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Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Time:4:17 pm.
So. It’s been a while. Hasn’t it? Where should I start. I guess about a year ago would be the best place to start. Back when I was given the Uchiha and the Hyuuga to train. Not like I ever liked teaching really, it is not really cut out for my life style. I was given a mission by Tsunade. S-Rank. Top Secret.

Tsunade’s mission to me was to observe Orochimaru from inside Sound. So after the journey to Sound, I infiltrated and began for almost eight long months watching from the shadows. She figured as I was trained by Orochimaru and outside from a few like her self, knew Orochimaru the best. So she wanted it to be me.

Stealth has never been one of my greatest skills but for eight months I remained hidden. Until one day I heard rumor that Sound was working with Lightning to invade Leaf. And I even saw a large group of Sound Nin leave for Leaf. But it was the Merchant Caravan I saw leave for Sand during this time that drew my suspicions. I could not be sure it was Orochimaru but... as I stared at the caravan leave. The seal hurt. I knew he was in it, him and that sick group of his.

For a month I stayed in the shadows of his caravan as it neared Sand. I was sure no one saw me. I was sure no one knew I was there. But, my master is better then I am. He knew I was there. For how long he knew I was in the shadows watching, I do not know. One minute I had my eyes on what I believed to be Orochimaru, the next moment I am being ambushed by Members of the Sound Five. Considering the odds, I was quickly subdued and took back to Orochimaru.

Right to Orochimaru. He tried to get information from me. He tried to tempt me like he used to. He tried everything to get me to talk but I would not. I could not. I had my chance to fight Orochimaru and finally settle my score with him but I could not. Between the torture and the beatings I barley lacked the strength to stand.

I do not know how long I was imprisoned by Orochimaru. I do not dare dread on these memories either. I just remember a Leaf Rescue squad coming and saving me, then waking up in the Konoha Hospital with Shizune looking down at me with that worried expression of hers.

Its been two months since then. I’ve done little to contact my friends. Shizune, Kurenai, anyone else. I am sorry. I’ve just needed to be alone. Not even the news of Ibiki has cheered me up, normally I’d be delighted beyond words to find out he was in prison. But this time I do not think anything can help me. Once again I survived. I should have died by Orochimaru’s hands yet again. I should be happy I survived, but I am not. Either me or him should have died. I can not accept being alive, I got careless. I got spotted. Orochimaru should have just finished me off. He is better then I am. I should just stop trying to avoid that fact.

I doubt I will ever be able to be his match. He is years ahead of me. The only way I could ever hope to match him is through time. Which I am afraid he has more of then I do... Unless... I could take that out of the equation. Sooner or later I can get as good as Orochimaru and maybe... finally... put my self at rest.

Why do I keep on living...

OOC: For those who knew, I was pregnant the last few months. Which is why a lot of my time has been spent away from the roleplay. But a month and a half ago I went into premature labor, almost 10 weeks premature. I was carrying twins but one of them died in my womb which caused me to go into labor. The other one is doign fine and still in the ICU. But that is why I have been kind of awol from AOL the last few weeks. Ive just been going through a lot. I am sorry to be slacking in the NarutoRP. I promise you all I will get active with both characters.
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Friday, November 18th, 2005

Subject:[Locked to Leaf Jounin] Disturbing rumors...
Time:6:50 am.
In my boredom. I figure, updating my journal is about the only thing exciting going for me...
But unlike my last two entries, I actually have something on my mind today...
I heard a disturbing rumor earlier in the day.
I do not know how much weight to hold into it right now.
But the source is usually pretty reliable on this sort of stuff.
Old ANBU buddy of mine. So I am inclined to believe it.

According to the rumor, Inoshi’s little girl is dead.
Has anyone else heard these rumors?
I’ve locked this post to just us jounin. If it is true, I think you all will agree with me that it is best for right now that the chuunin and genin do not know right now.

But the rumor goes further then that.
My source says it was the Village of Sound that is responsible.
Can any one confirm of deny these rumors? It has been causing me a lot of discomfort and has been weighing heavily on my mind since I heard the rumor.

I just hope the rumors are not true.

... Orochimaru... That son of a bitch...

OOC: Just a small OOC note. I should have posted this MONTHS ago. For those members of the roleplay who have been looking for me on AIM. I have a new Screen name. DesperateAngel24 - Feel free to message me for anything at all. <3
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Thursday, November 17th, 2005

Subject:When Ninja get bored...
Time:6:27 am.

Sleep never came last night. I laid in bed but just tossed and turned. So I got up and did some dango eating. Hey, the packages were there and looking oh so tempting. So, six hours later and a lot of stuffing my face later I have another announcement to make.

To scale model of Tsunade, (Bust and all) out of discarded dango sticks is now complete. She has taken her rightful place next to To-Scale Model of The 3rd. Later today when I get more dango I’m going to make a model of Shizune too. I figured the Tsunade model looked incomplete with out a nervous wreck of a Shizune model...

I might make one of Kurenai too. But only after I finish making the models of the rest of the Hokages. As always, if you want to see them just drop by... I have nothing better to do with my day and would love the company...

God being bored sucks...
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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

Time:9:07 am.
So, It has been a while since I did this hasn’t it?
I guess you all want to hear the intimate details on the life of Mitarashi Anko now eh? Now that I have sat back down to write into this stupid journal. Who’s idea was the journal anyway? I’m a ninja, not a sissy.

