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my trip to hess [12 Oct 2007|01:15am]
[ mood | angerrrr ]

so im pretty sure this update is directly related to the fact that i have a set of pictures to upload! Weee...and because im still on that dratted facebook revolt, i shall make you all come here for my pictures.

last friday the girls from work and i went out to hess. we had a fun time. you can tell by the smiles! ... not much else to say other than: laura got smashed, boys are stupid and cant dance...and we looked pretty hot.

this is how it all went down...
-i worked on friday 1-8 ... then i went to Laura's house... we got ready, had some drinks ...continued getting ready and then called a taxi. he put on some sweet tunes.

down in hess.
Side Bar
- apparently the place to go for cheap shots.
- one bathroom break and one crispy crunch later [i mean the shot, not the chocolate bar]
- katie (the oldest of our crew at 23) wasnt allowed in bc her id was expired...and because
the guy at the front was a lewser. read: loser...who has no friends!...

onward and upward... to Koi?.
-much dancing and fun to be had here... drinks, good music, the dj personally asked us what
we wanted to hear...
-the nice man at the bar treated all of us (katie, mary jo, taryn, laura, stephanie, myself)
to shots. nicely done.
-dancing... among other things upstairs... nice view of hess... nice people... dance dance

Next door: big dance club with a guy who couldnt dance to save his life. luckily Maryjo saved mine! ... thankyou... he was a creepo.

... then laura was too drunk...so we brought her home, i got her inside, and slept. morning.
i hate morning on a good day... even less when im not in my own house in my own bed... needless to say laura and i felt crappy [her more so] ...

to work by 845am to open the store...Lucky for us Brendhan came in early!!! and then went to mcdonalds [ew. but necessary...breakfast mcgriddle!] ... worked all day. then came home to help mum prepare for thanksgiving.

thats basically it. and ill hopefully have more pictures when Taryn gets her computer fixed!


HESSCollapse )

and that is that. enjoy. comment. love.

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Order of the Awesome [13 Jul 2007|09:45pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

So.. im pretty sure Order of the Phoenix was AWESOME-SPECTACULAR-AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT!!

It was just. just so good. SO GOOD!

i will upload the pictures soon - i guess.

eeeeeeeee. only 8 days until the FINAL BOOK

excited much?


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School on the Brain in Summer [06 Jun 2007|05:59pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well.. i know its summer and i really shouldn't be worried about school -- but i got my marks and i passed everything!! The class i thought i failed in first term (Human Learning and Cognition) i passed with a level 5!! and the class that i failed first term [the full year course] i brought up to a 60% with my solid awesome 2nd term marks.
So im definitly "in" for third year on "probation" by 0.2 so woo. Also when NEXT summer roles around i'll be taking another 2nd year course to make up for the one i didnt take this past year... so if i ace it and it's added to my 2nd year courses... my marks will hopefully shift up that 0.2 [not percent, but a 5.8 where i need a 6.0]...which would mean that i'd definitly get in for fourth year...especially if i get solid marks this year.

lets celebrate.

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broadcasting from Sara's tangential universe [04 Apr 2007|10:33pm]
[ mood | chasing flutterbies ]

ive been rather out of sorts lately. dunno why...or really whats different, i just feel...odd. not really my usual self. hoping its the weather and that it shall pass.

either that or its pre-exam jitters. tomorrow, the 5th, is my last day of classes..then begins the uphill climb to the summit of the exam-writing mountain.

