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Yabba-Dabba-Dabba-Doo Man! [entries|friends|calendar]
Mr Lady

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i woke up in a car [Tuesday
11 15 05 | 08:51pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

i love the song 'i woke up in a car'
by something corporate
it makes me feel happy like i was in yr 9
oh well
im making a diet blog YAY!

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11 14 05 | 02:00pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

im at school
doing my mini pip
chater 2.
i need people who use crystal meth to interview/survey
i also need sites of people who are using meth ampetamines to loose weight.
so i must go and do so byebye xx

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Break up songs [Monday
10 31 05 | 11:02am]
[ mood | rushed ]

so i missed my bus twice
because the time is retarted (day light savings) or whatever
i feel sick from not eating breakfast
haven't written for a while as usual
went to Zacs dealer Aj's girlfriends 21st
Aj kept giving me drinks and i ended up licking cake off his nipple
only because it's pierced, i don't even find him attractive
anyway i prefer scrawny herion junkie looking boys i think.
So AJ got the wrong idea and tried to get me to suck his cock
then Bec (girlfriend) came over and started abusing me and accusing me of
having sex with him.
I also went to Jess Bs halloween party
where i drank irish whiskey and Phil gave me LOTS of sambucca
so i got smashed, fractured my hand or something
Zac gave two boys from my school his and my phone number
so they rang up asking Zac to fuck their asses which was quite lame
Robbie broke up with Prue and he tried to kill himself
i promise i will go to school everyday after today!
i got my new phone off ebay and the dress, the dress is kinda big so
i have to like make it small fitting around my legs somehow.
so i feel heaps like a skinny late, i will get one tomorrow
i also want to go grocery shopping with my mum so that i can buy food i actually like and stuff.
well i'm going to go write myself a late note xx

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I miss you Gissy [Wednesday
10 19 05 | 08:52pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I'm sad
i miss Gismo
i found photos of him and started to cry
whenever i'm not thinking about him i feel
bad i wish he could come back
i still haven't got my tattoo but i really want to.
I had an alright day i spose

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O Bondage Up Yrs! [Monday
10 17 05 | 08:08pm]
[ mood | tired ]

The x ray spex are rockin'
so Elise thinks i hate her
because i don't talk to her anymore
well i wouldn't talk to any of my friends if it wasn't for school
except Mitchell, Neil, Jen and Cass
i'm doing something with Rhee yay!
i haven't seen her for quite a while
so i brought my phone nokia 6101
and i also got new pointy white shoes from the market
for 8 bucks they are sexy.
Zachary is going to erina tomorrow to buy a new bike
and new rainbow hairdressing scissors lol
tomorrow morning i have to activate my keycard
to pay Neilikins his money back

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Yr Looking for a reason to try [Sunday
10 16 05 | 08:18pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

I'm downloading new msn
and i just painted my nails a color called 'tinsel'
so Zac pierced Mitchys lip today was cool
he also dyed my hair this lighter brown with blonde foils
i'm putting more foils in it either tomorrow or next w/e
and eventually go platnium blonde
Knoxy and Mitchy also got into a punch up over mitchells car
Mitchy has cuts on his eye hah
i also went to Carlys party
in like trackies and a polo shirt lmao
except i managed to pick up guys
though i wasn't drunk enough so i went home
mitchy got breathalised and tested positive but got let off
which was odd!
Kyara msged me saying she didn't hate me
hopefully wasn't drunken talk?
i'm off to buy mine and Sams ticket for bdo

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Fuckin' fuck [Tuesday
10 11 05 | 09:51pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Drako is meowing lol
im not going driving tonight
because im way tired from
staying up and buying stuff off ebay
ok i am going driving tonight until 12.
my mum might kick me in the head
not litterally but verbally she will
i'm depressed and want to hang with Neil and Mitchy
because they make me feel HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY
ok maybe not to that extent but they are just
good fun.
So all this shit is going down in the hood
with Neil and Kyara and im involved
because we have been hanging out
garh. Nipples

