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June 22nd, 2017

07:34 pm - If you are gonna do a body cavity search, please be considerate and use lube. ;)
SHITTIEST DAY EVER. Really, like top-10 in my lifetime.

There is a division of the DOJ (you can guess) that I report to.... that is notorious for treating everyone like a criminal. Presumed guilty until proven innocent. Well they came in for a suprise inspection today.... and despite the fact that I passed my very comprehensive state inspection with flying colors three months ago, by the end of their visit I was worried that I'm either going to be hit with a substantial fine (multiples of 100k) or a visit from a prosecutor.

I'm pissed because all of the violations were not commited by me, but by my boss.... who is out fishing on a remote lake in Montana somewhere, without cell phone service until Monday. He has no idea what is going on. His wife called the corporate office of the marina they rented a boat from; we are hoping that someone can paddle over to their cabin and ask him to drive into town for a conference call.

I'm not gonna say I'm completely blameless, but I trusted my boss that he had done everything right; I should have double-checked his work, it's that important. Now I'm scrambling to repair the damage, hoping that if I jump through all their administrative hoops within 24-48 hours that they will show mercy on me.

*sigh* I don't want to go to federal prison. I'm a terrible lesbian, I'm not into bondage, and I really look awful in orange. :D

syrkadian is on the way over with an emergency bottle of wine, but our bitching hour will be short because I have to be back at 6am, two hours before we open tomorrow. :( I wish you were here, I really need a hug. XOXO

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June 18th, 2017

10:22 pm - return to me
С днем ​​отца to our Russian Live Journal overlords.... they must have done some kind of code update this week, because the format for my journal and some entries got jacked up? I dunno if this is the beginning of the end, but I backed up my LJ today just in case.

That's the only productive thing I have done around the house, though. I totally jinxed myself with my last happy post!! I had an ambitious laundry list of things I was going to accomplish this past week, with the roomie out of town: Cleaning out closets/garage, gardening, exercise, etc etc etc... and I got NONE of it done. The house looks like a tornado has torn through it. I've done nothing but work, sleep, and eat junk food.... because on Tuesday my second-in-command turned in his resignation. Ugh.

I'm pretty stressed out and I have some busy days ahead. My boss is out of town for the summer, so I've spent the past week working long hours and flipping through resumes trying to find the perfect candidate. I hire technicians all the time (they come and go) but replacing management is a much more serious job that frankly, I am not qualified to do. I'm terrible at interviewing people because I like everybody.... I spend the whole interview trying to sell them on the job rather than actually figuring out if they are a good fit :D

But happily on Saturday I think I found a suitable match.... She showed up for her interview with pink streaks in her hair and a box of cannolis (bribe the interviewer, YES). She's ridiculously fit (she has Madonna arms... maybe she could be my personal trainer LOL) . I stalked her on FB and her family does wildlife rescue in their free time; all of her FB timeline pics were of her and her pet BABY SQUIRREL. Anyways, if we don't hire her, I'm gonna invite her to go have drinks with me and my bff Mimi, because I totally have a mad girl crush on her.... you should be a tiny bit jealous ;)

squirrel.png 039.JPG

Since we are talking about friends, happy 40th birthday to my old pal, Martin. Martin was my very first San Antonio friend (not counting work or school associates).... I met him the very first time I went to Sin13 in January 2003, he was working the door at the Das Ich show. Funny that almost everyone I know now can be traced back to him, six-degrees-of-separation style. We had a very rocky friendship for many years because he is the most argumentative person I have ever met!! He likes to play devil's advocate and can debate anyone on almost any topic. It took me a long time to figure out he just does this for fun, it's not personal or malicious.... he essentially waits for you to express an opinion, then will oppose it just for the sake of the discussion (even if he agrees with you). It's hard to ruffle my feathers but one time he made me so frustrated during an argument that I pulled off the freeway and threw him out of my car in an IHOP parking lot at 11:30pm at night. :D

