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Comin' Outta My Cage & I've Been Doing Just Fine... [29 May 2005|11:04am]
[ mood | calm ]

This song probably wasn't written about me, but y'know. It should'a been. Lol. It makes me feel sick, actually listening to it, 'cause it puts bloody ideas into my head & y'know. I freak out. How queer!

Anyway. New ELL to the JAY, motherfuckers!


...Get it added or I'll be calling a cab whilst he's having a smoke & know what I'll do? I'LL TAKE A DRAG!

I'm On Fire... [26 May 2005|09:44am]
[ mood | drunk ]

Good night? Fo' Sho'!

...Infact. I'm still fucked.

The pub was enjoyable. Kula Shaker came on & I thought of young Andy. Me & Kev then sang along.

...Then I got drunk because nice, American men said they'de buy me & Claire drinks. That was good. Druneness for free? Ah yes. Still got it. :P

Then we went to the Solid for a short while & I saw McGregor. I don't know what we were talking about, but McGregor + me + drunkeness makes me not want to know what we were talking about...Unless it was all good in the hood...or something.

EHHHHHHHHHHHHH... We went to Ron's after that & that was great fun. McFly were on & I peed in the bath. Old skool, or what? ('Cept no Trudi, Davey or Gemma. Not old skool enough. :()


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Acting Stupid, Getting Drunk With My Best Friends... [25 May 2005|01:45pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Look at that weather. That's a joke. A joke!

However. I'm just up. I tried to defeat Donkey Kong Counrty, but it's kicking me in the balls (my invisdable balls) everytime. Clearly. I cannot spell invisible, but y'know. IN VIS DABLE!

I'm hyper.

I think I have that skit-zo-phrenia where I'm a wee emo kid & then I turn into some pop-punk effort of happiness. I enjoy it & as long as I amn't like Charlie from...Hide N Seek, was it? Then we're all good.

Maw has l'hopital (whit?) later, so I'd better get ready & then afterwards I will be going out with my wonderful fiance, Martin & Ryan & whoever else that I probably won't know, but they'll be there. Hopefully shoe you won't be there. I dislike you. (See what I done there. HAHAHAHAHA! ...I'm about as funny as marmalade.)

I have Smarties biscuits. They're mental. Mental. Chicken...oriental.

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[23 May 2005|05:32pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

"They call it greiving. I call it falling fucking over."

Aye. That's what I think. :P


Hey, So Glad You Could Make It... [19 May 2005|03:07pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Yesterday was good.

It was one of those days where your boyfriend actually wants to spend time with you & go to the cinema with you. As in...just you. HO HO HO! Yes. It makes me happy & keeps my little face smiling. Aye. Amityville Horror. Was dead good.

Crawford stayed. We watched Fool Around With nadia & lots of random shit & random fun & random laughter.

...He's barely even gone, but y'know. It's all good.

...'Cept I still feel slightly down...but I'm sure it'll pass.


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Wellllll... [17 May 2005|06:21pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Today wasn't too great.

...but y'know.


Whispered Goodbye...She Got On A Plane... [17 May 2005|01:06am]
[ mood | awake ]


Who was I talking to about Monster Cafe a few weeks/months ago? The bin with the teeth & googley eyes? The person with the bandage round their head as if they had toothache? The Frankenstein as the chef, or something? Anyone remember?

...It was on tv this morning when I woke up about sixish. I looked at the tv & went back to sleep. Five seconds later jumped up after I realised my good ole childhood was on tv again. Ah. Yes. Next they'll bring back Maid Marien. :D

Today who knows what's happenin'? Meeting Marie & possibly Ashorloi after her exam. Then. Who knows. Drinking sounds like fun. Might go see Crawface after the gig tonight...fun.


I got lots'a the ole nirvan0r back yesterday. I then pranced around screaming the guitar bit to in bloom dead loud.

I'm starting an underwear colony. For those of you who like running around in yer underwear, but not totally naked. It'll be good.

xCollapse )
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HIS BOY ELROY.... [16 May 2005|02:35am]
[ mood | itchy ]

8====D + :O = :(

...Obviously a diagram of my computer being fucked out it's face...still.

