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Just remember I will always love you, Even as I tear your fucking throat away. [entries|friends|calendar]

Hoping fast
that my arrow
hits the mark__X
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youre gay mate. you and your shit family. [06 Apr 2010|09:50pm]
some things are just not worth your time, especially when it comes to certain members of 'family'.
i mean, surely i should be the one being a massive twat and making the whole situation difficult, but i haven't in the slightest and even though im not massively angry about the whole situation at the minute, as there are many a wedding to be sorted - im still pissed off that my 'dad' and his shit family, are, well basically, shit.

i mean, i called siobhan, and all seemed well 'yeah, i'll get in touch before christmas lauren...blah fucking blah' - and nothing. i know were past christmas now, but whats it all about? why do people lie so damn much? its not like im 7 and screaming to see my dad, i can handle rejection, no matter how hard it may be, to come from your 'father' - i can deal with it. i cant however, deal with lies.

lies eat me up inside, i become sour and angry - i dont understand the point of a lie, not a massive one anyway, or is that it, that its not something big to siobhan? it meant a lot to me, that she said she would call, that she asked about my degree and that there was excitement in her voice. but clearly. there was nothing there for her.

i mean, im not saying 'why dont they want to see me, look what theyre missing out on' but i cant imagine having a child (maybe cause im female) and then not wanting to have anything to do with it, and whats more is that i couldnt imagine being grandparent/godmother/auntie to a child, seeing them grow for 12/13 years and then just forgetting - fair enough as people get older, we see less of family members and friends - but when someone gets in contact and they want to stay in contact, then surely thats a good thing? surely you'd want that to happen?

i dunno? fuck it. toms here now anyway.
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[26 Dec 2009|01:06pm]
Chicken-head, Chicken-fed, with a dick in your mouth.

Christmas has been good, dead good. Had a ball, had some good shuteye last night.

im sure youre all alright &youve had a good Christmas :) Hurrah.

sometimes i dont understand them, they dont understand us. not just me. us.
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[25 Oct 2009|10:14pm]
totally dont know whats going on at the minute. i want a new friend, but a particular friend. cant reeally explain what this 'particular' is, just new new new new.
i want loads of new stuff, like new stuff to do and talk about annd go to and be and.

lets get smashed on acidddd

or something.

dear new friend.

one day you'll be here & we'll talk about that time &!
it will be like you have been here the whole time.
even though you haven't. cause youre not even here yet.

i wonder what you look like? i think youre older and.
i think you might be tall. but not too tall.

i hope i see you dead soon.

i wish i could get a grip on my emotions.
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the chemistry of things. [08 Jun 2009|10:27pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

turns out, everything is gonna be sound as a pound.
frame is built, perspex is cut down to size.
solid bottom will be fitted tomorrow, along with a few lights hopefully.

photoshoot on wednesday.
emmo has royally got me out of the shit, good one emmo!
along with alice, dave and adie. good times guys. =)

amg. also! digital printing at blenheim, HELLO. fuck off ASDA.

im a bit excited now. >.

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[07 Jun 2009|12:47am]
[ mood | worried ]

Exhibition prep next week, should be fun!
Photo shoot on wednesday, i really hope Hibbert turns up in a police uniform.
Also! i need Karl to come as a banker, >.<

im scared. a little bit worried. turns out, ASDA dont print in 16x20, which is the size of the frame, this could escalate.
but apparently they do print that size, via the internet and delivery. delivery takes 3 working days, this means, providing all the photos are done on wednesday, they should arrive back to me on tuesday, 2 days before opening.
this leaves little time.

also, its pat-testing on wednesday, this means the light and the rotating motor have to be ready, this shouldnt be too much of a problem, knocking a small plynth up shouldn't be too much arse ache either.
eef. and then theres the painting that needs doing. oh the joys.

next year this will be ready a month prior.

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[11 May 2009|09:35pm]
worst week ever.
fuck right off.
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[27 Apr 2009|08:34pm]
So! LCAD interview. >.<

Harhar! I actually have nothing to say.
So the big winge, isnt gonna be as big a winge as anticipated.
But, hey ho! Less for you losers to read ;)
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amg amg amg. [06 Apr 2009|09:49pm]
errrrrrr, got an interview. >.< Harr.
So! Dogs. big dogs. park. lots of green. J-J-J-Jordan-dan-dan. <3!!
THEN! omg. BBQ&that time, with the tattoBQ! with the rappers, do you know rappers?
theyre on the thing, then they like jump onto the thing? the disabled ramp thing.
Also. i think i might be going to Basra pretty soon, taxi to the war please.

Shit. this could escalate.
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as if facefucko wasnt enough'o! [01 Apr 2009|04:49pm]
embedded data. skull. bliiind to this shit.
somewhat manipulative and malicious, but often beautiful.
weird. as a bastard.

