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11 days, woo.

so does anyone need a job?
job descriptionCollapse )
july 14th.
two weeks from today
i'm on my way.

finally, an official count.
"enjoy the time you're there, and get it out of your system"

very true.
so here's the game plan for the next 23 days.
(i'm leaving the 20th instead of the 19th now)
-buy plane tickets friday
-evergreen terrace on saturday
-sequoyah prep school on sunday
-photo shoot with holli (probably sunday)
-photo shoot with sparky (set up date)
-fill out insurance stuff, or get off insurance and switch to indiana stuff
-fix car
-have adventure day with leslie, what that includes, not sure yet
-going away party?
-birthday party, possibly pool party/bbq, possibly not
-have as much fun as possible

then go back home to mah lover. ♥♥♥♥

oh yeah, polly&jackie
i miss you two terribly

i love warm, sunny weather, it makes me happy.
i took out my lip thing because i can't get a job with it.

i look like a fucking tool.
oooh civilization come to me.
it's nice to not have to prove something, i can sit back, relax, and just be myself and it's nice that people accept me that way.

in 2 years luke and i are moving to west virginia with our friend jess to open this shop up thats going to have an occult store, alternative hair salon (that's where i'll be working), and a tattoo/piercing place(luke will work there)

he's going to go through an apprenticeship (however the hell you spell that) and i'm finally going to do something with myself and go to beauty school.

no job, but i'm working on it.
i got my lip pierced, but it's like...low..?? like leslies but a bit higher.
because i'm a copycat.

if i ever end up getting any pictures of anything; they'll be posted.
i miss s.c. still, but not as much now that i feel like i'm getting my shit together.
it's a good feeling.
i still want people to road trip here, stat.