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the world cannot bear the weightlessness of sparrows

21 February 1990
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about the girl;

sam(antha). seventeen. junior in high school. pisces. floridian. musically inclined. never on time. occasionally sarcastic. always amazing. loves accents, parties, the ocean, and science. not a fan of drama, bullshit, skanks or idiots.

♥'s lord of the rings, star wars, harry potter, x-men, spiderman, fight club, ever after, family guy, aladdin.

friends-locked. comment to be added. fyi, this journal is about the ever-exciting life of me. school, friends, and family are the subjects of about 90% of the entries because about 90% of my life revolves around those three things. deal?

life is too important to be taken seriously. - oscar wilde

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