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they don't love you like i love you

17 September 1985
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I'm Vanessa
I'm 21 years old.
I'm a Florida Gator and I'm damn proud of it
I'm really into sports, especially baseball. Too into it, maybe. My favorite team is the Florida Marlins
I'm also really into music. I really like the bands Death Cab for Cutie and Rilo Kiley
I'm a journalism major. What I'm going to do with this, I'm not too sure. There's just so many things I'd like to do...
I'm friendly, but most people can't tell that from first glance
I have a difficult time remembering where I've parked
I really like office supplies. This is only one of the many things that are strange about me
I mostly journal (or blog, whatever) about school, work, or sports. If this bores you, don't add me.
and lastly, my journal is friends only, but I add anyone who asks