Well the fact is... nothing is going on in my life. The two little brats have been gone for a while and just now got back to Konoha. I’ve not gone out on a mission in some time now. And I just lay in my room bored to holy heck. I’ve been drinking a little less lately that is about all I can say really. I promised Kurenai I would. So I’m going to be a girl of my word for once.

Well. Not to say I have given up drinking totally. I’ve been finding my self sneaking off to get some. But, I’ve been relying on other drinks lately. I have discovered that some are actually as good as booze with out the horrible after effects. Shocking eh?

About the only thing interesting I have done in the last month or so, has been constructing a giant to scale model of the 3rd Hokage-sama out of discarded dango sticks. If you want to see it, just ask I’ll let you all view it. I think it came out pretty well.

Sasuke, Neji: Training will resume soon. I have a few ideas and tricks up my sleeves for the two of you. *Insert maniacal laugh here* Er... wait... let us pretend I did not insert that. - Hey, Sasuke, what is this I hear about you being covered in shit? No student of mine is to be covered in poo.

Ibiki: Are you actually still alive and plague free? Or if I come around will I be killed by what ever cold you have? I figured you were going to die so I took your torture equipment. I guess I’ll give it back.

Shizune: I need a mission... and soon. -_-

Kurenai: Hrm, dinner some time soon? I’ll do the cooking? Maybe some steak and potatoes and you can bring the veggies if you need too... -_-

And... I’m bored now.
Going to go... do something I guess...

Sometimes being a ninja isn’t as exciting as the job title makes it out to be...
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Sunday, October 9th, 2005

Time:10:25 am.
So for some reason, people were thinking I was sick. Like a certain someone. In the middle of my lunch a couple days ago I had Kurenai come barging into my apartment and start asking me weird questions like. Have I been coughing up blood lately. Yeah. I think I’d k now if I was hacking up a lung but of course no one could take my word for it.

So she starts putting up this little hissy fit thing she does about getting me to go get checked out by Shizune or Tsunade... or one of those female medical nins... And after a little coaxing I made her tell me why they were so concerned if I was sick or not. Turns out that last assignment put me in close proximity to a pretty nasty virus.

How was I to notice though? I barley wanted to be on that mission, I was doing my job then getting back. And besides, Anko and Sick people are not the best of bed fellows. So, yep. Turns out they thought I might have caught something.

So I took a stroll on down to the medical facility and let Tsunade poke and prod me til she was blue in the face, and realized I was healthy as an ox. That kind of annoyed me though, why was Tsunade able to be drunk when examining me but they would not let me bring in a thing of dango? It’s just not fair... Oh well. I’ve been chowing down on them since... hehehehe

Now. Onto another pressing mater at hand. Kurenai. I know you were welching on our bet and I will prove it. No one makes a fool out of me. Just... my evidence is a little sketchy at the moment... Uhm... All I have is... Uhm... that... you know... thing. YES. I have that thing that proves you were not dating Kakashi. So you need to let me set you up! I’m doing this for your own good! Really I am. <3 Is it possible she actually got a date her self?

Either way. I’m inviting my self over to dinner tomorrow. Cook some real food this time. Something red and bloody not green and leafy. I need to get back to training my little students so Im going to need to be well fed. <3

So... yes. Neji and Sasuke. Don’t think I forgot about you two. I mean, I was trying to. But for some reason not even all the booze in Konoha would make me for get I have some students. So, I’m going to be wanting to see how well your summing jutsu has been coming. I’m also going to want to have a look at your curse seals, if you don’t mind.

... I need a mission. This village drives me crazy.
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Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

Subject:*cracks knuckles*
Time:12:40 pm.
Mood: not drunk enough....
Kurenai thinks she’s slick. But I’m on to her and that whole Kakashi thing. No one tries to pull the wool over my eyes. Well... save for maybe me... but why would I want to pull the wool over my own eyes? Hrm. Blood will be spilt I will tell you that! I will get my answers!

It’s been two months since I wrote in this thing eh? My last mission was a nightmare from start to finish. I had to provide a evaluation on the worst possible Ninja this village has, Ibiki. Of course, I had to remain hidden and when I was half asleep and he managed to find me. You know him, he went on a long rant about killing me and yada yada yada I am really getting sick of him.

I had to spend a month of my life in that shit hole of a village just to keep an eye on Ibiki. You should see the evaluation I turned in to Tsunade though. He has quite a few low marks, especially for threatening to kill me after he was told I was out there on a mission by Tsunade her self. Such a thick headed pig of a man. So for that aspect, that I was able to give him such horrible remarks, the mission went well.

For the fact that I had to follow that asshole around, the mission sucked hard. Next time I get a mission like that, I’m going to just kill my self and avoid the mission all together. Seriously, why is Ibiki not in jail or at least anger management? I just hope Tsunade sees my recommendation for mandatory anger management for Ibiki ASAP.

