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[01 Oct 2005|02:51pm]





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[27 May 2005|11:49pm]
i have to ask one favor.

make a comment.

an anonymous.

with your like truest deepest feelings about me.

negative and positive.

things you would never tell me to my face.

you know when youre just in one of those moods?

kinda like you need something uplifting.

something to cheer you up.

but i dont want to seem conceited.

though this kind of is.

oh if you dont have my new journal.

that means i hate you.

or i havent got around to adding you yet.

and listening to old old music that was around a certain of certain events is pretty upsetting.

but hey thats cool.

and i'm totally not right now.

i feel like an HT kid right now.

oh and if you didnt know, my hair is ten times cooler than your girlfriends.

i'm an eighties promqueen/a girl at a bright eyes show.

brighteyes is pretty good i guess.

but we all know who Liz loves.


i'm gasped though.

i mean their music still forever owns my heart.

i just mean studded belts and overly tight girl pants might turn them scene.

and thats my faveorite thing about them. they are soo not fucking scene.

and bring out my closet goth-ness.

oh i could totally get this awesome tattoo and no one would ever find out.

but then you'd say that i'm too obsessed.

but its just me.

i dress super like a girl lately.

or super eighties.

my power ranger shirt gets more complimetns than your perfectly manicured nails.

i play concieted too often.

and its soo crazily untrue.

i also hang out with steve too much lately.

and i still dont have a crush on anyone.

and i have like sdlihfisdlfb;sdfysdfp98sdyfgbhsldfjb.

i cannot begin to explain.

my least favorite thing in the world is explaining things.

because i can never express all my ideas that tie into my point.

and it bothers me.

therefor i come off as a completely different person than i am.

but then again if i hold back what i want to say i suppose thats my personality as well.

i really really overly missed too many people today.

and called too many people by their wrong names.

because thats what was on my mind.

and the bagel shoppe owns life still. even like eight months later.

and liz*ash*steff=CBC AND WE'LL KILL YOUR KREW.

hunt3.com is especially dumb when its supposed to be a big thing and then everyone on fucking longisland does it.

and i've taught myself alot of things. and i'm pretty proud.

like for instance, i used to hate the dirtbag factor of longisland, and miss the pristineness of coral springs, and even north lauderdale for that matter.

but now i appreciate it. it gives you a background. to say you came from somewhere. youre not some prick. you lived in a crime infested never sun-shining, sex offender galore, shitty little town. and everyone gets drunk on the railroad tracks. and your only means of transportation is walking. and everyone still listens to the sex pistols and the circle jerks. and the preps are real real preps, and when you say punks its like the eighties all over again. and you eat taco bell an incredibly unhealthy amount, and you practically live in the b-rated horror movie, crazy old comic, weird body jewelry, and clothes pin store on the worst road in town.




something super big happened. majorly life changing. hell, it could like move me all over the world. but jerseys the closest it might. or ammityville. but thats pointless because its moments away.

i still am not seeing a purpose though.

for those questions, you know.

and my faith is still bent.

but i'm trying my hardest, or so i tell myself, to keep it preserved as much as i can.


also its the one year beach house anniversary and i ate 394830984 reece's pieces for it. and wrote a big long beautiful away message. for her. i miss her. my little flower pressed in the edgar allen poe book. from the mid 1800's.


when we walk home.

there is a house.

that looks exactly like edgar allen poe.

and ian swears it recites poetry when he walks by.


oh sweet memories.

oh and i've got a creative streak back.

i read shaina it. she liked it. that was a while ago. since then i've been tearing up THIS PIT.


this was just to catch up.

we haven't spoken in a while.

i'll be sure to see you soon though.

or maybe we'll run into each other again.

and possibly get coffee?

that'd be nice.

it was nice talking to you again.

you too.

good evening darling.

and you as well sweetheart.

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name of pic



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Hello angel [06 Apr 2005|01:39am]
I very much so love my hidden little journal. It’s not fictional, I promise. I have three really. My very favorite one is in my head. And it’s not shy of one thing thought, or heard. I have a name for that one too. It’s my favorite name. Elegant, sophisticated, and powerful all at once. If I shared it with you it would loose part of its meaning. And it wouldn’t answer to your calling. I’ve learned allot of lessons, and grew pheonominaly inside my head. I’d have to say I’m pleased with myself. But that I can never fully accomplish. I have a very best friend but no one knows her, and I don’t think she'd like anyone to know her. But there has never been such a person that I loved, craved, and hated soo much that had only one soul. And a talent I know better of now, is how to paint with your mind. Beauty can be hidden so far, that there are no hopes of ever catching it. And it can be so marred and lost and decayed. But I’ve excelled beyond hope.

