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Declarations of Intent [28 Apr 2014|09:04pm]
[ mood | sore ]

__sunshine__: Going into an Italian restaurant and angrily demanding "muhkerreny and cheese."
chully: Stocking the shelves in the beer aisle with bottles of piss.
__sunshine__: Showing up to a stranger's wedding and trying to marry the bride before anyone realizes what's happening; then staying married to her until one of you dies.
chully: Recreating the state government around the practice of elaborate scavenger hunts.
__sunshine__: Investing your life's savings in a shopping mall made entirely from poop that only sells soap.

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The Guitar Center [02 Aug 2013|05:10pm]
I shit my pants in a public place
I shit my pants in a pub. lic. place
I shit my pants in a public place
I shit my pants in a puh-huh-blic plaaaaaaaace
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Let it open. Let it in. [11 Aug 2012|11:33pm]
There is a certain type of person who, upon arriving at another's birthday party, can be heard to remark, "say, now, that's a really nice looking cake," and then summarily drops his pants and sticks his dick in it. These are the kind of men who run the world.

Sometimes I open to the endless cicada drone populating the far depths of a humid summer night and I can barely contain it, barely hold it back. Because things are so fragile. And I could go.
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Technical Lunacy [23 Mar 2012|01:28am]
Madness and enlightenment chase each other's tails.

You could, if you so desired, turn away from your possessions and never give them a second thought. Just walk out of your house and into a whole moment that you accept without qualm or judgment. No more future. No more past.

Just one


l o n g


But don't look back, Orpheus. Don't look back, Lot. Comrade, I say, comrade, do not look back upon the world we have left behind, for its hours have turned to years and a backward glance will set them all at once upon us.
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The Whole of the Law [15 Mar 2012|01:23am]
Repent? What for? And to whom?

I can't possibly believe what you're saying to me. On point, on message, get it out there by any means necessary: brain seizing, spinal ticklers, artheriosclerotic mange. I literally do not give a shit. Fuck.

When I was probably five or so, I met an impala who changed my life. My parents had left me alone for the afternoon which may seem abusive at first but this was another time. Yep. The nineties. Back when you could leave your kid in an empty dishwasher with a cinderblock holding fast the door and nothing for amusement but a flashlight and a pack of baseball cards without having to worry about the government getting up in your biznass.

SEe, my forther was an effective biznassmen and it wasn't until my dad killed him that we ever had a moment's peace in the living room. Honestly, I can't think of why he waited so long. We got so many fruit and cheese plates out of that funeral. I had gas for a year and a half.

Oh, but anyway, the impala. Well those motherfuckers can leap, by crow, and soon as not he'd turned every mattress in Bed, Bath and Beyond into bent wire and strewn memory foam. The ultimate desecration of the capitalist temple: the detritus of a lifestyle always beyond reach laid low and spread with shit from the asshole of a common melampus. Humiliating and irrepressible, it burned a circumscribed A upon my soft gray matter (and did so with aplomb). "A" was for All, for Africa--its fertile valleys and austere deserts lurking always and forever within the rainshadow of frozen peaks--for Ananse and his trickery, for Altruism and for Androgyny and for Ancient Thought. This ultimate blasphemy. The AnApotheosis.

Ye(A). It was s(l)o(w).
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Gunbloat Diplomacy [21 Nov 2011|10:00pm]
Six men above deck, 14 beneath. 10 ton south seas frigate. Mission: flense supple mosses from the rockface that slumbers amid deeper trenches. Finesse required. One must be dedicated to truly understand the circumstances of the day. It's all multiplying and communicable. Sick, sick, sick, better. Pull your man up before the lampreys get him. Pull your man up before it's just another wet rope drifting in the brine. Funny how things change.

I don't believe in the following:

FDIC insurance
[So my fake electronic money representing hypothetical future value is backed with a promise to invent more fake electronic money representing hypothetical future value? Sweet!]

The moon
[Have you ever even seen it? I haven't. Because it's goddamn not real.]

"Good" cops
[Come on.]