Now, back to the Kurenai mater. As some of you may now, she had a bet with me that she could not get a date for the festival. She DID NOT get one, but then instead of (wo)manning up to her loss, she decides to tell me KAKASHI is her date. Come on, am I the only one who knows how horribly wrong that match up is? She’s a fridged stuck up snob and hes... well come on he’s Kakashi. The man has a stack of porn this high. *Holds her hand a great distance from the ground.* Kurenai is the Ice Queen and Kakashi is a Hound Dog. Come on, I KNOW she did not pick HIM as a date ON HER OWN FREE WILL!!!

OTP that is not. The only OTP involved with Kurenai is her x book or something to that extent. We all know she will never have a date on her own free will. Am I the only one who sees this? I'm trying to hook her up for her own good! Shes HOW old and dateless? -_-

No one is fooling me.

I’ll get back to investigating Kurenai’s lie later.

Right now I need to investigate how quickly I can get drunk with a full beer hat...

OOC: Sorry for lack of activity -_- I've been horribly busy the last few weeks with training for baseball. I am so sore right now it's not even funny. -_-
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Friday, August 5th, 2005

Subject:Computer Over / Virus = Very Yes
Time:4:44 pm.

PC got riddled with a virus which totally destroyed my registry. So I had to format, almost got it fixed manualy with out a format but it was screwed up more then I thought. So, I'm going to be spending all day reinstalling stuff. Sorry about my Naruto post.

I'll post as soon as I have my computer up and running again fully with everything installed. Sorry for the delay.

*sigh* My last backup was 6 months ago. I don't care so much about most of my stuff that I lost, it's just I lost a lot of stuff I can't get back so it's kinda made me. Ugh. *sigh* Oh well. I'll get my Naruto post up tomorrow. Sorry.

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Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Subject:Mission Details and Weird Dreams...
Time:6:58 am.
Mood: worried.
Where the hell am I?

I usually only ask this question when I am drunk off my ass and some how managed to wander many thousand of miles from Konoha. But this time I am as sober as the Hokage on a Sunday... err maybe that’s a bad analogy given the current Hokage... But I honestly have no idea where in the hell I am...

Tsunade said something about a plague and this place being dangerous or something like that. I kind of forgot the exact details she said about the village. But I still, have no clue where I am. I was simply tracking my target and got so into it I lost account of my whereabouts. But, my mission is going well so far. I’ve managed to keep tabs on my target and have tracked him to his current location, on the outskirts of this hellhole.

He seems to be shacked up with some bimbo from what I can tell. And he has not yet detected my presence. So that is good at least. I always knew my stealth was better then his detection skills. Although.. I think seeing if he could detect me was part of the mission. I guess I passed that part eh?

Private: Mission Details...Collapse )

I hope everything is alright in Leaf. I had a weird dream the other night about Orochimaru. He was trying to invade Leaf again in my dream. In the dream he killed Tsunade this time and destroyed almost the entire village in his wake. Shame I do not remember much about the dreams details. Just that he invaded Konoha, but the dream its self might be a bad omen. Dreaming of my former mentor usually is a bad omen... Can someone back in Leaf let me know if all is well in Konoha? The dream was very unsettling and I wish to know everything was alright.

I just hope he is not up to something again. But if he is, I will be the one to kill him. I will not screw up like last time. I should have never came out of the Forest of Death alive from my last encounter with Orochimaru, but I came out for a reason. I will be the one to kill him. I must. For my own honor I can not allow it to be done any other way. I will not allow him to be killed by anyone’s hands but my own. Sorry for that random trail off. As I said, the dream really left me unsettled and thinking a lot about Orochimaru...

I’ll stop rambling now though. Just please, if someone can let me know if everything is alright in Leaf, that will make me feel a lot better I think. Stupid dreams... Stupid Mission Target... Man I just thought, how long am I suppose to be out here in the middle of no where? I should have asked Tsunade before I left how long this mission was going to take...

Oh well. See you when I see you Leaf...
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Friday, July 15th, 2005

Subject:Why must I get weird missions?
Time:11:54 am.
Mood: Tsunade Sucks....
Is it too late to defect to another village? Maybe Sand or Lightning? Well after I kill the Hokage I imagine any of them would want me. Why do I want to kill Tsunade? Her choice on assigning missions!!

I just got back from a secret A Rank Mission that she sent me on, which had me out of Leaf for two weeks. And here I get back and I am once again being sent out on another one. Which seems to be A Rank also... With high priority on stealth.... Which means I can not bring sake, beer, dango or anything I enjoy eating... *sigh*

Oh well. I do have to get serious now and then. Yeah, I know it’s pretty shocking to hear me say that. I can do with out that stuff for the duration of the mission. That’s not my problem with my mission, nor the reason I want to kill Tsunade. Nor is it the fact that I am put on a second mission so soon from getting back... No, while I am not allowed to discuss the basis of it, but the reason I want her dead is whom my mission details. The target of my mission is the worst ninja I’ve ever came across. *sigh*

Alright people. I’m kidding. I do not really want to kill Tsunade. I just kind of sensed Shizune saw that and dispatched ANBU to my apartment to neutralize me... So, Shizune if the ANBU has been dispatched, can you please call them off? -^_^-

But really, why did my target have to be HIM!? Maybe Tsunade knows how much I despise him and want to kill him, I mean why else would I have been given a mission like this if she did not know I hated him? *snickers* He is so fucked... Eh, I don’t have to much time to bitch about the target. I have to set out in a couple of minutes to track him... I don’t know if Tsunade is trying to curse me or bless me with such a target though. *snickers* As I said, he is so fucked...