However. Recently I've been all caught up in my own wee problems such as attempting to get a job & then realising it#'s never happenin' & drowning my sorrows in...computer games. I even missed Trudi's birthday and Andy's & I felt bad. I FEEL BAD! Especially 'cause I stopped seein' them for ages & ages & blahblahblah. All that shite. However. Aye.

I'm a bit confused about all the friends thing again. So aye. It's about time to sort my little face out & whatnot. So. To those of you I've slightly dingied due to having work/interviews/no money/other friends with other plans over the past year, or whatever - I appologise. :D


I'm allergic to midgies, we believe. :P Not only am I the only person in the park on Saturday that ended up with...about 10midgy bites, but then on Sunday they slowly developed into rashes & more bites...making me have 33. Today we've found eight more. It's all good.

...It's actually the worst thing in the world. I look like I have chicken pox. They're in my hair & there's like...three on my head & hunners everywhere else. It's mingin'. :(

I'm a hungry wee woman.
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HOO HEE HAA HAA [CLEARLY the omen theme] [13 May 2005|06:38am]
[ mood | giddy ]

It's Friday 13th.

Something will go wrong.

Something being...

...I'll phone this job & automatically get...told to fuck off. :P
...i'll drown in the bath.
...I'll get hit by the bus before I go to get on it.
...I'll walk past Goals, a ball will smack me on the head & I'll be out cold.
...We'll be drinking in the park & we'll get caught by the policiaaaaaa...
...A fight'll start
...I'll phone Crawford only to find out he's ran off with some non-zelda-obsessed girl. :P
...None of the above will happen because I'll be to scared to leave the house...

...but the house will go up in flames after a spider pushes sticks together & creates the tiniest spark...

...Poor wee Anna in the OC. I'm kickin' it old skool here. It's all gid though. :D I remember I thought Anna & Seth weremeant to be. How wrong I was.


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The Ssssh Is Bananas...B A N A N A S! [08 May 2005|12:21am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

My computer's broke. The monitor just couldn't handle it anymore & so the screen has scrunched up into a tiny, little ball. It's a bastard, but I can just about still use it until it gets fixed. :P

Was at Crawford's on Friday. T'was good & everyone was dead drunk. Parts wern't so good, butcha know. T'was alrighty. Ashley wore my jacket to the park & it got manky. What a bum.

Yesterday I stayed at Crawfords all day & slept lots, which was good. Then got up & went to the studios with themmmmm & Louise accompanied us. T'was fun...in a way. Lol. Studios bore me though, 'cause y'know. Y'have nothin' t'do & yer dead restless sittin' for long periods of time. PFFT!

What else? I don't know.

Going to the park today, I thinks. OH! All kinds of fun. I shall go for a bath. I feel horrible. :P


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*I'll Be There* I Thought "Y'will, mate for another 20minutes." [05 May 2005|10:21pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Today I

woke up in Crawface's house.

came home & had a nice bath as I hadn't in ages.

saw Ashley, Marie & the reptiles at the greenhouse.

met Crawface again.

saw the lovely Maria.

got a roast dinner.

watched lots of tv in my bed with Crawford.

& now Peter Kay's on tv

Now, as if things couldn't get any better today? Peter Kay just done the "calendar" bit. It's a classic. BOOKED IT, PACKED IT, FOOKED OFF!

TENNERIFE *Points* SCOTLAND *Points other way*

You knows it. WHEN YE SHOWSSSSSSSSS IT! (My, I havn't done that in a while)

The napoleon Dynamite advert just came on too. Ashley has it & I need to go watch it. PFFT!

To bed with my bum-ba-leery I go. I have a very...Dumbartoning day tomorrow & y'know. It's a trek.

I GOT ZELDA BACK! I started again & I'm on a roll. I love it. I love everything & I love you all. :P

...A McDonald's advert just came on as I typed that. It said BAH RAH BAH BAH BAH - I'M LOVIN' IT!