I finally understand what it is.
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Preach all you want, but who's gonna save me? [13 Feb 2005|03:28pm]

      Happy Birthday,

                       Jordan Asher Cruz.


now, go buy my a pack of cigarettes. &hearts; &hearts; &hearts;

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[08 Feb 2005|10:42pm]
i have a strong urge to wear black nailpolish.

i'm a closet goth.
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[18 Nov 2004|04:10pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Happy Birthday


             Amanda Heleen Moyle

                                                      I miss you greatly.



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Ow. [20 Jul 2004|11:27pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Today totally sucked.

Seeing that I am a total genius I crashed last night at like 5:30 {am}.... and totally left some IMs open... and this positively fabulous chat! I was a bit... how you say? .... kinky? Yes. ......kinky, in these conversations. Positively got my ass busted, for...everything. Punishment = still undecided.

Due to that I haven’t been able to go to the mall with my boys! I was supposed to go to the mall for like the past three days in a row, with Paul, Nick, and nicks lady friend, Nadia. She’s adorable.... saw her myspace account......MYSPACE!!!


Woahh.... totally just meet the most ultimate coolest people everrr!! Seeing how I’ll be up in New York next year... I was like "woah I need hotties! =[[!" So I added like 2039840934 people and made total awesome love to them! And now we're cool and I have like 30740374 places to go with people when I got up there! "Friend dates"!! Shwing times 2384987!!!

It’s rather odd... they have different terms for everything. Id give examplees but I tend to be boring then. Bummage. =[[ I miss.......me. Oh well!


My mother might skip the whole Italy thing... and you know what that means?! LIZ WOULD BE TOTALLY ROCKING ITALY, WITH HER FABOULOUS ITALIAN VOCABULARY!!! I own that language. Shwinggggg!

So I got hope ^^^ there.

I got hope in my pants ;*

And I got hope for the church finale. But, there’s also emo tears in that hope factor. =[[

Oh! Oh! Courtney and I have like 27403498 little things were going to do to make sure we're going to stay in contact. And that owns me. Which makes me praticically not be able to wait to do thoose things! And! I can’t wait to meet these awesomely cool people... and the fact that they all live on my street or a street or two over. rux0rs me. w00t!

I'm pleased. Any one up for pleasing me more?

<333 Liz {like woah!}
{entries always change my moods, today did sucker, but, thought on certain things, has shwinged it up a bit. ;* .}

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I'm a "cool kawt" w00t ? [18 Jul 2004|03:09am]
[ mood | flirty ]

Two boys gave me roses' today!

Aww tonight could have totally used my camera.

I totally "pwned" the guitar, tanned with Shaina, exercised like woah... and then, off to the bowling alley! Which, mind you, was forever away!

WE met Paul and nick there, they are my total hearts. The game didn’t even matter we completely effed around the entire time, spilling drinks, hitting buttons, stealing turns, changing scores and names. Oh, and lets not forget the eternal lollypop.

Paul - penixxx, homofag
Nick - Dick, douche
Shaina - SPERMMY!!!, analwart
Myself - shortaye, lezzian

Sure there all immature, but we were all fighting over the keyboard, and we really don't care.

Afterwards, Shaina and I traveled onto Beach Place, mmm bag pipe playing cuties in skirts. Oh, so tasty. We did the flippy, jumpy, trampoline, attacher thing. Which equaled sex. Otherwise we walked around getting hit on by men much older than us. And continued our quest of hardcore boys. And we totally stalked the big pippers.

Up untill I got home everything was perfectly fine, and I had one particular lovely thought on my mind ... sigh. Then it continued on to the arguing, and the mondo persuasion of going to church, which who knows will even happen if Shaina is not going. I'm counting on her though!

Since then, been chatting with Paul, who has to be like one of my favoritest people ever, so fun and understanding. It’s so nice to be able to talk about anything, and not feel restricted or embarrassed.

Oh, and on that whole.... person? I guess you'd call him that, if he even deserves that title. So gone, so dead, so completely forced out of my mind. Funny though, wasn't even there for long either. Experiments = badddd.

Till next!,
{woah, there went the full name! bit rowdy now aye?}

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me and my star. [17 Jul 2004|11:56am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Livejournal must truly loathe me. Every damn entry I make that has any worth at all, it just eats up. Oh, well!

On another note......
I am sooo making the guitar, woop! Woop! Totally just owned Time Consumer. And Nullaby { Denali } in its process.

Oh! Alright so last night me and Shaina and going around the walk 0329840398 and one times, you know, the usual, checking out the incredibly hawt hardcore guys, yeah so, were over past the courtyard next to Jamba Juice.... and.... something catches my eye, i look back, and some girl is giving this guy head... and it seems so comic, so fake, the guy is reclined with his hands behind his head and everything..... And Shaina and I like run across the parking lot, dying of laughter, yet filled with disbelief. Later on the chick is straddling the guy making out with him.... mind you there like right in front of Casablanca’s. (The little girls were auditioning tonight, so we had our laughs at that)

That and swimming at two in the morning where the highlights of my day. Otherwise it consisted of, arguments, boredom, guitar, and my favorite and yours'..... Cleaning! w00t.

