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Date:2005-01-03 19:29

She suddenly realizes she is sitting upright.
Then she realizes that her door is going to be busted shortly if whomever is on the other side doesn't stop soon. Catching herself just before she calls out, Tiger realizes that she is at the Mansion. Sliding soundlessly off the bed she peeks out the window only to see a krav magda class practicing on the front lawn. Sinking back, she takes a moment to still her heart. Shes' a bit rusty at the hero racket.


Its' umistakeably the voice of Rosa, the youngest of her sisters. Which is odd...Tiger slips off her bed faster than the first time and whips the door open.

Whats' wrong?

The younger girl is caught with her hand in the air and her mouth open. She stays frozen like that for a second as her eyes travel up to her older sisters' eyes.

She called!

Johnny called?

Venus called!

Tiger feels a peculiar numbness spreading through her body, apparently from about the center of her chest. After all this time?

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Date:2004-10-23 17:35
Mood: pensive

Tiger appears in the kitchen of the mansion. Rock and classical compete for dominance, muted by soundproofed walls. A faint buzz can be heard periodically. Tiger goes the fridge, taking out hotdogs, pickles and milk. Going to another cupboard she gets the rest of the ingredients for a weiner sandwich and pours herself a glass of milk before hopping on the counter to eat her meal. Shortly, Rogue comes in with Lisbeth and since the making are already out have weiner sandwiches too. They exchange small talk about Remys' trip home (he took Francis with him) and the impending birth of Lisbeth and Francis' second baby. Tiger puts everything away and after assuring the older women that she'll meet them in the rec room later for Movie Night she ventures out into the hallway. The classical music has been replaced by Johnny Cash and she follows the voice extolling the burning ring of fire. Before reaching her destination however, she is accosted by two of her sisters who demand to know where shes' been and if shes' found Venus yet. When she answers in the negatory, they demand teleporters of there own so they can join the hunt. Fortunatly at that point, Logan wanders by with the a gaggle of kids which he forces her sisters to join. Giving Tiger a questioningly look, he says nothing and continues out of the mansion with his troop. Arriving at the 'secret' Danger Room elevator, she is about to enter a code when the doors open and Domino steps out carrying her son. Domino invites the teenager to accompany her and they retrace Tigers' steps past the kitchen to the residential wing. With her characteristic bluntness, Domino inquires about the search for Venus as she changes Noahs' diaper. Tiger knows its' useless to hedge with this woman so spills everything...including the discussion about the Green Lantern ring. Domino asks to see the ring and looks at it with grave curiousity as Tiger coos at the baby and plays patty cake with him.
After a moment, she passes it back and reclaims her son. Silently, she leaves the room and Tiger follows. They end up on the back lawn, baby happily pulling the heads off dandelions. Tiger can read the reluctance on Dominos' face. After her resent involuntary incarceration on a 'side' dimension, she is not anxious to teleport again although the technology is proven this time. But with the length of time Venus has been missing her inherent luck may be the only thing to turn the tide. Some distance away, they hear a tree fall in the wooods. Both women consciencely move closer to the little boy who has now worked himself onto his knees and is rocking enthusiastically. They scan opposite sides until Merlin appears out of the woods and strolls non chalantly toward them. The giant cat flops dangerously close the baby and rests his head on his front paws, the very picture of boredom as Noah happily grabs handfuls of his tabby fur. Vertigo assaults Tigers' senses for a moment as the large cat telepathically greets her. Domino appears to stoically ignore him, still waiting for Tiger to ask for her help. Tiger flops over and looks at the big cat upside down, grabbing the heads off a couple dandelions to throw at him. Amusement reverberates in her head as he bats at them with one paw careful not to knock over the now standing Noah. In the sky, the Quinjet swoops lower obvioulsy preparing to land.
The silence stretches out. Tiger abruptly stands. Merlin asks Domino to move her 'kitten' so he can go stalk the kids Logan took out for a 'wilderness orientation' class. Domino smirks as she removes her son, prying some extremely long kitty hair out of his pudgy fists. Tiger quietly slips away as Merlin extolls the virtues of his 'fine coat' and Domino outlines what she will do to said owner of coat if any hair is found in her babies' mouth. Reaching the house, she makes her way to her room only stopping briefly to peek in the games room when loud cheering erupts as she passes. Its' only Alexis being cheered on by her father as she whips Bobby soundly at video hockey. She makes it to her room unaccosted. After shutting and locking the door, she sits on her bed and stares at the framed pictures on her dresser for a momment before curling up and pulling a comforter up until she is completely covered. Soon, the sound of soft snores can be heard.