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Then I Find I Miss You More, Than I'd Ever Had Guessed. [Sunday
10 09 05 | 03:54pm]
[ mood | sick ]

im very hungover
too much Jim beam
yuck that shit is gross.
So Saras was fun
except when Cassie and Sara started sexing
this making me very sexually frusterated
so i went home and masturbated hah!
So i'm listening to Faker and they are v.spiffy.
Today i ate lots of fattening things because
i wanted to feel better but it didn't work
tomorrow i will eat uber healthy though
back to school more of a routine

Zachary and his parents got Bruna today
she is small like a chiuauauauauauaua?
i brought Lixy a squeaky doggy newspaper toy
and she won't stop making it sqeak!
Zacs getting his job very soon now
he will have money and i can use it yipee doo.
then he can move out yipee doo DAH!
ok bye

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Reject The Daylight, Full Moon Tonight. [Saturday
10 08 05 | 01:23pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I really want to play the sims
but Josh and his friend Henry are on the other computer fuckit!
i have nothing really to write.
tonight i'm going to Sara and Kats party, i have no alcohol though
and i need to straighted my hair
i didn't go driving with Mitchy and Neil last night because it was raining
and Mitchy got drunk so i watched tv.
i hope that Josh and Henry get off the computer soon cause i'm v.bored

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Yr not bigger than this not better, why can't you learn? [Friday
10 07 05 | 06:41pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

i have to clean my room in a minute
i've decided i'm going to move
but i hate castle hill and having to live with Rosanna.
But i don't like Umina any better i spose at least i'd have new people to hang with
that hopefully won't go out with each other etc.
I'm going to buy things off ebay
Zacs dad has hepatitis A and told me i could possibly have
caught it off Zac if he has it.
But i have had my shots thankgod
going driving tonight possibly drop in at Kales BUT
i dont think i will drink
or i might have some wine but only a little.
i think i might have to go to bdo with Neil.
i feel sick
and i wish i could kill myself
but i don't want to be selfish cause it would make mum etc sad
or just weirded out anyway, i don't think my death would cause sadness.
i feel like i have no one to talk to
My friends think i ditch them for Zac
i don't though.

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I Can't Let It Bother Me [Thursday
10 06 05 | 07:09pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

hmm tried at activate my new keycard except it failed.
Anyway i'm going fishing tonight with Cassie and Zac
then driving with Mitchy and Neil.
Um im chewing a pen
i should have a shower and get dressed

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shit shit shit she's a bombshell [Thursday
10 06 05 | 01:49pm]
[ mood | crazy ]


Sleater Kinney!
Kings of Leon!
Mars Volta!
Iggy pop!

I'm stunned, stoked, dumbfounded every possible word for SHOCKED!
Anyway i bet one of the bands will be on the same time as one another and it will ruin my life.
now i have to think about what i'm going to wear holy shit fuck, i only have 3 months to decide.

So back to a civilised entry.
I went shopping with Cassa to Tuggerah
brought some grey skinny leg jeans
and a cute dress and shirt.
We bumped into Elise, Alisha, Ricki, Alana and Skye there which was weird.
Thankgod i met Cassie or i would have no friends. Cept Mitchy and Neil.
i'm addicted to listenening to Carly Simon now i have to start listening more to this yrs line up of bands!
HOLY FUCK i still cannot believe it, like SO many of my all time favourite bands are going it's fuckin' unbelieveable, hence the reason i keep fucking talking about it.
I need to wee
Cassie will be over soon, Sayonara x

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Woah Kiss This [Tuesday
10 04 05 | 04:46pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Neil is busted, they are selling Secy! oh no
I should be going to Erina soon to buy a piercing needle
Zac is going to pierced Mitchys lippy.
I'm going to a party with Cass. It's Kat and Saras (house warming)
Tigers won HURRAH! lol i don't follow football, but my dad sponsors them
he was uber drunk and happy about it.
I just took Lixy for a walk.
Rosanna is giving Zacs parents her toy poodle(which isn't a toy but is a real dog)
her name is Bruna but they are changing her name to Bella which i think is o so much cuter.
Haven't spoken to Skye or Alana.
Alana is in QLD
but Skye has just been busy with Alisha and Elise i think?
I have been driving with Mitchy nearly every night and now it sucks cause
NEIL had to go and CRASH!
i'm really hungry
must go eat | no i will brush my teeth
i might have meant to say something else, but i forgot byebye xo