Oh yikes. It's getting late, I should go to bed soon... if I sign off now maybe I can wash the week's worth of dishes in the kitchen sink before bedtime. Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there, and yes, fathers of fur-babies count in my book. :) Sweet dreams, I'll be dreaming about you XOXO

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June 4th, 2017

07:52 pm - April showers bring May Flowers
It's JUNE? Where has the year gone? After a pretty crappy April (at least the last couple of weeks), I have to say May was downright delightful. :) I wouldn't mind a repeat at all, but it looks like June is gonna be pretty dull. I can't ride my bike down on the river anymore, it is too hot (no trees + 90% humidity + helmet = heat stroke). :/ I'm on call overnights starting tomorrow, and roomie is going to Germany for a couple of weeks, so it will be very quiet around here for a while....

May's one-second-every-day features lots of children, birds, music, my favorite people, and various forms of transportation:

This chicken at the end was my pal Jenn's pet Gertie. I'd love to have chickens in my back yard, but they are outlawed by my snooty HOA. The city of San Antonio allows chickens, per their regulations: Up to three domestic fowl (chickens, roosters, etc.) and up to two animals from the following classes of livestock (Equines, Bovines, Sheep, Goats, Llamas). LOL so if I lived half a mile down the street I could have a pet chicken and a goat if I wanted to.

Jenn rescued two Rock Cross chickens (Lily and Gertie) from an FFA kid about eight months ago.... they were runts and he couldn't show them as competitive broiler chickens. Now they are fat happy pets, easily 20 pounds (they look like white fluffy turkeys). They aren't supposed to lay eggs, but Gertie lays three eggs per day.... most of them are HUGE and double yolked (the top right) and some of them are soft shell/uncalcified (the bottom two). Jenn loves her chickens so much that over the past few months she's accumulated a full flock, including three Americanas that lay standard-sized blue eggs (top left). I'm jealous but she lets me come visit whenever I want. :D

You know, a true friend lets you come over and fondle their eggs. Still waiting for my invitation. ;)

My first-ever trip to New Orleans on Memorial Day weekend with my pal HG was fantastic, I love this city!! I'm sure you have been there before, so I won't bore you with the standard overview... and sorry no drunken hijinks to report, if that's what you were hoping for. :D We spent a lot of time just wandering around the French Quarter, admiring the architecture, shopping at the street vendors, and talking to other tourists. I love how small and walkable the city is. I am easily entertained; I love to just be anonymous in a crowd and watch people... other people would probably find it boring. Similarly James & I went to Dragon*Con five years in a row and rarely went to any panels/performances, we just hung out at the bar talking to stormtroopers and gawking at the hot cosplay chicks as they paraded by.

The highlight of our trip was definitely the swamp tour (the Honey Island/Pearl River area east of NOLA). We saw at least a hundred alligators, and the boat captain fed them hotdogs to get them to come close to the boat. Most of the ones we saw were 5-6 feet long; you can only see their head in the water, but their length from nose --> eyes in inches is approximately equal to their body length in feet. Unfortunately we didn't see any snakes (too hot). I will definitely do the tour again the next time I go.

Back in the city, we did eat some ridiculously good food and drank a lot of bourbon. Of course we had coffee & beignets at Cafe du Monde. HG treated me to a fancy birthday lunch at the Commander's Palace and I took her to a girly English high tea party (I'd love to take mom sometime). We booked a couple of historical tours: a night-time haunted city tour (so interesting!) and another of the most famous cemetery (St Louis No.1). I had my tarot cards read by a fortune teller at Jackson Square; I have a terrible poker face and I'm pretty easy to read but I think she earned her paycheck anyways. :D

IMG_20170526_152008.jpg IMG_20170527_130013.jpg IMG_20170528_142533.jpg no title IMG_20170528_102400.jpgst-louis-cemetery.jpg St-Louis-from-above.jpg for your loss, no fond heart mourns today, or no eye for your memory is weeping IMG_20170528_103715.jpg IMG_20170528_103901.jpg IMG_20170528_160217.jpg IMG_20170526_195836.jpg IMG_20170526_213639.jpg

Yikes I have a hundred more pictures to upload but I will have to finish later, it's dinnertime. I hope you enjoyed this long-ish post. I can't imagine I will have anything substantial to write for the next week, because I have nothing to bitch or complain about! I am a warm fuzzy ball of sunshine right now! :D I have happiness to spare if you need some, it's contagious you know.

