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Pressure with a salty taste

Exalts the tears that soak your face

leah beah
17 April
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16 candles, 50s style, acting in haunted houses, animals, anti-mavin, aol, appleton, at the drive-in, band music, barbies, beauty, big words, blondie, blow, braid, bright eyes, built to spill, bush(the band), cameras, chapstick wars, clear elevators, clouds, coco, cold weather, coldplay, color, combos, comedy central, concerts, conor oberst, constantine, cooking, crusin' usa, cursive, dancing, desaparecidos, diamonds, diet pepsi, dinosaur jr, dinosaurs, doughnut plans, downtown, drawing, dreams, ducks, emo, emo boys, europe, express, eyes, fashion, flagler county, food, friends, frozen drinks, fun, guys, hair, hot dogs, hot hot heat, hot showers, hotel parties, ice pops, impeaching bush, indie rock, john mellencamp, jumping on springy things, keyboard, kissy faces :-*, kosher, latenight spooning, laughing, leah goldberg, little dogs, little mermaid, love, make up, makers mark, making people smile, marachino cherries, memories, modest mouse, moshing, motion city sound track, music, my jew fro, nail polish, nickeloden, night, nirvana, nuxvomica, old movies, patent pending, pavement, photography, pixies, postal service, rainer maria, record players, records, rings, russia, sarge, saves the day, scalloped potatoes, scars, school, science, shoes, shopping, skies, sleater-kinney, sleeping naked, smiling, snakes, snmnmnm, spitvalves, spoon, starbucks, stars, straws, sunny day real estate, sunrises, sunsets, superchunk, surf boards, surfing, taking back sunday, talking houses, tampons, the color green, the unicorns, thrift stores, tight pants, tmj!, touching, vintage, weezer, writing, yo la tengo, your lips