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Daddy, I'm No Virgin [Monday
10 03 05 | 04:40pm]
[ mood | content ]

Um so i haven't written in my journal for about 3 months. Possibly more.
i'm listening to Carly Simon I LOVE HER!
I was in a car accident last night with Mitchy and Neil
Neil fucked up his car and was devastated.
Mitchy is sexy and hot if i didn't have a boyfriend i would fuck him.
I'm borrowing Neils camera so i can take photos.
Other things that have been happening are
- My best friend Gismo died, it's kinda surreal. Like i was there when he died and i couldn't sleep for a few nights but i'm slowly but surely getting over it.
He had a great life and i will miss him o so much.
I'm getting my tattoo of his name soon :)
Cassandra cam over and comforted me which was nice.
-another thing i did was going shopping to Newtown and Bondi with Cass, we had sushi, Cass had A sushi.
i bought cool dresses and yes.
Went to Emmas party on friday night was fab.
Then Chris's on saturday was also fab except that i lost my bag with my wallet+200 dollar, my bra, undies and make-up.

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05 24 05 | 08:26pm]
[ mood | predatory ]

I'm drinking milk hehe
I didn't go to school on monday or today
as i have the flu.

Lixxy is chewing up a shaving razour, i wonder how she hasn't cut her mouth yet?
i put Drako on a diet as he is getting uber fat
i had to lift him over the fence the other day cause he couldn't get over it to have his tea.

Today i vommited in the shower it was gross.
Then i played San andreas but i forgot the cheats.

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Dell Dell.. [Wednesday
05 18 05 | 09:56pm]
Zac got out of hospital today
so i don't feel so lonely
he has a camera phone and i don't :(
Lixxy met her first heater today
she is sitting in front of it with her eyes shut
she looks like she is sunbaking it's cute.
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fuck you [Monday
03 28 05 | 09:28pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

i feel sick from being sad
everyone is turning gay
i want to hang with my friends
but for some fucked up reason we HAVE to get drunk or something
and the same thing happens everytime
so now i just don't do ANYTHING FUN FUN FUN

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If i don't let myself be happy now then when? [Tuesday
03 15 05 | 10:00pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

I don't like writing entries when i'm sad
but i'm writing one now because i can't sleep and yes
i'm going to try and spend less time with Zac
because well i think i am getting too attached and i DON'T get attached
so i have a desk that i found in a junk pile although it's amazingly good
i also got a new pet baby blue tounge i haven't named him though
im going to go and sleep i think. nite

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They Call It Way Too Rowdy, We Call It Visibility [Saturday
03 12 05 | 02:44pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

TIGER ARMY Next week!!!
And dads wedding fuckity SHIT
Megan rang me and wanted to see if i could come down with my friends.
But no dad has to go get married..asshole
i have to wear a dress, like a REVEALING Dress. ick

Mum is trying on dresses in front of me..how odd she is happy about something
because im receiving attention.
I'm going to the beach with peoples will get drunk have fun then get depressed and cry
My mum just tried on this uber hot dress from salvation army it's just red
and i think i want to steal it but it will be a tad too big.

OOOOH DRAKO CAME BACK! after 3 fuckin months i was sooooo jolly ahah jolly
yes so i have broad band..meaning i will be on the internet alot more

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aha-shake heartbreak [Thursday
02 17 05 | 02:33pm]
Umm my internet works
but my msn is like not working crapee
I didn't go to school today because i feel really sick in the stomach
and i have a sharp pain in my chest.
It's mufti day tomorrow so i have to choose something to wear..how shithouse!
i have to try on my bridesmaid dress for my dads wedding this weekend plus go to Eden
(my little cousins) naming day, go to the bear factory and make myself a bear for valentines day
AND buy my mums birthday pressent then go to her birthday dinner.
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