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__slowmotion's Journal

jessica obviously

rachel bilson
adam brody
benji madden
the oc
lost_x_br0ken @ blushinglosers

lost_x_br0ken @ claim_ljuser

lost_x_br0ken @ wedding_cake

lost_x_br0ken is obviously my wife

!, all things ashley, avril lavigne, avril maybe, being married to ashley, benji madden, blink 182, boom boom bazooka joe, boxcar racer, brand new, compton ass terry, cybersex with ashley, dynamite boy, fall out boy, finding nemo, gc, good charlotte, jeremiah rangel, jeremiah singing to matt, jimmy neutron, matchbook romance, meeting mest, mest, mest everything, my mest shoes, ok i like avril, rachel bilson, roleplaying, singing to avrils songs, the inferno, the miz, the oc, the real world, ummm mest maybe?