Au revoir, mon cheri! I hope you and your loved ones are doing well ~ XOXO

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May 27th, 2017

07:15 pm - my sweet angel
In the French Quarter. Standing on the street, drinking a Sazerac, waiting for my 8pm vampire tour.... daydreaming about a silly rabbit...
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May 23rd, 2017

12:29 pm - Collide with me tonight
I had so much stuff to do today (unpack/repack) but I was totally worthless.... I'm still buzzing. :D The only marginally productive thing I did all day was flip through my NOLA travel guide... I hope HG wants to go on a swamp tour this weekend!

I had so much fun at the gothic/music festival Convergence 23 in Dallas Friday and Saturday night... I wish we had stayed for Sunday too. I went with my bffs Mimi and Paul (our first threesome roadtrip), saw my favorite band Iris play (so perfect, I cried in the bathroom afterwards), talked to the silly rabbit (so adorable), and overall had a wonderful time. The secret guest was Frank Spinath of Seabound, which was a HUGE surprise, it was awesome to see him in "professor mode" giving a lecture about his new album. Frank also sang two songs with Iris on Saturday night; I never in a million years thought I would hear "Beyond the Gate" performed live! The photographer standing next to me got video of the song and promised he would send it to me. :)

Even though there weren't many people from San Antonio there (just a couple of DJs) I was surprised at how many people I knew, mostly people I've met in Austin or at other festivals. It was nice to see my friend Christine (aka Tall Drink of Slaughter), she finally looked a tiny bit happier. She's been understandably depressed the past few months since my friend Jon (her boyfriend) died in January, so it was nice to see her smiling. LOL she even let Paul try to flirt with her a bit (she's an amazon, just his type). I could tell Paul liked her because he actually said to her "I don't hate you" when we were leaving. :D She took it in stride... I had warned her in advance what a drunk asshole he can be.

I know people wonder why me and Paul are friends; he is the ultimate angry grouchy pessimist and I'm the sunny optimist. LOL the best example: when I cook him dinner, he never actually tells me if he likes something... the highest compliment he can give me is "you can make that again" or "that wasn't terrible". It's never something positive, it's always a double negative. I've always liked hanging out with him because he is freakishly smart, but I've never understood why he puts up with me when we disagree on everything. :D

Maybe after 8 years of being friends I'm rubbing off on Paul though. When walking to the lounge on Saturday night, a homeless guy stopped to ask us about our strange black clothes and the rest of the goth crowd... I gave him twenty bucks, then PAUL DID TOO! I couldn't believe it. I wanted to tease him about it the rest of the night but then I figured he would never do it again if I made a big deal about it. *sigh* I'll turn him into a big softie yet! I even got him to admit begrudgingly today that he likes bambi season in Hollywood Park; the first babies were born this weekend while we were in Dallas.


I want to sit next to you and touch you and whisper in your ear. I want us to remember this ridiculous story fondly and tell it to our friends ten years from now. I will give you anything you want if you just ask. XOXO

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May 20th, 2017

08:39 pm
I'm listening....
Current Mood: so happy

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May 19th, 2017

10:22 pm
Come upstairs

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May 15th, 2017

11:58 pm - you put a spell on me
*sigh* well I'm possibly/officially a criminal (there goes my future as mayor of Hollywood Park).... last night I orchestrated a kidnapping! Or, a Merlin-napping? Megan left the Merlin doll I gave her in the care of my friends C&K a few months ago until she could get him boxed up and shipped to Portland. After Megan died, C&K promised I could have him back to re-gift him, but for the past three weeks, they have been giving me the runaround and were always too busy for me to stop by and get him.... so last night my old roomie DIB snuck him out of their house for me :D