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[ mood | bouncy ]


Yesterday I became skint, but managed to get lots of booze without spending a penny anyways. It was dead good & although my childish good looks got me rejected from about 2649295.5 pubs. It was fun to go back to my old roots at the ole Alpen Lodge. Aye. Screech wasn't there, but he will be some day. I'm com-a-com-a-com-a for yeow, as Courtney Love once sang. ^o)

I'm slightly double bassed, even though I wasn't really drunk last night. Me & Marie ended up at Crawfords & that was a whole lot of fun in a bun.

I got an okay sleep as I got the bed. :O No couch for me, oh no. Couch can go die. Marie, however, slept on the chair. She also put her fag out on a carboard box...which then went into a wee flame...which she tried to put out with more paper. Fucking reject, she is. :P Lovechooooooooooooooooo!

Crawford had another girls phonenumber on his arm. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! Lisa, someone. He says it was for a job...but we all know differently. ^o) :P :D

Aye. Good times.

Job fair today. A fair with jobs. Not very good, but y'know. I'll do anything...near enough. I need money.

There goes the habeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Text message. WHOOP! THERE IT IS!


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Don't Try To Fight The Feelin', 'Cause The Thought Alone Is Killin' Me Right Now... [04 May 2005|03:14am]
[ mood | amused ]

Everytime I update ye ole journal this song goes on. Fanny-tastic.

Well. Today is nice & Lambrini is nice & the outdoors is nice, so let's put....3&3 together & say. LET'S GET STEAMING IN THE NICE OUTDOORS ON SUCH A NICE DAY!

It'll be like a riot in a kettle/teapot/lean mean boiling machine.

I had a dream I had beetles up my sleeve last night because Biffy was humping some other gecko & my wee sister (whoever she was) poured beetles on the carpet & I hit her & one went up my sleeve & then I squished it into my wrist & cut all my wrist, then I swam with sharks & they never bit me, but ate a wee boy. How nice.

Now, come on, kids. I wanna see y'all on yer baddest behaviour...

...Lend me some sugar money. I AM YO' NEIGHBOR!

Anyway. Give me a phone-a-lone, kiddiewinkles if you'd like to come out today as I'd like to see y'all.


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All Courtneys...& Brody Dalle's...GET ON THE FLOOR! :P [03 May 2005|04:05pm]
[ mood | amused ]

You think you've got it. Yeah. You think you've got it, but got it just don't get it if there's nothing atall...(or whatever the words are...)


Today was a good day.

A good, lazy day of sitting in Crawface's & rabbling about silly things.

"Hab!" "Habeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" - That's right, foo. :P

So aye. I'm home & then I was to go on the hab to Crawford, so I'm sure his was habeeeeee & then I started singing along to this.

...Lend me some sugar. I am your neighbor.


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You Think You've Got It... [02 May 2005|02:43pm]
[ mood | confused ]


Rawkers. Me, Louise & Lauren got to be on the door & sell little tickelets. It was dead good, 'cause y'know. We could'a turned folk away & we're not even old enough to be there. :P (Cept Lauren)

Ended up going to Crawfords which was fun & not so fun at points, like when I was falling off the couch & he wouldn't move 'cause he was too drunk, or when he put the fucking shaver at my head & I was all...scared. Yes. Mean folk. Girlie can't get a good sleep anywhere anymore.


Went back to Louise's & got some food & a nice, wee bath. Ashley came up & we (plus Colette) ended up going to Largs for some reason. What a riot. Not really. I did however get a shot on the dance machine. I've waited so long. I could'a died. I'm so unfit without it. Sigh.

Some old guy got on our train home & started to moo, meow & neigh. He was a fucking retard.


Me & Crawford came to mine & watched some good, ole tv. Went to Louise's at night & got dead drunk. Such a good night & Crawford couldn't get in my mad sleeping bag thing because I WAS TOO DRUNK TO MOVE FOR HIM so I got my own back & it made me dead happy.


...Glasshouse & then back to Louises. Dead good fun. Jolly good laugh there. I wanna a frog.

...Might get kicked out, but me & Louise are planning our move. HOW BIG ARE WE? It'll be dead good if it all happens. I'm excited.

That's all. I'm a bit paranoid now. Silly stuff, me. Silly. Silly.

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