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Stefanie Badass' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Stefanie Badass

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Me My name is Stef. I'm addicted to eyeliner, and I'm a lyric whore. Get over it. I've been with my boyfriend Joseph for over a year. And yes we're in love.

Relationship 12.08.05
Joseph Edwin Fowler

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[Sep, 21st 12:35pm]
I'm back
and i have a new LJ

Add me..

[Apr, 13th 2:09am]
im talking to someone i havent in a long time
i shouldnt
but it still feels good.
im glad to hear theyre doing ok
i still love life
works stenuous
although i wish i had more hours.
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Picture Post 8.25.06 ♥ [Aug, 25th 7:15am]
8.25.06 Picture PostCollapse )
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# 1 [Apr, 20th 6:08pm]
+ Add me first.
+ Comment to be added.
+ Leave me comments, dont just add me to make your friends list larger.
+ Leave your drama in your journal, not mine.

you can add me on there as well
over 12,500k

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