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it will never be okay.
/~_anxious = jill ;D psssh, who else?
i'm nineteen years old & a college student, but right now i'm just hanging out & working this summer. i work at the "oh so famous" prime outlet mall. yep, that's in birch run, mich. i've lived here my entire life. i live with my parents, sister, & dog. my family, friends, and boyfriend are my life. mess with any of them & we've got a problem, yo :P i've been with travis for three years and i've had the same best friends since elementary school. FOR REAL.

starbucks♥ (honestly, i love it more than anybody), ashley olsen, mary-kate olsen, hello kitty, the colors pink & orange, coach, abercrombie & fitch, hollister company, american eagle, forever21, banana republic, j-crew, flip-flops, tanning beds, the beach, sleep, friendship bracelets, victoria's secret, wristlets, skirts, rips & tears, taking back sunday, the used, funeral for a friend, bright eyes, the postal service, death cab for cutie, hilary duff, mean girls, kate bosworth, wet seal, charlotte russe, target, bcbg, bebe, pictures, hoodies, sequins, in touch, mtv, posters, magazines, napoleon dynamite, dazed & confused, johnny depp, blow, ciara, eating, totes, piercings, chandelier earrings, long necklaces, pearls, big sunglasses, bohemian, polos, blazers, full house, purses, & etc.

sluts, liars, cheaters, people who copy me, pssh!, shoplifting, people who act drunk when they've had one drink, people who stare (even though i do it, too), rude people that work in retail, when my normal size is too small/tight, feeling fat, losers :P, humidity, etc.

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