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Hey, Kait

November 23rd, 2005 (01:46 pm)

Our RP is getting a little slower. Not only that, but the OOC section is almost completely stopped now. People need to get online more! Nag Tyler to get Xbox Live, its awesome! Also, be on the lookout for Kingdom Hearts&Kingdom Hearts 2 if you ever get a PS2or3. They're really good games. In fact, I finally found a Kingdom Hearts RP with Riku available! My other account is ansems_puppet. Yeah, I stole your idea... It makes more sense w/ Riku

__sephiroth [userpic]


October 22nd, 2005 (02:46 pm)

current mood: excited

Yo, Kait, I'm back! Our computer isn't... hooked up, so I'll probably be using Mom or Kathryn's laptop for now. Also, I now have Xbox Live! My gamertag(or username, you'llprobably like it) is Suzaku Chai(Chai is his last name, is't it? I couldn't really read your handwritting...)! It's frickin' awesome, but no one can really pronounce it until I say it to them a few thousand times. I don't know how much I'll be online from now on, so I hope I can catch you online tonight.

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(no subject)

August 18th, 2005 (11:27 pm)

current mood: drained

... damn, I gotta update a user and its really fuckin late...

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Yo, Kait.

August 17th, 2005 (08:43 pm)

DSL isn't hooked up yet, but I used Kathryn's computer to post. Apparently, not much has happened... Well, eventually, I'll hook up DSL.

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FFVII Epilogue Begins

July 17th, 2005 (02:35 pm)

current mood: accomplished

Hell yeah! I just made a kickass new RP! I only made it yesterday, and already peaople are joining! If anyone is reading this, everyone is welcome to join, but the characters are filling up fast, so I suggest acting quickly. It's simple, really: just post a comment to our OOC posting, and tell us who you want to be. It'll help if you post your knowledge of the character, or send an IC example.

here>>> ffvii_epilogue

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(no subject)

July 12th, 2005 (10:00 am)

current mood: bored

Just trying to fill some space... yeah.

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