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Date:2004-08-04 15:42
Mood: cynical

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Date:2004-07-04 22:13
Mood: geeky

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Date:2004-04-30 17:34

Journal Name
How bad does it suck?

You don't really have any friends. All those people you post about are only in your head.

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Date:2004-04-27 12:42

I've been doing a lot of research on the Green Lantern Corps. They have a very interesting history. Whats even more interesting is that I beleive I've found one of them for myself!

And no way is that fat ass Venus getting her hands on it!! She'd stretch it!!

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Date:2004-04-23 09:34

Congratulations on being the creator of a new Evil Plan (tm)!

Your objective is simple: World Domination
Your motive is a little bit more complex: Power

Stage One:

To begin your plan, you must first Incapacitate a Rock Star. This will cause the world to sit up and take notice, stunned by your arrival. Who is this Nightmare beyond Comprehension? Where did they come from? And why do they look so good in a Robotic Exoskeleton?

Stage Two:

Next, you will Sabotoge the Moon (ooh, tides!). This will cause countless hordes of Mad Scientists to flock to you, begging to do your every bidding. Your name will become synonymous with the Spice Girls, as lesser men whisper your name in terror.

Stage Three:

Finally, you will Covertly Move your Corporate Takeover, bringing about an End to Sanity. This will all be done from a Fake Mountain, an excellent choice if we might say. These three deeds will herald the end, and the citizens of this planet will have no choice but to elect you their new god.

Trust us, it'll all come together in the end.

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Date:2004-04-20 08:44
Subject:Day 12 Away From Home
Mood: cranky

I followed the formula as we left the company of the X Men on Earth 56432. I set the teleporter to drop Venus one stop behind me, just to be safe as no one on the previous world had teleporting technology. Not even any teleporting mutants. I was sure Uncle Hank and the twins would find my notes most interesting. Then we jumped. I landed</a> here.
while Venus landed </a> here

Not exactly as I planned. Our order kind of got reversed. However, I now have extensive information on a photonic life form and purple 'dust bunnies' and I met a relative of Nightcrawler. Met with such interesting opportunities, I lost track of the time and arrived at Venus' coordinates much later than the usual 48 hours. At first, I thought my teleporter was glitched and I had time hopped like that time on Earth 00611a. However, I was approached by a patron of the cafe (Barbara Gordon of Gotham City, fiancee name Nightwing. Seeming superhero type despite wheelchair) who obviously recognized me by Venus' description.
It soon became apparent, however, that Venus was missing. No one had seen her since Friday and by all accounts it was Monday here. I had to ask pointed questions to get the information I needed to even find out where her room was. (How did she get a room? She only left home with $20 American.) From very preliminary observation, I would have to deduce that the establishment is run by an Overmind as I had to talk to a particular individual elfshadow to gain eggress to Venus' room. Without any apparent movement, she directed me to 'find the glowing door'. (Telepathic/psycokinetic?)I invited Barbara to check on the situation with me but she deferrred, stating family obligations. I am to keep her apprised of the situation though, and she did appear to feel guilty when confronted with the Venus' disappearance.
I did indeed find a glowing door which was open. I entered with the utmost caution, remembering everything Uncle Logan and Aunt Betsy had taught us. The room was empty except for the pants and shirt (laying on the floor-that girl is such a pig!!)she was wearing when we parted ways. A quick check of the bathroom revealed the shampoo and conditioner Barbara had mentioned. I stopped and looked around the room. Then I really looked, editing out everything that belonged. And there it was.

Well, I could do nothing until morning.

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