Sasuke, I know I have not been around the last month or so and will be gone for even longer but I will make it up to you. Maybe if I get back before Neji shows back up, I’ll teach you something he does not know or something... But if Neji shows back up before I get back give him my apologies also and then... geesh I don’t know... train together? I’m not cut out for this teacher shit...

Kurenai: Time is running out on that bet. *snickers* How’s it going? Not good eh? Might I suggest that male nurse I tried to set you up with before. He seems desperate enough. Oh wait... I’m not suppose to interfere with your sex life which is why we made this bet isn’t it? *snickers*

Oh well. I’ll try to keep regular updates while I’m gone. Might as well have something to do while I endure this shit... Mr. Target! YOU ARE SO FUCKED!

Private: Mission DetailsCollapse )
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Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

Subject:Kill me...
Time:5:16 pm.
Mood: WTF?.
Oh god.
I think I need to quit drinking. I woke up earlier pretty hung over, but that is not here or there. And after finally chasing the hang over away I decided it was time to do paper work. Yeah, go figure even I do paper work now and then. AND WHAT DO I FIND!? I suddenly have TWO STUDENTS!

Well if I wasn’t sober at that point, I sure was after reading that I had not one, BUT TWO STUDENTS. I hate children! So after I managed to pick my jaw up off my desk I jump up and run to the Admin Building... I think I shoved the Milk Man out of my way at one point... I’m so sorry! So, I get to the Admin Building and I come charging into... SOMEONE’S office and throw the file down on the desk and demand to know when I got two students...

So... WHO EVER that was... just looks at me and goes “You approved both of them.” - The next fifty seven minutes are a total blur as I kind of passed out after hearing that news. When I managed to pull my self back to my feet I worked up the courage to ask who I got... Oh god I was praying I did not get that Uzumaki kid... or any of Kurenai’s students... or any of Asuma’s students for that mater... Well I would have taken exceptions for... possibly the Nara kid... I do not think I would have to teach him much. In fact, that Nara kid would have been perfect for me. We could have just slept through lessons...

So, I look into the eyes of the admin woman and he calmly says the name of my first student. Apparently this one asked for me to be his tutor rather then get assigned to me. Shocking... Hyuuga Neji.

Great. I get Mr. Destiny him self. Well, that’s not so bad. It wasn’t the Uzumaki Kid and hey, he is one of the top rookies in Konoha and has the same Cursed Seal problem as I do. But boy do those White Eye’s ever bother me. Oh well. I’ll just buy him a pair of sun glasses just like I bought Hinata and make sure he wears them around me at all times. I wonder though... he could be a massive money making tool for me. Could you imagine those eyes of his in a card game? *snickers* I mean I will split the winnings with him... 80/20. Come on, 20% is great for a kid his age...

So, at least one of my students is half way decent as a ninja. Although he DID lose to the Uzumaki kid... So, now you must be wondering who else I got saddled with? My mind was still reeling over my first student when she informs me of my second student: Uchiha Sasuke.

Curse Seal Unit GO! Begin Transformation! As our power combines we become CAPTAIN KONOHA!!!
So, I get the Uchiha also. The other one is "Mr. Destiny" this one is "Mr. Angst". Oh god if he tries to pull any angsty shit in my radius I am so going to lose it. Well, he is kind of cute though. Young. But cute. And another plus I can think of is he too is not that Uzumaki... Ugh, turns out Kakashi forced himt o train under me. I'm going to have a pay a visit to Kakashi later... But hey, there is at least a small silver lining to my gloomy skies. The two students I got are at least capable ninja. I do not think I will need to teach them too long, I imagine they are good learners.

I am to teach them some of the Jutsu I know. I think they mean the ‘legal’ jutsu I know... although every kid could learn to use a few ‘forbidden jutsu’ heh heh heh and to teach them how to control the Cursed Seal. Well just teach them about it and... oh god how forgot all ready.

Although. It’s not been all bad news for me. I can not make fun of Ibiki when ever I want. Which is massive good news but oh god do I ever hate Ibiki after that mission from hell. So, the opportunity to make fun of Ibiki is great. Why you ask, I have the opportunity?? Look at the student he got stuck with. Yamanaka Ino.

And I KNOW there is no chance in hell he asked for that girl. Come on, she knows ONE MOVE and it’s more of a party trick then anything. Oh, and that is not including “Bitch Slap no Jutsu” that she knows. Although I must cut him some slack, that man must have fun torturing the poor little girl. I doubt I will be able to torture Uchiha and Hyuuga to much there actually good ninja. *sigh*

Hell, is Ibiki even still teaching her? I heard she had a hissy fit and ran off...

Where the hell did I put that ‘Snake Contract Scroll’ - I know I have it around here some where... Figure they can start by learning how to summon... I figure that will take them quite a while to learn so I will have plenty of quiet days... Watch with my luck they both master it on the first day.
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Thursday, May 19th, 2005

Subject:Get Well Soon Kurenai!
Time:11:50 pm.
*sigh* I hate this village. I was gone so long on that mission with Ibiki I forgot how much it sucked. Oh, don’t get me wrong. It’s done a lot for me in my life and still does. I enjoy being a ninja for Konoha. The reason I hate this damn town though is... I was at the bar last night looking for a guy. My standards are not to high. Jounin Level Only. Needs to be hot. And top of the class for handling jutsu. And has to know at least one forbidden jutsu. All these goodie goodie bastards in Konoha makes me sick.

