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19th-May-2010 12:03 am(no subject)
jack bauer [24]
Welcome to __orionlady, a journal seeping the introspective, nostalgic and increasingly flamable ramblings of a quirky and closed-off twenty year old male; with an occasional icon/graphics post here or there too. As you can probably see, personal and non-icon posts are friends only. If for some unlikely reason you happen to enjoy my icons and/or respect my profile, drop a comment here requesting friendship (:
4th-May-2008 09:01 pm - Orion of Icons #8
[7] Bones
[12] 24 (Jack Bauer / Kate Warner)
[5] America's Army new!
[15] Dido
[5] Prison Break

(11) (31) (40)

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27th-Apr-2008 08:43 pm - Orion of Brushes #1
Hey all, I usually post icons, but I thought i'd try my hand at some brushes. So here I present __orionlady's first brush pack!! :D

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18th-Sep-2007 08:48 pm - Orion of [Homicide] Icons #7
So here are a few icons from the fabulous new aussie crime show City Homicide (yes the name is rather mundane). But for an aussie show, i'm really impressed.

(11) (2) (7)

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14th-Jul-2007 09:56 pm - Orion Of Wallpapers #1
Hey guys,

The last few days i've had PSE2 out and i've been whipping up some wallpapers, rather than icons. Partly because I downloaded a heap of magnificent floral designs from papersweet.fan-arts.net, that are wayy too big to fit inside the confines of 100x100px.

I'm also re-obsessed with SWC atm, purely because i've done a rough scour of the net and have not picked up one bad thing about her! <3

Anyway, i'm really happy with #1, #2 is crap, but I did the stand myself which was a *proud* moment, and i'm also happy with #3. I've also done a Kate Beckinsale one because the pic is utterly fantastic and had to have something done to it!

I'm not cross posting these anywhere because it will take too long (probably have to join 5 or 6 comms lol), so you guys get these all to yourselves. Spread the word if you will..:)









Ughh, work on Monday! :/
21st-Mar-2007 06:37 pm - Orion Of Icons #6
I bringeth with me another 30-odd, just because i've been so bored lately, yo.

[7] Boston Legal (actors)
[6] Standoff new!
[11] Bones
[11] Prison Break (Sara Tancredi)


(34) (1) (12)

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16th-Mar-2007 10:43 am - Orion of Icons #5
Yay finally i'm done, and i'm pretty happy with some of them.

[11] 24 (Charles/Martha, requested by ladyofavalon77)
[15] Prison Break
[10] Bones
[2] Sarah Wayne Callies

(7) (20) (28)

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10th-Feb-2007 10:20 pm - Orion of [Martine] Icons #4
So yesh, I made these at the start of the year. I was watching Season 4 of Spooks (which she guest stars in), and quickly realised that she's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen (and particularly in the Spooks eps). So I did as any good person would do, and iconed her :D

[9] Martine McCutcheon
[1] Dido

(5) (9) (10)
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24th-Dec-2006 10:13 pm - Orion Of Icons #3
So yes, I made these about a month ago, but never got around to posting them. They're a few 24 ones, plus The Unit and Bones, with some randoms thrown in.

[11] The Unit (new)
[6] Bones (new)
[6] 24
[1] Everton

(11) (17) (22)

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4th-Jun-2006 08:07 pm - orion of icons #2
Icon Time :)

[16] 24
[8] Boston Legal
[5] Spooks
[4] Stargate Atlantis
[6] Prison Break

(9) (18) (36)

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25th-May-2006 09:56 am - orion of icons #1
Icon time :D Though it is likely that some of these will be disliked as they are again my warmups. You may also notice i've tried doing some different things and styles with them. I have:

[6] Spooks new!
[4] 24
[2] Boston Legal (Shirley)
[4] Prison Break new!
[2] Da Vinci Code new!


(1) (8) (14)

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14th-May-2005 08:50 pm(no subject)
Icon credits:

noctuidae, theonewithicons

spaceyme, dearest, colorfilter, ashke_icons, floorshow, pocket_icons, _iconographer, ilmare, marlenem, bombayicons, icon_maiden, sharpfragments, wonderland__, spectacular, crazy_perfume, spectacular, 77words, lakicons, creamuts, papermache, cdaae.

icons_with_love, inxsomniax, ohpaintbrush, teh_indy, artistbynight, infinite__rain (stargazer), ianthinae, silver_sunn101, kyrielfalafel, 77words, pfefferminzchen @ deviant art, physical magic @ deviant art, lost inside the crowd @ deviant art.

An endless amount of brushes, textures and all-round icon prettying material from hybrid genesis.net.

Further texture and brush love has been sourced from papersweets.fan-arts.net. (ca_pris)


-Boston Legal caps (1.01, 1.03) by (and can be found at) ilmare. (link). 1.04 was capped by ruthieb. Another lot is by aimless_glee and was sorted for me by the wonderful jackaholic. There are also some random Alan Shore caps from the James Spader Meeting Place.

-Prison Break caps from marishna, dj43 and from Prison Break - Online.com.

-24 caps from 24 Online, awakencordy and catch22girl's photobucket account.

-SG-1 and Atlantis caps from here and here, and also by crumblingwalls.

-Spooks caps by chiroho; and georgiamae, from her website eclectic-muse.org.

-Bones caps by spiffydaze, (pixation).

-The Unit caps by karin_tsuki.

-Standoff caps by dj43 and selskia.

-The Da Vinci Code promo caps by garinungkadol.

-Most caps were sourced from probably the two most comprehensive capping sites on the net, cap_it and dj_capslock.

If I have used your work (that you can see) and your name does not appear on this list please verbally abuse me and i'll see to it that you're credited. I do sometimes forget to update this page when I d/load and/or use people's stuff. It's not intentional.
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