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i got soul but i'm not a soldier [entries|friends|calendar]

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[18 Feb 2010|11:34pm]
i want to quit art augkdjfklsdjf;s
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[17 Apr 2009|09:48pm]
this week sort of sucked for a number of reasons, but it definitely made me appreciate how wonderful my friends are. i'm a lucky lady.
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[01 Apr 2009|02:11pm]
i am so happy lately.
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[18 Jan 2009|09:20pm]
i need classes to start.
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[25 Dec 2008|09:21am]
christmas always makes me feel weird.
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[18 Dec 2008|05:38pm]


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[09 Dec 2008|09:12pm]
my life needs more adventures.

i cant wait to clean my apartment after finals.
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[08 Dec 2008|05:49am]
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i did it! [03 Dec 2008|08:14pm]
painting major.

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[02 Dec 2008|10:57pm]
sometimes my life feels like one big margaret atwood novel.
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[01 Dec 2008|02:19pm]
i miss my life.
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HOPE [05 Nov 2008|09:16am]
I haz it.
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[28 Oct 2008|03:42pm]
life is so weird.

also, i've lost 22 lbs since christmas and weigh less than i have since 8th grade. none of my pants fit. its so amazing. i guess thats what living on a hill/not having time to eat will do to you.
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[15 Oct 2008|01:07pm]

moreCollapse )
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[27 Sep 2008|11:16pm]
i'm sitting on my porch, the rain is pouring down, i can hear the drunk bros yelling, i have a splitting headache but i feel good.
i just saw mount eerie and quite frankly, it was fucking amazing.

life is really, really good right now. my life is filled up with so many people that i love and that love me back. i'm lucky.

i have more to say, maybe i'll write about it at some other time. probably not. i dont think livejournal is really the place for me to tell you all about my new outlook on things and how i'm feeling about life and such. i guess we'll have to meet for coffee for that.
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[19 Sep 2008|10:59am]
i just had the cutest roommate moment, to the tune of waking up to find sarah napping in megs bed while meg does homework next to her.
i dont know, you had to see it.
it was so cute.
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[12 Sep 2008|09:52am]
i wish i could sleep later than nine lately.
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[24 Aug 2008|02:06pm]
the fact that i get to live with three of my favorite women in the world hasn't entirely hit me yet, but OH MY GOD i cant wait for September 1st.
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[15 Aug 2008|11:38am]
I'm literally getting paid right now to sit and do nothing on the computer. I'm reading about Obama. Obammaaaaaaaaa.
In a little while the company is going to get delicious falafel.
So basically I wander in whenever, I sit around, I get taken out for free delicious falafel, I get paid. I realize I've been complaining nonstop about this job but thats pretty fucking awesome.

It appears I am volunteering in Peru for a month next summer, as long as I can swing it financially. I'm peeing my pants in excitement already and its a year away. I need to brush up my espanol. (And by that I mean I need to learn spanish for the first time because I was a B- student at best when I took it in high school.) Donde esta Senora Gustafson when you need her?

My body has been rejecting coffee this last week which is weird.
It also has been rejecting fat which is nice because my clothes are too big.

17 days till Boston.
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[09 Aug 2008|05:53pm]

this summer is making me feel terrible. i wish i stayed in boston.

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