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I should forget trying to watch the IMDb top 250, the wonderful SIX TV is where the most amazing programmes are shown.

We just sat through half an hour of a Trevor Eve lookalike wandering around Portswood and related areas, the highlights being a segment on trial bikes, with such absorbing and thought-provoking questions as:
"Those tyres feel pretty soft, what sort of pressure you got on them?",


"Can we get a close-up of the gears on the back wheel here?"

Followed by a new soap, Hedge Enders, with the characters played by dominos.

Why this isn't on primetime BBC I'll never know.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks

So it's gone a bit downhill since Mark Lamarr departed, but tonight's show is surely a new low. Hosted by Dale Winton, with guests Sally Lindsay from Coronation Street, and TV presenter and general toff Ben Fogle.

My mum is more rock.

"I have seen the future - and it's Goth"

The Guardian has an article about goths tending to be high-earning professionals, and includes a 10 point quiz to determine if your boss is/was a closet/reformed goth.

Though I'm not entirely sure six months of crimping hair and painting your nails black in the 80s qualifies the author as a goth turned journalist, it's still vaguely interesting, and states what we all know, goths are generally well educated, and other subcultures are rubbish :).

The 10 point quiz is both inane and wonderful:

1. Drinks snakebite
Former or closet goths still display a lingering thirst for snakebite - half a pint of lager with half a pint of cider, sometimes with blackcurrant. Snakebite is the worst thing the goths ever did after their invasion of the Roman Empire in 267.
8. Disturbing dancing at Christmas party
The goth sticks rigidly to the routine of two and a half steps to the front and back again, while gazing at the floor in an affected fashion and waving hands around mysteriously.

Nazi in New Scientist?

Haha, this has got to be a laugh...

"Nanotubes are excellent electrical conductors and group member Swastik Kar says the material may well be used to build...


(so, he could be a fanatical Buddhist or something, but god I hope he has bleached blonde hair, a little Hitler moustache and gets offended everytime people mention the war)


Normally, if I am up at 8.30am, it is to go into uni. Although that was the case today, Sina and Charlie didn't make it, so, rather than make the walk up there by myself to a relatively pointless lecture, I stayed and did some work.

It has been the most beautiful and peaceful 3 hours of this year :). There is a stillness to the morning that no other time of day can replicate, and with the sun streaming through my window, I feel strangely mellow.
So - yeah...

Haven't updated in an age.

Applied to IBM, got through 45373434 stages, then at the penultimate stage got told, along with Sina, that we were rubbish programmers and couldn't pass a logic test that an inanimate object equipped with a pencil could have passed. Although I was only applying to keep my options open, (the job, whilst with an interesting company, seemed incredibly dull), it's still rather gutting to fail something that at the time, we joked about how easy it was.

Currently writing a personal statement in support of my PhD application, which is why everything I never usually do is getting done in the pursuit of procrastination. Again, I don't really want to do a PhD, but it can't hurt to get an offer ;p.

Ideally, mine and Sina's company would get funding and we could work on that, in reality we could still end up doing something similar either working for the Uni, or doing related PhD's - which could still be interesting. I'll probably apply for other jobs nearer the time.

Been working on another project, with Al - http://thegdp.net . Currently working on the design, comments would be appreciated. Wordpress is the shit yo.

Blah blah blah.

Infest this year looks... average? Although FLA is a massive name, I don't love them enough for them to make a festival for me. Hopefully someone like APB will confirm, which would be cool. On the other hand, it's also largely about the bands I have no clue about until I see them, so who knows.

In other news, if you're going to visit America, don't attempt to bring a non-decomposed human head into the country as part of your voodoo beliefs. You'll just get arrested.
I forgot about this meme thing, but I've left it so long I haven't just missed the boat, I've joined the next cruise. So that's ok.

1. Everyone performs some sort of imitation of phrases or speech at some point, but I think I do it more than most. Starting from my first year of college where I watched Eddie Izzard and then went around for 6 months elongating syllables and saying "so - yeah..." a lot... up to today and completely stealing Mike's form of bitchiness. And the more people I meet, the more I copy. So, apologies to those I have used phrases from, and apologies to those who have to put up with it ;p.

2. If someone is eating, and coughs, my blood pressure shoots through the roof. I have no idea why, but everytime it happens, I think they are choking, and are rather likely to drop dead at my feet in the very near future. It's probably related to my little brother (actually) choking on food whilst younger, and because I have no idea about first aid in that situation.

3. I am a spelling and grammar nazi. Errors jump out at me and stab me in the eyes until I bleed, and I die a little inside each time.

4. I tend to bite/clean my nails at night, or when I am bored. Especially sitting waiting for an exam to end.

5. I can't think of a 5. So this is a bit of a cop-out. I get really excited about the idea of something, or starting something, and then never see it through to completion, unless someone pushes me. see: my book, rocksoc website, club night, mine and sina's company, er... every new year's resolution ever, etc.

I'm not tagging anyone, because if they're going to be as rubbish as this entry, I don't want to bloody read them.


First post

Natürlich ist das Problem mit Livejournals, daß es annimmt, daß Sie wirklich ein paar Freunde haben. Und das interessante Sachen Ihnen passiert, damit diese besagte Freunde werden viele Bemerkungen schreiben und lesen und sich freuen. Damit ist das nicht der Grund warum ich habe eine...

Im allgemeinen, da Leute Scheiße sind, ist alles von jetzt an nur für Freunde. Es macht mich ziemlich wie die Elite fühlen.