So. Yeah. No hot guys for Anko. I tried though. I honestly tried. I feel like Kurenai now, unable to get a date. *sigh* - And the first person to suggest Ibiki to me, WILL get them selves killed quicker then you can say “I think she’s going to kill me.” - Sure, he fits the criteria, he’s a jounin, he’s hot, he’s talented. But oh my god is that man the most annoying person on the planet. So, no thank you. Eh, I’ll continue the boyfriend hunt some other time. Maybe I’ll just go out and get my self laid, that should hold off my urges to have a boyfriend for at least a day or two.

Why am I so concerned about getting a boyfriend you ask? Well. I took a look at Kurenai. She’s a couple years older then me, and has been single as long as I can remember. And I do not think she’s been laid in the last decade. If ever. And suddenly I’m left to think: If I’m still single when I’m as much of an old hag as she is, will I be that uptight? Oh god. That thought just gives me nightmares. Speaking of getting laid and Kurenai...

I visited her in the hospital earlier today. She seemed in good spirits, but totally weak. Was almost pathetic to see her laying in that hospital bed so sick. Why? Powerful Ninja, taken down by a glass of water. Real Smooth.

I brought her some supplies I figure she’d need. I found this jumbo box of dango in one of the stores near my house. Think each box has like 500 or so packages in it. So I bought a couple...Alright, I bought 47 of the Jumbo Boxes. I’d like to point out I do now have a years supply... well... maybe a months. So. Yeah. I donated one full jumbo box of Dango to her.

What is that with out beer though? So, I had a couple left over cases laying around the house. I figured I would bring her a case or two. She is now the proud owner of two cases of beer... And considering the major factor here being: She’s not me. That beer and dango should last her quite a while. Well, while I was showing her the beer I noticed she could not move to much. So, considering how good of a friend Kurenai is to me, I figured I would return the favor.

I came back twenty minutes later, and I can announce this to the world now. Kurenai is now the proud honor of a 4-Can Beer Dispensing Hat. I even strapped it to her head and showed her how to work it. As she can barley move, she might need to get one of the nurses to refill it once it’s empty. She looked over joyed. She can now sip beer in style. ^_^

Oh, yeah. Speaking of those nurses. I wonder if that Yagazi guy finally got around to doing what I paid him to do. I swear that woman will thank me once she gets laid. Konoha, say bye bye to uptight Kurenai. Well... provided that poor kid does not chicken out. I’ll have to kick his ass and get my money back from him if he does chicken out. Kurenai better enjoy it. I mean come on, the things I do for a friend.
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Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

Subject:Mission Report One: Ibiki vs Anko
Time:11:04 am.
Mood: Ibiki sucks.
Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE Morino Ibiki? I haven’t? Well shit. So I’ll do it now. How many people even read my journal? I HATE MORINO IBIKI! Yeah. He might look big and bad and sexy. But I fucking HATE HIM!

*ahem* Compose your self Anko. Now, why do I hate him? Well. All he does is whine. That’s why. Oh my god you have not heard someone whine until you’ve heard that man. *In a Ibiki Impersonation* “Put your ANBU mask on Anko.” “Why won’t you put your ANBU mask on Anko!” “ANKO! IM SERIOUS PUT THE MASK ON!” Oh my god. He went on and on and on about that god damn mask. Has anyone seen my hair? Do you know the effect those friggen masks have on hair like mine? Didn’t think so.

So. I refuse to wear my ANBU mask. Big whoop. And while I’m listing to this man whine I accidently stumble into a trap. I mean, how can I keep alert when I have that man whining. I mean I was on high alert then he starts whining about a pebble in his boot or a hole in his head or something like that and over the trip wire I go. So out from like every direction come kunai. Yeah. That’s pretty cool. And then Ibiki does this whole big Knight in Shining Armor thing and jumps in front of me and takes a couple Kunai into his arm. Eh. I could have dodged them, I just was not given a chance.

*Yawn* At this point I think it was 7 hired Ninja jump out from the trees. I think they were from Lightning. Only one of them had a forehead protector. I think the rest were with him but they had their identity hidden. So, I couldn’t tell. So a big brawl breaks out. Everything started to happen so fast. One I do remember threw a kunai at me, so I repaid the debt by throwing some snakes his way and then jamming his kunai into his jugular. Man he bleed out quickly. It turned me on. Heh.

I’d like to point out, six out of these seven ninja were like genin at best. Sure, they were probably chuunin but god did they suck. Now, while I was watching that one die a duo of these bastards jump me. And there was no way I was letting these two take me so I performed the first jutsu that came into my head. One I’ve not used in a long time. Serpent Dance no Jutsu. With in seconds both my arms had turned into snakes and with in seconds of that both mercs were dead. Simple as that. I constricted one to death and ripped out the others throat. It was quite fun actually. I got to taste the blood of the now-throat less one through the snake. Devine.