20th-exercise physiology
21st-social psychology

-stats may take a LONG time to do because its all math problems and multiple choice questions
-history...to prepare i have to do some MAJOR REVIEW of module III and pretty much write and memorize 2 separate essays ...thats the final section of that test and only 2 of 3 essay topics will be on the exam. woo.
-exercise physiology..well as long as i get another 87% i should be fine. damn im in for a long haul...start studying friday me thinks
-social psych...text book: i will ROCK YOU

on a much happier note:
-work rocks...but the new system was implemented on monday, and im hoping that the new scanners are in tomorrow so i wont have to freak about codes and such.
-art has been coming along nicely...im improving thats for sure
-we've passed the 100 days mark till HP#5 hits theatres -JULY 13TH just so you know
-kris turned 20...happy bday yesterday to ya m'dear, hope to see you soon
-i received my "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" soundtrack last friday from my dad. EEEEEE its INSANELY INSANE!
-tomorrow is TRIANGLE REUNION DAY *celebrates* -- after work. dunno where dunno what..but WOO

okay. class ...review...reading.
shite im freaked about exams already and i dont start for another 13 days. EE! less than 2 weeks. *is doomed*

heres to hoping bed bugs don't bite.

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AN UPDATE? WHAT IS THIS? [16 Mar 2007|12:22pm]
***You Are The Moon***

You represent the unconscious side of life, what happens in dreams.
You are capable of great genius - but also of great madness.
Emotions tend to be primal for you, both your fears and your fantasies.
Your intuition is always right, listening to it is the difficult part.

Your fortune:

You are about to embark on a very important journey - and a very difficult one.
Some of your deepest dreams will be realized, as well as some of your deepest nightmares.
Follow your creativity and visions; stay away from your weaknesses.
You are taking a voyage to the center of yourself, and you may be pleasantly surprised by what you discover.

What Tarot Card Are You?
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death by finals [06 Dec 2006|06:43pm]
[ mood | reasonable values, anyone?! ]

wow. a lot has been going on lately. i have a new job -- im working at an art supply store in hamilton.. it rocks ... it was kinda nerve wracking at first, but now i love it!
Monday was the last day of classes before exams (my first being this friday). i missed monday's classes because i had my first trip to Toronto General Hospital for checkup and to meet my new cardiologist. it was frightening. i had the usual echo (ew), a chest x-ray, an ecg and then met with Dr. Silversides and a resident...the resident was awesomely-nice asked a lot of questions and went over the stuff Sick Kids sent them.. i found out some interesting things.
- apparently i have stenosis of my pulmonary branch (narrowing) due to the scar tissue
- there MAY be a residual hole in my septum
- my aortic valve MAY only have two cusps (instead of the usual 3)
--- they are not entirely sure about those last two things bc the echo wasn't 100% clear (more on that later)
- also...i never knew about this, but the parentals did.. .there is some pressure gradient...somewhere ahhaa i dont even remember where they said. .. but it hasnt changed much since surgery so the doctors aren't too concerned about it

next May i have to go back to Toronto General for a special kind of stress test. They inject something into you to simulate exercise/stress on the heart...(im told there is an antidote just in case haha...) at least there is no actual exercise involved (woo!) ...and then on my next visit (now in 1yr gaps, not two like at sick kids) i will have an MRI done so they can get better pictures of my heart to see if my cusps are wrong and if there is a residual whole (they dont think there is... but lets be safe.) .. there was some talk about the future, but since im one of the first to have it done, they dont have that much information.... there was some mention of pace makers/defibrillators (sp) ... just in case, but at this point i shouldnt worry (or something?) ... and... yeah the only people to have it done are only like 25 or something, so again, they dont have THAT much info.

They said im "good-to-go" .. but still, this talk of the future, of pace makers and stenosis that i never knew about.. its enough to make a girl to nuts! espech with the stress of exams looming over me... its really scary. it makes me think "why stress over exams, when i might have to have a pace maker or something shoved into me... " lets hope it doesnt come to that, eh?.

its 5:40pm, do you know where your 2c06 notes are?

on a happier note, i have the rest of today and tomorrow before and after work to finish review of stuff im freaking about. thank the lord for chocolate and exam outlines...oh and review sheets (lets not forget about extra info from profs.)
an update was necessary,

The working Girl
(yours truly -- in friendly confusion)