And as soon as I saw him I understood why C&K were avoiding me... Merlin is a HOT MESS. He looks like he's been on a three-month bender and living under an overpass. C&K were storing Merlin with the two cats they have locked into an upstairs bedroom (don't get me started on that). The cats knocked him on the ground and peed on him. By the time DIB rescued him, he was infested with fleas, covered in matted cat hair, and missing an arm! :( He's not damaged beyond repair, but he definitely needs some TLC. Luckily Mimi has an artist friend who is a sculptor (who can make a new arm) and maybe after a sponge bath and a makeover he'll be his old self again.

Don't worry, old man... I'll take care of you ;)

merlin1.jpg merlin2.jpg ht.png IMG_20170514_170619.jpg IMG_20170514_165618.jpg

Other than that, I had a nice, lazy weekend. On Sunday I chatted with my mom a bit (she went to visit my sister in Bryan/College Station for the week), started watching the Handmaid's Tale (seemed appropriate for Mother's Day), then went out to buy groceries.... and because of all the pretty holiday flowers at HEB thought I would make the quick trip out to find Megan's grave with a bouquet (it's only about 20 minutes from my house, and a nice afternoon drive). I thought I would stay for just a few minutes, but actually stayed more than an hour... I met a nice widower there to visit his wife; their son is a pitcher for the Toledo Mud Hens, and we sat on the grass and listened to the baseball game on the radio.

I took her some yellow roses. Me and Mimi jokingly called Megan by the name "Rose" forever because of our future-Golden-Girls-in-Florida scenario... her sister told me this week that Rose was her birth name. It really suits her better than the name Megan.

As I've mentioned before, I've never liked my legal first name, my friends call me by my middle name instead... I used to complain about it a lot when I was younger, and I even considered legally changing it. Once when I was about sixteen, my mother, frustrated with my complaints, said "FINE what name would you like instead?" and I impulsively said "Elizabeth!!" (I dunno, I've always liked that name). My mother got the strangest pained look on her face... she said that up until the day I was born, my name was going to be Elizabeth! And then, in the maternity ward, my father changed his mind. LOL.

Funny what things you know instinctively, the things you don't have to be told. XOXO

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May 10th, 2017

01:28 am - I'm just longing for someone to take me on
Well howdy, LJ. It's been awhile. I had a supremely chipper post ready to go Friday night (slow night at work... Spurs game LOL) and I should have just posted it then... instead of deleting it and producing this dreary mess I have re-written now:


the aftermathCollapse )
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April 28th, 2017

01:57 am - Let sleeping dogs lie
Howdy. I'm fine, really. I'm only awake in the middle of the night because I went on my first jog in six weeks (I haven't exercised at all because of my accident/influenza) and now I'm painfully sore and restless. WOW I can't believe I got so out of shape in such a short amount of time. :/

HG has been here for a visit and it is Fiesta week, which has been a nice diversion. Even though it is San Antonio's biggest annual party, and I am a beer snob and cocktail enthusiast, I decided on Sunday that I wasn't going to drink for a month (so my Fiesta-going friends have had me as a DD). My father was an alcoholic, so I'm always worried that if I use alcohol as a crutch to cope with emotional trauma that it will lead to dependence... so every so often I choose to abstain for a while, just to make sure I didn't inherit that gene. I've made it through three Fiesta events this week completely sober, much to the annoyance of my friends. :D

Yes, I'm still angry, but I think I'll be ok now until Megan's memorial service, which tentatively is planned for next Saturday. I wish you were here to hold my hand. You know, my friend Jon's memorial service in January was a rowdy and bawdy event.... there were as many laughs as there were tears. But Megan's service I'm sure will be profoundly sad. Everyone feels too guilty to share happy memories.