Anyone who has ever given me a business card for any reason
[Come on.]

Staph Infections
[If you think this IV is coming out my arm for any reason then you have another thing morphine.]

Life is too short to get bogged down in meanings. It's better to believe in as little as possible so as to conserve space. Zero: the shape left by a rock plucked from the desert floor. The cool absence that follows what was yet is not. Perfect emptiness. Peace and quiet. A trephinated world.
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Revolutionary Suicide Council [17 Aug 2011|12:57am]
__sunshine__: Our scouts report that 60 or 70 trolls are coming fast up the Western pass. What are your orders, my liege?

mrbuddha: Ready the trebuchet and barricade the West gate. Get the archers to their stations and see if that wretched old man's "magic" is actually worth half as much as he claims!

dolphinops: Stand to receive a charge and keep wide of bridges.

chully: Drown your horses, drown your men--the troll scum won't feed this moon!
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It's after 9 pm, etc. [09 Aug 2011|10:43pm]

What is this, some kind of authoritarian Christmas party? You people make me sick. Put a shirt on, for christ's sake.

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Pass that car if you're so brave [23 May 2011|07:59am]
There is only this moment. It is pointless.

Good luck, keep it going because it's harder the older you get. Stop biking to work, buy a car so you can get a better job to pay for your car insurance and gas. Foreign oil ANWR speculation Libya pipeline futures markets didn't understand so you're smiling when they gift you a few cents on the gallon. Smile through your cancer. Smiling on top of a mound of reindeer corpses. Big smiles. Profile pic.

What's the point. There isn't one. Get over it. Go back to work. Do it again. No, do it again.

Lift weights get stronger more meat for your skeleton to carry around good work get it done go back to sleep get up go to work do it again no you have to do it again. 50 pushups. 100 pushups. 125 pushups. It's not enough so you have to do it again.

Cold shower. Get it together. Lambent glow of the bathroom mirror: gaunt and unrecognizable, black hair slicked back like my uncle right before he died.
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Anywhere can be heaven as long as you have the will to live. [06 Apr 2011|01:14pm]
Shinji (voice):
I don't understand... I don't really understand reality.

Rei (voice):
So, you can't understand the gap between other's reality and your own truth.

Shinji (voice):
I don't know where to find happiness.

Rei (voice):
So, you can only find happiness in your dreams.

(Crowded street- camera focuses on three individuals; dressed as Misato, Rei, and Asuka)

Shinji (voice):
Then, this isn't reality... Because no one is here.

Rei (voice):
Yes, it's a dream.

Shinji (voice):
So, I'm not here either.

Rei (voice):
You were trying to remake reality with convenient fantasies.

Shinji (voice):
Is that wrong?

Rei (voice):
You were using fabrications to escape from reality.

Shinji (voice):
Can't I dream alone?

Rei (voice):
That would not be a dream. It would just be compensating for reality.

(Packed theater -> empty theater)

Shinji (voice):
Then... where is my dream?

Rei (voice):
It is the continuation of reality.

Shinji (voice):
Where is... my reality?

Rei (voice):
It is at the end of your dream.
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The most effective investigation requires the growth of one or more meta-organs [26 Mar 2011|08:55pm]
Trying to piece a few things together.

-The current condition of global poverty: neoliberalism stems from first wave of colonialism which stems from European exploitation of peasants by self-described nobility. How deep are the roots of modern slavery? Touch the skin of a pig and you'll find your answer.

-Resistance to genocide on the part of indigenous North Americans: most tribes were/are facing literal cataclysms. This is to say that landforms are drastically changed by damming, flooding, clearcutting, mining, etc. In doing so, integrated modes survival are rendered non-functional. There is a forced exchange whereby the healthy tribe enters the cannibal tribe on the lowest rung, ostensibly with the opportunity to climb the words of our false gods to an alienated solvency. Horseshit deathpact 100% fuck.

-Nikola Tesla: integrated scientific management of "natural" cycles can lead to electrical rivers. Think about what an actual river is. Not one of the castrated ones that trickles through public parks. You cannot stand next to Ouroborous.

