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I've got a witch mad at me and you may get into trouble
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7th-Oct-2010 11:04 pm(no subject)
lost a total of 90 pounds

yo yo gaining and losing 10-15 pounds back over the past few years

one class away from my AA, going to USF poly when they offer the elementary education program in August

Work is fine, trying to find a night job until August.

Oh yeah, I've been dating Jonathan Shipper, my first boyfriend ever for 2 years November 2nd.


We met online and everything has worked out great. Crazy

I love life
5th-Sep-2008 10:14 pm - i haven't updated in forvever
so I've lost 72 pounds

college is going well.

friends are amazing.

boys. eh. don't happen. not yet.

work fine.

family better.

life pretty okay.

4th-May-2008 10:02 pm - 15 week absinthes
oh livejournal how I've missed you so
[intentionally leave this blank.]
7th-Jan-2008 05:08 pm - i live to let you shine
Johanna Mueller Freeman
may 2nd 1928- december 31st 2007

my new years resolution? to be more like my dear mema.
26th-Nov-2007 12:53 pm - sometimes i pray
grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
12th-Nov-2007 02:21 pm - unlovable.
i think we're all walking around with bullet wounds.
4th-Nov-2007 09:13 pm - jsf

4th-Nov-2007 07:46 pm - it breaks my heart
am I selfish to celebrate life next weekend 30 miles away when I could be 300 miles away awaiting death?
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