It's been more than a week since Megan died, but I'm still being contacted by people who are just finding out the news... yesterday her ex-gf Anne and today her old neighbor Gabe. Friends have been very discreet on FB, which is considerate to her family, but as a result some people still don't know she has passed... In contrast, when Jon died, everyone competed for the grandest tribute; everyone wanted to be the loudest saddest person on FB. Crocodile tears. (It was infuriating and disrespectful.)

At any rate, losing three friends in a little over a year (Chad, Jon, and Megan) is still hard to swallow. I chatted a bit with my ex-bff Kcat this week... the reunion we planned last month has now suddenly become imperative, so we are meeting Saturday afternoon in Austin for a long late lunch. Even though she moved away a few years ago, she was also friends with the three people I have lost (she was very close to Chad, they went to high school together). I think she has been lonely at her new home (near Killeen)... it's hard to make new friends as a grownup.

Kcat was my first crazy cat lady friend... we went to pharmacy school together, and she already had three kitties when I got my first pet Miss Riley. LOL she even married a Mr. Mau (the Egyptian word for cat!!). Her last kitty was Bob, my Tranny Cat's brother (we rescued the two of them together, from a parking lot). But in the past three years?? She's gotten two bulldogs. NOW SHE'S A CRAZY DOG LADY. *sigh* it's like I don't even know her anymore... :D

(edit: ooops the dogs are Boston Terriers... I thought they were Frenchies!)

I'm very excited about our reunion this weekend. I regret that it has been so long. Like most people, I'm pretty dense. I don't just need a sign, I need a push.


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April 23rd, 2017

03:43 am
Spontaneous drunken memorial tonight for Megan, I'm sure just the first of many. I needed to get out of the house a bit and be around other people. It's Fiesta week, so HG is coming later this afternoon to visit for a few days, which is perfect timing, I could use the distraction.

I've lost count of how many people have called or messaged me in the past 48 hours. All of them wanted to talk about what Megan meant to them, how she touched their life. Megan was very special, I didn't know anyone else quite like her. She was sensitive and fragile and innocent. She believed in fairies and found magic in everyday objects. She was sweet and genuine and generous. No one was invisible to her, and no one was a stranger... she befriended everyone she met, instantly. There was no pretense or judgement or barrier.

She liked to explore places on her own... the countryside, abandoned buildings, ghost towns, the city in the middle of the night. The more lonely and desolate the place appeared to be, the better. She would come back with surreal photographs and a pocket full of souvenirs, usually rocks and leaves. She loved it when her friends would bring her similar little worthless trinkets... last year I brought her a hunk of petrified lava and some seashells from my travels. Mimi is in Florida visiting her mother and took a picture of the coral and glass she had picked up on the beach this week for Megan. :( I have a pile of silly colored rocks I bought in January that I never gave her... I was out of town during Megan's last visit to SA at the end of February.

palm.png 20170423_014917-1-1.jpg

Of course all of the people who called me hadn't spoken to Megan in a couple of years, in the time that her illness had become so severe. She didn't have the opportunity to alienate them or push them away. And yet none of them were surprised by the news. It was heartbreaking to be reminded how universally well liked she was. So many people really loved her, which makes this whole event even more tragic and pointless.

I suppose I am struggling with this more than others because I have never considered suicide. There have been terrible days in my life that I never want to revisit, and periods when I was definitely clinically depressed... but I've never felt hopeless enough to end it all. I don't think I could do that to my family. And I don't know what is waiting for me. I have been offered the red pill and the blue pill but still haven't decided.

I know Megan was in a lot of pain. I'm sure she felt totally alone in the end, but SO MANY people would have reached out to her if she had asked for help. Dammit Megan. Everyone loved you. It didn't have to end this way.

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April 21st, 2017

09:50 pm
So when exactly did suicide become the number one cause of death amongst people I know? Here is the scorecard for this month:

1. First: My bff MiMi's adopted brother, a cop, who committed suicide at his police station. The funeral was Saturday April 8 in Houston. He left behind a beautiful wife and two pre-teen daughters. He was depressed, and being a cop is stressful. I feel so bad for his two little girls now growing up without their father.