So. Long story short all seven of those ninja were no match for two Leaf Jounin. Hell. I could have taken all seven of them to be honest. So once the final one dies, Mr. Whiner goes back into his whine. He brings a knife to my throat and *ahem* *Ibiki Impersonation Again* “WHY DID YOU USE A FORBIDDEN JUTSU ANKO!” “YOU’RE A TRAITOR ANKO!” “ZOMGWTF ANKO!” and so on and so forth. Would he rather me have not fought at all? Why are my jutsu forbidden just because of who I learnt them from? Blech. Fuck him.

So he starts tossing me around and hitting me and stuff. It was very familiar of S&M Foreplay. I kinda liked a good portion of it. But I quickly grew tired of his games and summoned my snake friend. If you thought Ibiki was “ZOMGWTF!” earlier, you should have seen the look on his face when the snake showed up. Ibiki put up a good fight for about oh five and a half seconds then my snake got him dead bang. It started constricting him and squeezing the life out of his body... And then... Ibiki passed out.

There he was in a half constriction, not enough to pass out from, and he’s unconscious. Turns out the Head Merc, the one with the forehead protector poisoned him and there he was dying of poison. Sure, the first thought that came through my head was kill him and finish the mission. But do you know how hard it is to explain to admin why you’re the only one left alive on your mission?

So I had Orochi, Yes. That’s my snakes name. bit his neck and drain the poison from his body by biting him on his neck then closing the wound with acid. It was quite fun to watch Ibiki bleed. Trust me, I as tempted to just let him bleed out. Then I unsummoned Orochi, letting Ibiki fall to the ground. Turned out he was stabbed in the gut which I quickly repaired for him. *sigh* It’s a decision I regret making...

Because the second Ibiki wakes up, eh went RIGHT BACK INTO HIS GOD DAMN WHINING! WHAT THE FUCK! “WHY DID YOU SAVE ME ANKO!” “YOU’RE A TRAITOR ANKO! WHY DID YOU SAVE ME YOU TRAITOR!” Yadda Yadda Yadaa... I’m really growing tired of hearing this man whine... I hope we can get this mission over with as soon as possible. Just going to focus on the mission... -_-

I saw an Akatsuki squad near here. Per norm, there are just two of them. They must be on their way to the Jutsu Scroll Auction no doubt. If me and Ibiki can surprise them we should get the upper hand and beat them. We could use their uniforms... God those hats rock. I’m keeping the hat.
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Friday, April 1st, 2005

Subject:Oh Joy of Joys. I have my mission files... YAY
Time:9:47 pm.
Mood: Ibiki... Pft!.
Well. I finally figured out my mission details. So, that’s good. YAY. It took a little longer then expected but hey, the three weeks it took was not a complete waste. There were a lot of cute guys in the village I was at, and they had a Yearly Drinking Championship which I managed to win. I have a cool trophy from it I’ll show you all when I get back... What’s even cooler is the trophy doubles as a giant beer stein. It’s like my new favorite thing in the world.

It was almost like a vacation away from my duties. I mean it was three weeks of fun. I enjoyed my self a whole lot. And I was not to sober the whole time. That was the crowning point of the three weeks to be honest. So, as I said. Those three weeks were not wasted by any means. But there was a little mater of the fact I was suppose to be on a mission. A mission I forgot about. But. Oh well. I can’t complain. Others might.. But what can one do. *snicker* Johnny Evilguy could wait to die or be protected an extra three weeks. So, wait he did.

But, my three week vacation ended harshly yesterday. Kurenai finally showed up with the back up copy of my mission documents. Not quite sure how she got them, nor do I really want to know as it was probably something illegal that I tried to talk her out of her. But, you all know Kurenai. Never listens to reason... *snicker* But she brought my mission files, so I am forever in her debt. I do not want to know what the Anbu would have done had I shown up and told them I lost the files and failed the mission. Thanks Kurenai! Now if only you were as good at plant raising as you were at helping friends out. ~_~ If it helps, I’ll try to talk Kakashi out of killing you.

And to make maters worse, Kurenai picked the ONE time the whole three weeks I was sober. Which was a mistake on my part. I meant to get drunk when I woke up, but if you saw the ass on this guy I saw... stalking him around the village took a priority to getting drunk. *sigh* Funs over Anko. Time to get back on with your duty...

So, if missing the chance to get drunk was worse enough for my day. I get left to deal with Morino Ibiki. Does that not sound fun or what? Joy. I’ll get to that later though. Now, Kurenai shows up yesterday and has my mission files. Thank you Kurenai. After three weeks of wondering just how I was going to be executed for not carrying out my mission I finally know what my mission IS.

Mission Details: So I do not forget again.Collapse )

So, where was I? Oh yes. Explaining why I get the pleasure of dealing with Ibiki. Well, as I’m reading my mission report guess who comes strolling into the hut Kurenai secured for us to talk. Yep. That would be Ibiki. Turns out Kurenai was followed. Joy. Hey, at least I got my mission documents. I can put up with Ibiki if need be... *sigh* I just wish I didn’t have to. That man grates on all of my nerves.