!!college was alright today, did some stuff, had a lol.
came home. had a lol. jhbvcvcjhbsx.
ahahahaahahahaahaha, everything is beyond a joooooooooke.
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[23 Mar 2009|04:01pm]
How funny is the past? Hahaha. Had a right lol.
I mean, like if you just have a think about proper ridiculous stuff that you've done or like witnessed, its a right laugh.
Oliver Carter got laid, in Barcelona. ahahahahahaha, that is the funniest shit.
Although, reading it like that is like, well yeah, so what?
But i mean, we were on a school trip, and we out drinking with mr lyaan davies. and theres this rank southern scum bitch, whos like ohh olivarrrr, and he fucks off and shags her down some backstreet. ahahahaha, good one oliver. funny guy.

And then this one time, danny purcell, haaa. swung them massive weights that were on the curtains in the drama studio and it hit kim jones, square on in the face, giving her the effect of being raccooned. Kim was funny man, this one time, Diane Stancwiffe AKA SnipSnip had this RED pen, and Kim knicked it, and she's like 'gimme me pen back!' and Kim's like 'tell me what colour it is, and you can have it back' ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. yes.

And this one time, Hargreaves, lol. got noshed off by that annawiththemassiveboobs in the ginnel behind abrams house, ahahahahaa.

Robin Snape, shit in the sea, and then swam into it. silly bastard. that was the funniest shit ever.

Anyway, sorry about the reminicsing.
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Gimme some cocks to suck. [23 Mar 2009|12:32pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

unfortunate. slag. shameless. totally.

Self-ruin is depressing to watch, but i guess if dickheads wanna be this way, then fuck it. Let them ruin themselves, they're the ones who will suffer. all alone angry & bitter at the world.
Ha, its pretty funny i guess when you take a step back.
&!if its funny when you step out, its funny innit? Not even just until it's real.
Infact, the more real it becomes, the more hilarious it gets.

girly wirlys is beautiful. proper niiice.

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[25 Feb 2009|08:26pm]
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[15 Feb 2009|01:23am]

Um. Home! Home is good times. I haven't been home in aaages!

Happy valentines day, or maybe for yesterday? Well yeah for yesterday.

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[09 Feb 2009|10:28pm]
Essays are silly puffs.
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[29 Jan 2009|03:53pm]
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Slidey pen two bounce. [26 Jan 2009|05:34pm]
Dont really have an awful lot to say.
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[19 Jan 2009|09:05am]
[ mood | calm ]

Happy 2009. I understand this is late. who cares though?
Had a really awesome night out last week. dead good times.
found a roast 'tatey in my bag. Hooley <3! Well woke milligan up <3!
>.< good times. the bath is comfy too.

Urm! arguments. freedom. not so.
postmodern. vomit. james. sneaky pint.
lol forces of nature. good feedback. blurrr blaaahhh. disco head.
roll ups <3! cjnsdjhv.

Oh mate. have you dropped your gay card?
I have it here for you, shut up & bend over.

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voice. mobile. create. [22 Dec 2008|03:38pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

Urm. Christmas. Have a good one.

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[21 Dec 2008|01:59pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Behaviour, of late is worrying.
Whats it all about guys?
!!Remember when everyone was right good mates?!
They were good times.
&&Everyone would be like OMFGZLOLZZ. LETS GET FUCKING LAIRY.
&&! Goto Cockers. &!have alol. Ugh. I think 2008 has been the worst year since like. that time ages ago when it all kicked off & it was right shit for proper ages. My hand smells funny.
&&! i looked through this journal or maybe my deadjournal one, and had a right lol, like when it came to the end of the year, everyone got like a little sentence explaining why i loved them. Ha. i miss being mad 'ow ya like.

I feel right shit about some stuff, and kind of a bit annoyed that some people would do owt to save themselves, but then it's human nature and noone likes confrontation. well. most people dont.
Ive had a really weird weekend. Friday was like a real good day, and then i called Alice <3! Ha. I wish I hadnt have called her, but she knows this already. Got a bit wet at Dry Dock. !!!The Fenton was well good times. Vince is a cheeky dog. &&! bonding with new folk is my new hobby.
oldtimes have gone tits up.

Went to a Nightfreight Christmas do too. that was cool I guess. Dreaded seeing that stupid old wanky man paul. I hoped he might have fallen down the stairs, or got hit by a car, but no such luck. Nay bother eh?! Saw some well good old faces. I realised that i fancy the pants off my old manager, not my mum OBVZ. Ha. thatd be weird. But Bev, shit she's a beaut. Yeah, its been a bit all over the place for the last couple of days. Colin McCormack was probably the highlight! I absolutley love that guy.

This wasnt what i expected to type. thought it was gonna be one of them weird entries that i dont think anyone gets. but. knickers. good old moan.

I think theres a lot more i want to say...i hate the flashing line.

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to as. [18 Dec 2008|05:49pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Whats she gonna look like with a bastard on her?

a right cunt.

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