2. Second: one of my previous business owners, a hospice administrator. He had a long history of bipolar disorder and committed suicide last week, his funeral was Tuesday morning. His children were grown and he had recently sold his business and retired with his wife to Nicaragua.... he should have been living out his days lying on a beach somewhere.

3. Third: My dear friend Megan.

I left LJ in 2010 for FB and came back in 2015, specifically at Megan's request. She had fought depression for a long time. In the fall of 2014 I called police and had her picked up for a 72-hour psychiatric observation because she was suicidal.... she didn't speak to me for almost a year afterwards. By the fall of 2015 she had forgiven me and we were friends again.... and for whatever reason, she had come back to LJ. Her posts were usually pictures or song lyrics or rambling poetry, the kind of stuff that didn't make sense on FB, I guess. I'm not sure. But she invited me back to LJ, and I used it to keep tabs on her. Sometimes she wouldn't respond to emails or text messages for days, but if I ever made an LJ post, I heard from her immediately.

She declined pretty dramatically in the past year and a half. She had been to rehab several times before for alcohol abuse, but the more urgent problem was her recurrent depression. THIS POST was totally about her, gender reversed, but she didn't get it. :( She actually texted me after reading the entry to ask if she knew the friend I was writing about, but I couldn't get her to see it. I shouldn't have been so subtle.

She moved to Portland last August, under terrible circumstances. She was mentally ill. She was paranoid (she had been caught installing a spy camera in a government building) and abusing drugs/alcohol (she got a second DWI and on another occasion OD'd and passed out, falling on her face and knocking out some teeth). She was seeing a doctor but it wasn't helping. I was stupid and optimistic. I hoped the change in locale to Portland would be good for her... and for a moment, I thought I was right. When she came back in October for MM's wedding party at my house, she seemed a tiny bit happier. But this was a brief respite.

The past six months she has rapidly deteriorated. The texts from her were intermittent and sad. I had talked to her ex-boyfriend Ryan on the phone more than once, he was worried about her.... but when Ryan went to visit her in Portland in December, she seemed stable. She told me she was moving back to San Antonio in the fall, when her year lease was up, and she was already looking for a new job back here. Two months ago Ryan called me because she had asked him to "take care of her cats if something happened to her". We argued for an hour on the phone. Neither of us knew what to do... unfortunately the police/social services will only intervene if someone is an imminent danger to themselves or others... and Megan was smart. She knew that threatening suicide would get her committed again, so she chose her words carefully.

I realize now that moving across the country was the worst thing she could have done. She was trying to move away from her legal problems, but it only isolated her further from the few friends she had left. I tried many times to get her to reach out to her family, but she said repeatedly that they didn't care... she was adopted and felt inferior to her brother, the biological son with a wife and children. I don't know her family at all, but their behavior since her suicide only confirms their disinterest. I last heard from Megan Monday... she died Monday night. Her coworkers sent the police to her house for a welfare check because she didn't come to work. Her family chose not to notify her friends, we found out two days later by accident... they all know Ryan, he should have been contacted immediately. And the worst part? Her family let the pound confiscate her two beloved cats, Loki and Phoebe. Megan would be devastated if she knew her pets were in a shelter instead of adopted by friends or family.

I'm so sorry Megan. Your blood is on my hands, I failed you. RIP.


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April 20th, 2017

11:25 pm - _antisocialite_ and sacredwater

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April 17th, 2017

05:28 pm - 227
How did you know? I haven't told anyone... I haven't told a single person.