Private: Jounin Only: Mainly Ibiki/Kurenai.Collapse )

Look at the time. I really ranted. Eh, guess it’s been a long three weeks. And I guess I’ll be walking for another day or so until we get to the mission destination. I’m just glad we were able to take a break. I had a thing of dango in my possession that was dying to be ate... now if only I could find a bar... -_-
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Saturday, March 12th, 2005

Subject:Day 8: Same as the other days...
Time:11:02 am.
Mood: Waiting....
*Sigh* Alright, I’ve been out here. (Where ever here is) for about a week now. And I still have yet to remember why I am out here. Now, I mean it is entirely possibly I am out here for no reason at all and I can not remember a mission because I am NOT on a mission. But I kind of have those charred remains of a mission file. So throw that idea right out the window. Today I just thought about going back to Konoha and face what ever punishment there might be for forgetting my mission. But then I got word that Kurenai has stolen acquired another folder with my mission documents in them.

So, with that knowledge I can finally stop my various attempts to remember my mission briefing. A couple of them were more painful then they should have been. And a couple of them I still can not believe I did. If any of the residents from the village I am staying at now happen across this journal: I swear I did not know it was bolted down. The first attempt was the best of them all I think. I walked my self into the nearest bar I could find and I drank until I was unconscious. I hoped that when I came too I would remember my mission.

No luck though. Although one of the villagers did say I picked a couple fights with villagers and kept ranting about Orochimaru. I apparently also ‘put the moves’ on a sign post...or a fence post... well some kind of post. So at the end of the day, I was plastered and Operation: Drink your self into remembering was a total failure. Well, if you can call it that. I mean I STILL did get plastered... heh.

I think I thought up “Plan B” while I was drunk, and I might have executed it while drunk too. Because all of a sudden beating my self over the head with a wooden board does not seem like the best of plans to get my self to remember anything. Forget something maybe. I still have a lump on my head from the failed Plan B. In the end that lump on my head was the only thing I gained. Plan B = Total Failure.

“Plan C” was a little more logical then Plan’s A and B combined. I simply sifted through the remains of the burnt folder slash mission documents. Now this one was not such a total failure. I was able to figure out my target - Wether I am to kill him or protect him or... give him a back rub? Hell If I know at this point - at least has a name other then “Johnny Evilguy” - The contents in the folder were for a man named Seisui Musashi. I did some “looking” around and best I can tell he is from Water Country. I think... the information was kind of charred. So I read it as best as I could. But other then a name and possible location of the man I have nothing else to go on from the folder. *sigh*

Plans “D”, “E” and “F” I am not even going to go into detail on they were such monumental failures and to be honest were not the best of ideas either. Hell, a cloaked fellow in the bar gave me the idea behind “Plan E” and involved so many herbs I think I might have killed off some of my memory as apposed to gaining it back. Uggg, the mixed herb cocktail I had to drink was something I KNOW I am never going to forget no mater how much I try though. -_- Also, this may not be common knowledge. But trusting cloaked men in bars is not really such a great idea.

Six plans down the drain and that leads me to where I am now. Stuck in the middle of no where with still no knowledge of why I am here other then the name “Seisui Musashi” and a lump on my head. And to complicate the situation more I have officially ran out of dango. I though I brought enough to last for a while. But when you are in a panic you tend to go through them quicker. *sigh* Maybe I can catch Kurenai before she leaves and have her bring me some too...

Well. All I can do now is wait for Kurenai to show up. If she can even find this place I am at. Because I mean, I still have no clue where I am. -_- But hey, she’s smarter then me. Maybe she’ll read the moss covering the trees and the alignment of the sun and figure it out... I dunno.... Kurenai, please hurry. I’m going crazy here.
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Saturday, March 5th, 2005

Subject:..... DOOM!
Time:5:36 am.
Mood: ...Lost? Doomed?.
Alright. Breath. Deep breaths. Deep breaths Anko. DEEP BREATHS I SAID! Alright. Do not panic. Do not panic. Already Panicking. Okay. Inhale. Exhale. Now, to calmly write out your thoughts.... And hope no one important reads them... It could help this situation.. Just do not stop breathing... -_-

I have no idea where I am. There. I said it. I left Konoha sometime, well I do not remember that either. I’m doomed. No mater how much I try to think about where I am, or when I left, it is all just a blur. But that’s not the worst part. I am SO doomed. Is I think I am on a mission. -_-

Why else would I be in the middle of... where ever the hell I am. Well, there is always the possibility I got drunk and decided to take a vacation. But this place does not seem the best of vacation spots. Like, at all. I do not even know if it qualifies as a village. It’s just a couple of huts... I think they are huts anyway. They might just be a mass of sticks and leafs. So very doomed...

And to make maters worse for me. I have a folder that looks like some sort of mission documents but... Well I should correct that. I had a folder. When I came to I kind of was in a panic and some how things just kind of caught fire. alright, there is a slight chance I set fire to it trying to cook dinner

Now, before that folders unfortunate demise, I did manage to get a look at the contents which is why I believe I am on a mission. Inside was a lot of information (including a cool photo) on some guy, well let us call him Johnny Evilguy because I really can not remember his name or what he looks like either... Did I mention I am doomed? If I get enough booze into me I might be able to remember what he looks like. But then even if I do, what if I kill him when I was suppose to protect him? I mean how big of a “Oppsie” would THAT be? Just breath... everything will be alright... Everything will be alright. *sigh* I knew that 20th drink was a little to much.