-Late stage ecological degradation: I heard a hawk keen twice above one of the sickest cities in the world today and I knew I had to survive. Let the toxic waters rise. I will become a god of cancer. Join me.

"It is certainly preferable to raise vegetables, and I think, therefore, that vegetarianism is a commendable departure from the stablished barbarous habit. That we can subsist on plant food and perform our work even to advantage is not a theory, but a well-demonstrated fact. Many races living almost exclusively on vegetables are of superior physique and strength. There is no doubt that some plant food, such as oatmeal, is more economical than meat, and superior to it in regard to both mechanical and mental performance. Such food, moreover, tasks our digestive organs decidedly less, and, in making us more more contented and sociable, produces an amount of good difficult to estimate. In view of these facts every effort should be made to stop the wanton and cruel slaughter of animals, which must be destructive to our morals."--N.T., Century Magazine Issue 60, May 1900, pg 180.
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I would be happier if I didn't understand economics [23 Mar 2011|01:06am]
I would get more sleep too.


The global economic system is clearly unstable. Each time it runs upon the rocks of its inherent contradictions, the market shocks get worse and more of us slide over the line into poverty. This model is lethal. It is ideologically bent upon the geometric increase of resource extraction and consumption. The "wealth" that this generates is abstract, having little bearing on the actual lived experience of being a happy, healthy human being.

Most of our money has no physical referent. It's lines on a computerized balance sheet, a small percentage of which are represented by physical dollars. These dollars represent not wealth, but federal reserve debt. Read that sentence again. We're taking it on faith that this debt will be paid down by the future creation of value (extraction of resources).

People talk about "the subprime mortage crisis" when they mean "the total systemic failure of capitalism as evinced by a national hemorrhaging of home equity." Homes are most people's biggest investment in the monetary system. The rich issued loans and we confused them for wealth. They sat on their asses, raking in millions while we affirmed the value of their fake money by giving up the best years of our lives in its service. We worked the value into existence and still they borrowed more from each other so they could lend it back to us at ever higher rates. After all, who cares if it can't be paid back when you can get a heaping downpayment that you can loan out for a greater return before the lessee even defaults (at which point you get to repossess the actual object of value anyway)?

I guess, in the end, they just flew too close to the sun. They couldn't be satisfied with less than every drop of blood. Every major financial institution was paying off bad loans with the interest from bad loans. With our labor devalued and the interest so high, too many of us couldn't pay. The system collapsed.

Capitalism has already failed past the point of recovery. Now it's time for damage control. This latest round of class warfare masquerading as fiscal responsibility is nothing more than the Democrats and Republicans acting as glorified repo men. They really do want to pay down the debt. That is, they want you to pay it down. They want us to trade every last conceivable resource on this continent for a stack of currency that will be worthless by the time it comes to us. Oh, we'll pay down the debt all right. You bet your ass, we'll pay it.
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Stupid shit I have figured out [19 Feb 2011|10:34pm]
1) You're gonna need a crew.

2) There are no bad people, just bad decisions.

3) Love is all a matter of timing. The fact that you love someone is not always going to be enough.

4) Morality is useless. Stop apologizing and create the world you want to live in.

5) Nobody's going to pay you to do what really needs to get done.

6) Destruction and creation are the same thing.

7) If you can't control yourself, there are plenty of people who are willing to do it for you.

8) Calm the fuck down.

9) Most people reproduce their trauma without thinking about it.

10) Learn to recognize parasites and cut them out of your life without pity.

11) You can't unfuck somebody. Only fuck people you actually like.

12) If you feel shitty, listen to Slayer. You'll still feel shitty, but at least you'll be listening to Slayer.

13) Know your history, or at least make it up.

14) Laugh at the world. It's a fucking disgrace.

15) It's best to die standing up.
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Today, I am a Philadelphian [16 Jan 2011|10:12pm]
I can't believe there was a time when I was so innocent as to think I could walk around this city unarmed.
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there's a one word answer [16 Jan 2011|01:50pm]
Walking forward into the Earth, your will has become manifest.

