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your just jealous

cause were you an in love♥

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♥Megzan Regina

My likes// Looks // Me // musical interests.

about mwah: Im Megan .. im 14 and i have a wonderful amazing boyfriend named Nick♥. He is my everything.

looks: auburn hair . 5 foot . medium build . hazel eyes

likes: Nick♥, safety pins, studded belts razors, stars, clouds, lime green + pink, emo, metal, screamo.

bands: my chemical romance, the spill canvas, death cab for cutie, motion city soundtrack, underoath , butch walker, daphne loves derby, hellogoodbye, poison the well, falloutboy, a static lullaby, the starting line, from autum to ashes, kittie, dimmu borgir, killswitch engage, the used, the early november, senses fail, letter kills, straylight run, fifth goodbye, coheed and cambria, the blood brothers, something corporate, taking back sunday, hawthorne heights, action action, 40 below summer, plain white t's, atreyu, nobodys star, goodbye october, boys night out, alexisonfire, super furry animals, bright eyes, nora, under the red, as night falls, post break tragedy, smile empty soul , die trying, jack off jill, amber pacific, adema, alkaline trio., lacuna coil.

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