April 16th, 2017

02:22 am - All of a sudden things are looking up
I should be doing my taxes but they are due two whole days days from now.... And if there is one thing I am good at, it is procrastinating! I am the best! If there was a procrastination contest, I would win.... if I got my application in on time? So instead I am shopping for a new crappy phone (I want a better camera), and books (I haven't read anything since March), and posting in LJ... I have kind of dropped off writing regularly so I am trying to get back in the habit. PS: you are the best listener, really. You never interrupt me when I am talking. :D

Unlike other people having adventures this weekend, unfortunately nothing super interesting happens on my on-call week... Except! Today I chatted a bit on FB with my old pal Bob Price (he of the 1990's Morrissey date) about the ex-girlfriend whose concert ticket I usurped.... my old pal KK Ward. KK was an officer in my service fraternity (Alpha Phi Omega), and we lived across the hall from each other during our junior and senior years at TCU (yes, I was totally the nerd who lived in the lesbian dormitory all four years).

KK graduated in 1994 and I flew out to her wedding in Tennessee in the fall of 1994. She married an aspiring country music songwriter named Craig... they had met in church camp as teenagers (and they were getting married in the rural countryside where the camp was, it was too cute). The last time I saw her was 1996-1997ish, when I visited the newlyweds back at their home in Nashville. Craig had some success at that time, but they were still struggling. We sat on his 1970's couch and he sang me the newest song he was peddling, Betty's Got a Bass Boat. By this time, I was in graduate school, and KK was working as a graphic designer and thinking about applying to the seminary. I got a few Christmas cards from them after that but we eventually lost touch. She's not on FB, so neither Bob or I really had any idea whatever happened to her....

old snapshots of me & Craig & KK in Tenessee

WELL I may be a terrible stalker (obviously) but through the power of google I did catch up with our friend KK.... yes, she did eventually become a DofC pastor. And her husband? He became THIS GUY. Wow!! I don't listen to country music at all, but even I've heard Live Like you were Dying in an elevator somewhere... :D I could make a joke here about them going at home at night to roll around in their piles of money, but reportedly they are extraordinarily generous and well-respected. I'm not surprised at all. I'm so happy for her :D

And the moral of the story is: sometimes the nice guy does finish first :D

Hmmm. I might have a country music song in me somewhere. It would be called, "I'm the luckiest dog on the porch" and it would be about a cutie pie I know. ;)

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April 13th, 2017

02:21 am - that joke isn't funny anymore
Working.... though I don't think I'd be sleeping anyways, my on-call week was perfectly timed. I actually had a last minute invitation to skip out of work and see Morrissey tonight, but then he cancelled again (his third San Antonio show cancelled in six months). :/ I guess I will have to scratch him off the live show bucket list... I've actually seen him once many years ago, but at the time I was a prissy teenager and had no idea who Morrissey was (I was just filling in for my bff, who had dumped her older boyfriend Bob and he needed an escort).

so instead of being at the show, I'm mindlessly perusing youtube in the middle of the night... which led to an important discovery: THE FAINTING GOAT IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL!!

So klutzy and ridiculous and adorable. *sigh* if only my silly HOA would allow pet goats...

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April 12th, 2017

03:29 am
Thanks to those of you who sent me messages, it was incredibly kind of you to reach out to a virtual stranger.

I have wanted to write but still don't know how to apologize. I was so excited just to be near you, really.... my hands were shaking. But I'm so intimidated by you that I chickened out. I'm so sorry. Please don't be angry.

Goodnight sweet prince. XO

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April 7th, 2017

06:57 pm

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March 31st, 2017

08:18 pm - Friday night lights
March 2017! Featuring: Mimi & her mom, Jenn-o-syde, MM & LL, HG & Monica, Etienne, Dr. Romeo, DJ Inka, Hans, Airwrecka, Paul, Lester the robot, Bartacus & Trannycat, and Marky Mark the Raccoon. Floods! Fire! Danger! No blood and guts, but... bruises and syringes?

I have so much fun with this little app even though I'm not a creative genius like some people *sigh*

Current Mood: bouncy
Current Music: Iris - Have I lost it all

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March 27th, 2017

04:54 am
Sometimes you say something so perfect or insightful that I wonder how you knew it. Am I that obvious, or are you that perceptive, or was it just a lucky guess? Because I never feel like I am sure what you are thinking. Hmmm I should be sleeping....

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