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Name: Eve
Age: 22
Hometown: Graz (AT)
Living in: Vienna (AT)
Occupation: Student of Japanese & Chinese Language, University of Vienna

I'm the webmaster of the Austrian Visual Kei Information Site

Beside of this, I have finished my studies at the Japanese Studies Division at the University of Vienna with the bachelor degree on 13th August 2007. I wrote my 2nd bachelor paper about male aesthetics within Japanese visual kei bands.

On 10th September, I am going to arrive in Tôkyô to study for about one year at the famous Meiji University in Suginami-ku. I will live in Asagaya-ku and I am going to use the exchange year in Japan for the research on my master paper, which will be written about Japanese youthculture and its fashion, especially Gothic Lolita.

This journal will be my online diary (German only!) about my University life in Japan, travelling in Japan and South-East Asia and also about aspects of Japanese youth culture as visual kei, street fashion, gothic & lolita and so on.

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