizumi has so fuckin' much charisma, it's unbelievable♥♥♥
When Karyu and Zero changed sides, Karyu first looked into the crowd like 'where are the boobs! WHERE ARE THE BOOBS MAN!!!!!' Gawd, he's such a fuckin' poser hahaha.♥
Mh, Tsukasa..looked so GOOD my gawd.
Just saw him at the end when he threw his sticks away, JUU GOT ONE OMG >w< it was so cute ;w;♥
Oh I forgot...by the time I was standing 2ND ROW IN FRONT OF ZERO!!!!!
And Hizumi stepped on my fingers, ouch ==; I'll go complain to him he did so |D;;;
I'm so pissed I gave away my bag cuz...I WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO TAKE PICTURES, DAMN!!!!!!!;________________________; FUCK FUCK FUCK

I have to say, the concert ended WAY too early, even it took about 2 hours!°_°

So...dun wanna make a big entry outta it. Those are the most important things for me, I think you'll read different things from others, ne.

Chibi: Thanks so much for driving and coming with us ;w;♥
Jeeze: Thanks for coming even you didn't want in first place♥
ten: Thanks for coming, making me ppor, and giving cigarettes, havin night active conversations (with all of you) and ne, that stuff |D♥
Missie: Thanks for coming and having fun!♥

JUU, I'm so fuckin' thankful for you, that you made the things with the cars for us n stuff ;w;
I'd have liked to stay longer and talk morwe ith you, sad we had to leave so soon after the concert ;_;
And I'm so happy you got Tsukasas DrumStick >WWW< ♥♥♥
We have to meet soon again and...do dunno whatever ;w;

Jopp, guys I miss you so badly and I'm sad that everything was so short.T___T
Gotta do that again!!!T________T

Today Chibi drove us to Duesseldorf, Ten, Jeeze, Missie and I went to OCS to take some ourikuras as a special ending. Thanks a lot ♥

Ari over and out
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btw, I think my hair will be brown again after tmr... : D

Anyone any ideas for the weekend to do?
Where I don#t have to pay the hell outta me...?Q_Q
I won't be able to drive to Jun's nor to Frankfurt to see my drinking chicks again...uhuhu T_T
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Worldcup [
[ mood | happy ]

That's so much better then 2nd place inn my opinion..°_°
I'M SO HAPPY; I'D LIKE TO GO AND PARTY NOW T__________________________T
Outside it's so loud hahaha

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[ mood | bored ]

Some other pics of today...

Starbucks is love Collapse )

boooought :D Collapse )

ANYONE WHO WANTS TO GO SHOPPING TMR??????????????O____________________O
I dun care if with/without money...:D

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UNI~~~ [
[ mood | calm ]

Sooo...at the moment I'm back home.

Uni with Anja | sen_no_mukou is quite funny and nice.
better than sitting at home and argueing with my mother. Just short time after I was at home again she started to have bad mood -_-; Fuck you, seriously.

Mhhh at uni are some really really eyecandys~~~ buhuhu T_T
I'd like to take one of them home with me.
Well well, just look, dun touch, haha!°_°;;

Tmr I'll go with Anja again, just from 10-12 but when I'm not at home, that's just the best.

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lost [
[ mood | we lost... ]

cried. disappointed.

I hope Portugal is going to win, otherwise I'm going to kill someone!!
Italy is unfair in matches, and france,,,just dont deserves it...

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WTF is ging on...?
Today's the second time the date got cancelled.
The Mr. vietnamese shoudl be happy that I dun have his number, cuz I so would have yeled at him at the phone.
Dumbass T_T
And the reason, it's too hot for him and he's not in the mood to drive by train and bus here...
Okay, I can understand, I wouldnt be in mood for that either, with stinky drunken football fans in one train NO WAY.

Okay...so...maybe it'll work tmr, haha _._

anyways...I'll be away with some ex-classmates and go to 'Kirmes' into a HUGE tent, drinking a bit and making party and dancing.
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I'm back from a great weekend!
It was really enjoyable, I somehow needed this.
EVen I recognized not really to be able to talk about different things with ppl who are older then me, maybe small talk 'bout tvxq, but that's it, I felt so baaad by this thoguht, well it's okay again |D
Mwah~ saw a lot of nice ppl again and got to get some other new ones :D
And I'll see some of them this weekend again, nice nice ne~
miyaya , I'll definetly will come ;D
Was wuenscht n du dir?Xx

That means I won't join the family meeting in duesseldorf nor will I go to Aichu watching Ayabie and practise para para, but we will do it another time, ja >O< and I'm going to phone you tmr I'd say, even you won't read this |D;

So...what to say...mhm...
Ah I decided to go to gazette's sunday concert if I'll get a card.
If not then I spent lotsa money =D lol
And the fact that I'll see Ayabie is too great, especially by the thought tomaybe get a special hing for it, MARLENE!!!!!!!!!O_O
PLEEEEEEEEEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEASE red mal mit dem Kerl und...besorg Aische und mir n Pass?;w;'' Hast was gut bei uns wenns klappen sollte, das steht schon mal fest!!!!°_°v
Das waer einfach nur...zu geil eh T0T

hmhm...moggi and I didnt make a boygroup shooting again, we were too tired and another fact was that sara was with us too =DDD which wasnt bad of course, we had fun by watching some dong ban shin ki...gi?Oo; nah...TVXQ-stuff heheheheheeee

Will this be a long entry or what..Xx...
some pics are following, I think, maybe I'll g et my internet card tmr =DD , so I wont fly outta the internet every 3 seconds hehe~

sunshine love Collapse )

And here is maca's gallery :D

X_____x; & :D Collapse )

This must be enough up to now, maybe there will come other pics from days religous orientation and dunno what, we'll se, ne?!

Have to do physics homework now ehehehe ^^;

Good night, minna~
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Off to go party~~~!!
I think it'll be fun

See you
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[ mood | == ]

So well yesterday was quit nice, really, I'll load up some pics later I think.
I could think of something else than the ending exam and the fuck with DIR concert...and how it looks I wont go to any of their concerts this year...sadly..fuckin birthday, anyone who wants to come the weekend to celebrate?^^;;; I'm sure not ne...cos there'll be Conneko, DIR concert...these are enough reasons ne...
Thinking about leave this scene is a big thought ATM...I'm sure I wont cuz..I cant and it'd be silly as well...somehow...
Sadness is overcoming me again
Blah I'm talking shit again sorry for that.

So well two nights ago I couldnt sleep and decided to take 'some' pics...there were more than 100..Q_Q;;
Now there are only...15 |D

Image hosting by Photobucket

sepia is love Collapse )

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