Alright. I went over the situation in hopes it would jog my memory. -_- Fat lot of good that did. I still do not remember where I am. Why I am here. Or well anything else. DOOM! Well. Why ever I am here I did pack well enough. I doubt I’ll run out of beer or dango heh heh heh for quite some time. Which could be a very good thing. If I am on a mission, and I do not get it done. I do not think I will be to welcome back in Konoha. I mean, if you get down to it. This village gathering of huts isn’t that bad... *sigh* doooooooom!

Well, I think it is time me and the bottom of beer cans get acquainted again. Drinking got me into this problem, so for some reason drinking will get me out of this problem. or at least make me forget my problem for a couple hours, like I seem to have forgotten everything else.

If anyone important reads this, like I do not know, one of the other jounin or someone with an even fancier title... just please disregard the rest of this post. It is all a practical joke. Hah hah hah do you not hear me laughing? All is well. I assure you, all is well...
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Saturday, February 12th, 2005

Subject:Date with Death
Time:7:48 am.
Mood: Hungover....
*sigh* My plan did not work. I had hoped to get so drunk that I would not remember the horrible dinner that Kurenai “cooked” for me last night. Sadly though I still remember the events of last night. More importantly I still remember Kurenai trying to kill me with this green, orange and red dish she called food...

She took precious hours of my life, hours that I could have spent getting drunk in a more sociable place, only to let me get drunk with her in private. All while serving me something that tasted like death. *gags* She said it was called “Vegetables” or something like that. She even forced me to eat them. Did I suddenly get a new mother and was unaware of it? Because she really did sound (And look.) like my mother. I think someone’s just getting up their in age...

Alright, for some reason though the fact that I’ve drank my dinner for the last few months (Years) made her “scared” (Jealous?) so she forced me to eat a “healthy” meal at her house. *sigh* If that is considered healthy, maybe someone should just put me out of my misery now.

Yeah. If one night was not bad enough, she is forcing me to do this again for the next seven nights. Maybe there are ways to get out of it though. Even though she vowed to “hunt me down” if I do not show. I am sure there are ways out of this... Like her death? perhaps my hair will need to be styled come tonight? But can I even use that excuse for the whole week. Maybe I should go beg for a mission. I can not show up for dinner if I am out of town, now can I?

I know. I’ll go get some beer using some money I ‘happened’ into last night and maybe some good dango and think of ways to get out of this. There has to be a reasonable way to get out of this. Do you think she’d fall for a clone? )(Aside: Killing her really does sound appealing right about now...) Well, if I can not figure away out of this mess at least I will have my fill of beer and dango so I do not have to eat those demon greens again. (Someone help me please...) One night of Kurenai’s cooking is enough for my life...

I’ll go down to the bar now and think of ways out of this now. Better then just sitting here thinking of the horrors that await tonight. This is more nerve wracking then a mission If no one hears from me tomorrow, the odds that I’ve been tortured to death by leafy vegetables will be quite high. Someone avenge me...
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Friday, January 21st, 2005

Subject:Just need a test post
Time:3:30 pm.
Mood: Layout Frenzy.
This will SO be removed in like... 4-5 hours anyway. But fornow I just need something to post. So might as well post my try out roleplay here also.

How the hell did so many students make it passed the first exam? I am actually going to have to watch this year I think. *sigh* I had a plan to get drunk and more then likely passing out later, guess thats a fading dream. But at least it might be worth watching. Figure there would be a good share of deaths this time. The last exam really lacked in that, was no entertainment value.

This year though, I think we are going to need to clean up quite a few dead bodies. Well, if we can even find them to begin with. There have been a couple students in previous exams we still have never found out the fates of. Eh, maybe that is a story for another day? I am to go to the tower later today to observe this exam. Hokage-sama expect a couple teams to finish quickly this time. Like with in the first six hours even.

Meh. I doubt anyone will finish by tomorrow. At least. It's not to often you see a team of rag tags finish this with in ten hours. Why should this year be any different? From what I have managed to observe, none of these teams seem to impressive. I mean, did I see Kabuto again? I've already lost count how many times he's tried this damn thing. He'll probably just fail like always. Maybe he'll get killed this time, that could be entertaining.

The Sand Team seems interesting though, I get the feeling they will make it through this. Just a hunch at this point though. I got some really odd vibes from that Gaara kid. Do not know what they mean though, maybe I'm just hungry. The Sound Nin look impressive too, I could easily see them getting through this.

Despite the high praises from Hokage-sama, I fail to see any potential in the Leaf Genin though. From the records I have looked at they are mostly rookies too. That should be fun to watch. Rookies tend to be bleeders. So I should at the least, really enjoy watching this exam.

Heading out now to the tower with a couple of Anbu, I am just waiting for them to get back from a couple errands I have the running. The tall funny looking one is getting me some dango from this restaurant in town, and his partner is raiding the bar for all the beer and sake he can hold. He seemed to be pretty built, I think he can hold a lot. heh. I might have to watch this exam, but maybe my dreams of passing out drunk later can still be reached. *snicker*

... oh. Before I go. Earlier, when I was getting the lambs ready for the slaughter, I could have swore I sensed something odd on one of the students. I did not get to much time to focus on it, but one of these students is not who they seem to be. Hokage said I might just have imagined it. Perhaps...
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