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Friends Only!


Some entries will be public, but all the juicy stuff is private, so comment to be added.

New blog!

I've got a new blog! http://enchanted21.wordpress.com/

Private things will still be posted here, of course.

Bring Back Rachelle Lefevre!

Seriously, Rachelle Lefevre is the only Victoria! I can't believe Summit Entertainment would just replace her like that. All they care about is money. They could accommodate other cast members, so why not Rachelle? It was a 10 day overlap for crying out loud! Screw Summit's statement. They suck! Bryce Dallas Howard is NOT Victoria! Rachelle Lefevre is!

It's a morph thing, babyyy

I am addicted to the site http://morphthing.com

Here are some celebrities I morphed, that I thought turned out nicely. Try guessing the two celebs in each pic first, and then scroll to the bottom for the answers. =]

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Music survey

Music Shuffle

Put your mp3 player on shuffle, and list the first ten songs.

First Song:: Pink - "Private Show"
Second Song:: Britney Spears - "Break the Ice"
Third Song:: Stefy - "Chelsea"
Fourth Song:: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Gold Lion"
Fifth Song:: P. Diddy - "Bad Boy For Life"
Sixth Song:: Paramore - "CrushCrushCrush"
Seventh Song:: Bif Naked - "Abandonment"
Eight Song:: Pink - "There You Go"
Ninth Song:: Jkwon - "Hood Hop"
Tenth Song:: Collective Soul - "Gel"

Time to see what they mean to you!

Who does song 1 remind you of?: Guys who only want one thing.
What part of your life does song 2 describe the best?: The present. ;)
If you could dedicate song 3 to someone, who would it be?: Any girl who has to deal with being cheated on.
Does Song 4's lyrics mean anything to you personally?: No, but it's a good song.
Why do you like song 5?: It has a good beat.
When did you first start listening to the artist of song 6?: A few months ago.
How many albums do you have from the artist of song 7?: I have two.
How are number 8 and 9 similar?: Um, I don't think they are.
What is number 10's meaning?: Sex lol.
What song out of the 10 is your favorite?: Pink - "There You Go"
What song out of the 10 is your least favorite?: Jkwon - "Hood Hop"
Which song means the most to you and why?: "Gel" because I loved that song and band when I was little
Would you dedicate any of these to your love/crush?: Yes. "Break the Ice" and "Gel" lol
Would you dedicate any of these to your enemy?: No.
Do these top ten songs fairly reflect your music collection?: That I like a variety of different music.

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Eww... eggs

My mom is making pickled eggs and they smell soooo gross. I can't stand it, ugh.

My neighbors...

... are having sex. Yeah, ew. lol. I can hear them a lot.

Oh dear god, Vanessa!


There is a bunch of leaked pictures of Vanessa Anne Hudgens posing provocatively and nude. 0_o

She always seemed like a nice girl. Not a cheap slutty whore. WTF. I'm seriously shocked.

I heard they're replacing her in HSM3.

Teen Choice Awards '07

I anticipate the TCA's every year. It's my favorite award show. This year wasn't too bad. A lot of the movies and shows nominated I had never seen though.

So what was so great about it? SOPHIA WON 3 AWARDS!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for her. She deserved every last one of them, and she looked amazing as usual!