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My name is Amanda.
I've been riding horses since I was 9 (1999).
I started with Hunters, changing to Dressage in 2005.
In all honesty, Dressage is a million times better.
I DETEST Rollkur/LDR/"Competition Frame".
It's just a fancy way of saying you're killing your horses' spine.
I also hate side reins, vienna reins, draw reins, and the like.
Learn to ride without gadgets or don't ride at all.
These are just a few things I am EXTREMELY passionate about.
Have a problem with that? I probably have a problem with you then.
So if you "live" for that, don't add me, k?

Harry Callahan - Grand Prix American Saddlebred

Quotes On Dressage

"The passionate pursuit of perfection by the obsessively imperfect."

"Brutality begins where knowledge ends. Ignorance and compulsion appear simultaneously."
--Charles de Kunffy

"A horse will never tire of a rider who possesses both tact and sensitivity because he will never be pushed beyond his possibilities."
--Nuno Oliveira

"One thing is for certain: where horses are pressured the most, the art of riding is the least at home."
--B.H.V. Holleuffer

"The biggest enemy to the partnership of dressage is impatience and the human nature to dominate other creatures."
--Walter Zettl

"The horse is always right."
--George Theodorescu