I still can't get back into the swing of posting entrees, there so.....gay. (Pauls a homofag ;* .) Oh, well soon enough, soon enough.

And I think I persuaded my mother to not leave till Thursday morning! I hope so, going to miss these bitches and hoes so much. <333 time 239478903274 { and nine! }

Ah! one more useless piece of information you really could do without, Paul said that Robby is going emo, cutting the hair short, dying it black, tighter pants, you know the whole shebang. Now, it’s almost a definite no heartage there! woop.

{ by the way, Christine, since you don’t answer you’re phone, and your AIM hates you, he called and I talked to matt, and matt said that TJ was in the store, but that he'd call me back, I said it had nothing to do with you, but id like to talk to tiegh, and he said alright, so I guess it is tiegh! I’ve got the machete, you got the blow torch? And were off to party! }

Fare L'amore!
<333 ;
{ ^^^still none of that was the awesome old Liz. =[[^^^ }

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like wayyy to much glucuronalactone, pyridoxine hydrochloride, and cyanobalmin, in my system. [15 Jul 2004|02:17pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Well if its' not one things its certainly the other.

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cucumbers......r....o........f.......l........ man i heart mike. [13 Jul 2004|02:11am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Woo! I think that’s a happy woo!

Tonight was pretty good, and it’s officially me and Gizzs' birthdays. =D =D =D
Heart you Gizz! Happy Birthday! <33 (oh we're cool, now)

I got threeeeeee, birthday calls tonight! Lea, Courtney, and.... Vinny. Weird aye? Well I' m Glad he remembered, that makes me think that a ten year friendship does go for something.

So tomorrow, or more like today, I'm off to the Sonseta Trump Resort in Miami, for a pleasant day/night of sun, beaches, pools, hot tubs, staying up all night, and as Shaina hopes a little makin' of some hxc hotties. Not so up to that though. I can't be a make out whore. Kevin tainted me. Thanks Buddy.

Last year is going to be like total sex compared to this year, I really doubt its capabilities of being fun. =[[. Cannolies on the roof, I mean you just can't beat that! Ass, going in the pool, sleeping in the elevator, stararrabuckkkks, and the sunset, the beautiful, beachy, sunset. Not to mention naked yoga.....kinda...sorta....yeah. So here’s to you Ft. Lauderdale Harbor Beach Resort!

Well I hope all goes well. I'm so glad to see Ali! I haven't seen her since.......November. But that night was fun as hell, as well. And that was the last time I saw Timmy! Oh, stupid boy.

!!! Jordan just got all of his friends, to IM me and say "Happy Birthday" which was really sweet, one of the sweetest things in the longest time. !!!

I'm in such a good mood tonight! Paul has just been a fantastic good and funny friend tonight. I talked on the phone with Courtney for two hours. Shaina is coming over early tomorrow so we'll be buddies! I saw a good movie. My dog has been a saint. Ashley can finally make it to my birthday! Kristina got me fun stuff. I'm going to see Ali! Gizz is so awesome! Tupac and I are emo together! SLSK chat rooms kick ass! And limewire downloaded all my songs!

Just, a good, good, night. And thank you to all whom contributed. <333

Well I wish the happiest of a Birthday to Gizz! Because she knows I love her. And I hope everyone takes care on this wonderful Tuesday on the thirteenth of July. ;* <33

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matches and kerosene [11 Jul 2004|09:34pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

If you ever had a doubt,
Kiss me on the mouth.

The day has been pieced into too many segments, segments of realization and depression.
Florida has broken me. Broken everyone, and everything that meant anything to me. Florida has betrayed me. It leads me to false hopes, which soon crush me, and leave me worse off than I was to begin with.

I mean to explain each of those, but what good would it do. I miss the friendship I had with the person I could explain everything to, and he'd be supportive and comforting. I guess I shouldn’t blame Florida; it’s actually my own doings that taint me. In this circumstance,........
I realized I just can’t get into these issues anymore; they make absolutely no sense when released from my thoughts. I'll keep them there and make sure my entries aren’t emo any more.

Hmm.... maybe I should just leave this journal up, working on the layout, perfecting it, till when all the emotions and scenarios I talk about don’t evolve around the same things they have for months.

In the beginning of this post I actually had a day to explain, but now all of that anger is irrelevant. Its nothing compared to the abundance of what I've just realized.

Sigh, I need to quit at this whole post thing. I sux0r. <x3

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Barely there......... [10 Jul 2004|02:30am]
[ mood | pleased ]

And its nearing its finnish. I'm trying to learn enough css, to make a layout, and its progressing rather well. So we'll see.

Oh, yes! I've found myself a new gorgeous obsession. Ioan Gruffudd. My, my, my, its that suave, devianaire, mysterious kind of sexy.

Sadly, not posting for a while, has turned my posting skills to a horror. I'll be sure to try again soon.

Another day passes by. Another attempt at love. <x3

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