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enjoys many kinds
of baked goods, cake among them. She likes good friends, good music, and good times. Some of her favorite bands are Relient K, Hellogoodbye, Anberlin, Best Interest, He Is Legend, Spitalfield, Number One Fan, and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. She listens to mostly emo, screamo, indie, powerpop, and punk, and she likes Christian rock, covers, acoustic guitar, and disco. She loves The Hehe, which are her three best friends: Christ, Kay, and Sam. She also loves her Hellogoodbye roadies: Amanda and Cassandra. Val is cynical, loud, and smells of chlorine. She made this layout with her bare hands, and can tear you apart with those same hands if you steal her graphics. Have a nice day.

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I'm going home [Sunday, May 15th
I'm going back to my old journal, because I miss it. It also has a fab new layout. This means that you should comment on it and tell me how much you love it, while implying that you want to be added again. If you don't want to, I wish you the best of luck. Drive safely.


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[Monday, May 2nd
[ mood | !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ]

Please please please pray for Cassandra's friends. They got in an accident, and one's in intensive care with a punctured lung and no insurance. He needs a couple thousand dollars and tons of prayers.

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[Wednesday, April 27th
Sometimes I feel like I can't talk to anyone. Not even my lj. It all falls on deaf ears.

This is war
Can I take it anymore?
I'm falling faster and bleeding more than I have bled before

I plead temporary insanity for the rest of high school, or until I say so. And it probably won't be for a very long time.
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[Sunday, April 24th
[ mood | angry ]

I am fecking sick of my crap getting stolen.

MY ICONS. WTF LAME. THEY'RE NOT EVEN THAT GREAT. If you want an icon, go to a community and request it. MY JOURNAL IS NOT AN ALL YOU CAN STEAL. THERE IS NO FIVE FINGER DISCOUNT WITH GRAPHICS MADE BY ME, SAM, OR ANYONE ELSE, FOR THAT MATTER. NONE OF THIS IS FREE. And if it were, it would say so. If you want my stuff, go join one of the communites I help out in and you'll find a few things. I HATE HATE HATE anyone who doesn't ask to use graphics. I hate it. And the next person who steals is going to be castrated and tied to a rock 50 miles off the coast of antarctica to sink and drown. Either that, or I'll report you, whichever is most convenient at that moment.

Thank you, and get away from my hard work.
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[Saturday, April 23rd

Hi, go vote for Relient K.

Unlimited votes!

On a side note, my pupils were dilated this morning, so they're HUGE. Seriously. This is the one time in my life when I can actualy say my eyes are big.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I don't know if you can see it, but only the brownish edge is my iris. The rest is pupil.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I'm so asian, you can barely see my eyes. Har har.

EDIT 1:36p Super huge amazing update to my portfolio. Seriously. Go __desafinado
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[Saturday, April 16th

I'm out of books to read. Mind giving me a few titles?

I like music, art, fashion, and cheesy and trashy romance novels alike. The cheesier, the better. I'll gobble it up. I also love teen lit, the cute girly, girl gets guy books.

I just read Me Talk Pretty One Day (David Sedaris) and Like Water for Chocolate (Laura Esquivel) and am thinking of reading Picasso's War (don't remember, history of Picasso's mural, Guernica) and Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. My favorite books are What My Mother Doesn't Know (Sonya Sones), and the Blue Avenger series (Norma Howe) and ANYTHING by Meg Cabot.

That should give you a pretty fair idea.
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