We arrange reality according to our comparative strength of will. Program or be programmed, these are your choices.

陰 and 陽 ≠ good and evil. No such concept is relevant or applicable to such a deliciously amoral universe as the one we exhibit. 陰 we are resting. 陽 we are creating.

Mohandas Gandhi, Jim Jones, Martin Luther King Jr., Charles Manson, Julian Assange, Dick Cheney, Douglas Rushkoff, Bob Dobbs, Yeshua bin Yosef, Philip K. Dick, Robert Anton Wilson, etc. Let's call them Bodhisattvas JFTFOI. Some are balanced, some are not and I won't try to speculate which ones. Not my problem.

Late stage capitalism is mass delusion approaching hegemony. Strong wills program the delusion. Intermediate wills submit to the delusion. Weak wills are unaware of the delusion. As capitalist reality factories fall behind in production, the physical world becomes unstable.

Program or be programmed, these are your only choices. What will you do with the bodies of others? What will you let others do with your body? 陰 is allowing. 陽 is defining.

Lessons in What Not to Become

Jim Jones: death priest extrodinaire. Create too much, too quickly and it becomes unstable. Build too high, can't get down, no rest, hardware requiem, total fuck!!

Julian Assange: informational thamaturge. Penetrates to rearrange but mistakes bodies for machines for machines for bodies. Create too much, too sexually and it becomes unstable. Would you fuck yourself without permission? Of course not.

Charles Manson/Jesus Christ: psychedelic conduit. Accept too much, see too far and you become a reality sponge. Only the true messiah absorbs all poisonous creation. Only the true messiah is a fucking asshole. Manson turns violence into an artform. Christ turns violence into a manner of worship. In the end, they couldn't restrain 陽.


( 陰 + 1 ) + ( 1 - [陽+1] ) = well. it kind of depends.
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One hundred thousand thousand [02 Jan 2011|01:39pm]
Catshit mouthride.

Destroy all weather: this is the imperative.

No more pizza, no more pasta, no more sitting around with your dick hanging out of your bathrobe like you own the damn place. Fuck a hundred of you. I've got split veins and bile for your whole generation.

Pineal periscope sniping spirits offworld; 30.06 range it, range it, range it...PULL! A god reborn? A total clown? Kill me and see what happens. I think I'll come back as your appendix.
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Predictions for 2011 [17 Dec 2010|01:20pm]
Botched CIA operations in Iran finally lead to open warfare. Coalition of U.S., Israel and Arab dictators ultimately invade major Iranian cities thereby inflaming tensions with Latin American socialists, China and North Korea, and bolstering Taliban guerrillas. Pakistan slides irrecoverably into civil war.

Tensions between the Koreas hit a fever pitch causing either China to pull a silent coup in the North so as to prevent reunification or a limited nuclear war ending in a Sino-U.S. invasion and partition of North Korea. Tensions escalate between China, Japan and South Korea.

In Europe, left wing mobs continue to bring the country to a grinding halt every few months. Politicians stall for time so that the upper class can plunder as much from the continent as possible while rearranging their investment portfolios so as to not give a fuck about anyone with the memory of a living wage.

Right wing mobs and organized fascist paramilitary groups in the U.S. and Russia continue to swell. Politicians attempt to turn white nativism into a new wedge issue to distract from the aforementioned process of first world divestment. U.S. politicians burn themselves deeply on the fire of right wing populism. All out racial holy war in the southwest within five years.

Biosphere continues to buckle under the intolerable weight of human arrogance. As always, disproportionate suffering falls upon non-human animals and non-industrial indigenous societies.

Okay, your turn.
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In celebration of John Lennon's Birthday, a SEVENTY percent discount! ;) [11 Oct 2010|10:39pm]
I fucked John Lennon's corpse today. No offense.

Everyone else was doing it and I needed to cum.
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I have tasted the bland and lifeless swill of salvation and I spit it out [30 Sep 2010|11:25pm]
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The unawaited [12 Sep 2010|06:51pm]
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