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an update? QWHAT?! [27 Nov 2006|07:55pm]
[ mood | reading to do. pshaw. ]

so...stuff went down this weekend past. Friday did some work. Saturday watched hp1 and 2 with my mum while doing some homework. Then at 930 i picked up Kathleen and Bret and we went to the Pen Centre to see CASINO ROYALE and i DIED.
go see it if only because daniel craig is so smexy. omfg.
mona and i were talking about it during break today... just being amazed and such by the awesomeness that is daniel craig. the muscles. the EYES. gah.

go see it now. NOW!

and sunday i cleaned/did an assignment/gramma came over.

and on an even happier note, i have an interview tomorrow!!
huzzah. lets hope i score that job .. life would ROCK if i did ;)

ps: im in full Harry Potter mode... and i feel like chocolate. (funny i dont look like chocolate...)

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raining...again [11 Nov 2006|01:05pm]
Hi all. [and by all - this usually means Erica and Laura lol]

Today i was supposed to take my Gramma out shopping for her birthday. I got up and made some hotchocolate when my dad came inside and said "you dont have to take Gramma today" and i was all confused. Turns out she called and said she didnt want to go because its miserable outside. I guess thats fine [it has to be] .. and ill end up getting more homework and studying. All works out in the end...and i just finished watching art-attack!

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hallowe'en!! [31 Oct 2006|11:41pm]
[ mood | happy happy happy ]

TODAY ROCKED! Hallowe'en has got to be my favourite time of year...ever..it sorta snuck up on us this year so we only had 2 pumpkins carved by nathan and i last minute... no major decorations or anything. Nathan took a lot of our hallowe'en stuff down to his friends house and they spent the night scaring kids [i heard the screams]

Ive got a jumble of pictures from today at school and at home:
Happy Hallowe'en Everyone!Collapse )

We had such a great day today! lots of fun and lots of candy!

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[26 Oct 2006|10:20pm]
[ mood | an update! whoa! ]

A couple of weeks ago my family and i went out for dinner to celebrate my grandmothers 74th? bday and my sisters 21st! .. the we [nate, mum, gramma and i] went bowling after!

Pictures AboundCollapse )

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no! [14 Oct 2006|03:45pm]
[ mood | crushed smashed and broken ]

the worst thing just happened.
im not going to say what.

it was just...the worst.

crying now.

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school is cool...and time consuming.. [18 Sep 2006|06:39pm]
[ mood | so much to do! ]

i havent died, im just really busy.
still working weekends @ cirque.
going to school...2nd yr kin woo.
lots to read. lots to do.
just wanted to say im still here. .. or i am attempting to be here

bye! off to do more school work.

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so...11 days later... [31 Aug 2006|11:43am]
[ mood | my soulmate leaves me soon. ]

Hey. I'm too lazy to upload ANY pictures from the circus party last last thursday... meh they'll make it up eventually haha...

So.. not too much has gone down in the last bit. Work has been work. Life has been busy. Not too long ago [in fact it may have been this past monday - tho i cannot be sure] Erica, Angela and I went out for a last hurrah because Angie is off to rez and Erica leaves this saturday for her appartment. So like last monday say... we went out for school supplies at office depot, then to chapters/starbucks...omg Chapters. ERICA!! the canoe canoodler! hahaaaaaaaaaahahhaaa. love. Yeh erica and i had a great laugh over Cosmo's Aqua Kama Sutra haahahaaa [no graphic pics don't worry] ..angela just shook her head at us [we luff you angie] ... so i bought an organizer and then we got some starbucks.. MMM venti vanilla late! yum yum yum. Then we decided to jet over to the Pen Centre [i thought grand & toy was still there...um nope!] so..after wandering for a while zellers gave me [well i bought them] 5 notebooks...and then we decided "hey lets go out to fourth ave!!" ...so there we [ange and i] split the bill on shoes [BOGO!!!] so i got the shoes i wanted bc they had them in my size.  ...then we came home, got a movie  [She's the Man -- omg channing tatum] and watched it at Erica's... mom had taken the car to work by 10 ish...but we couldnt get a hold of angie's parentals...so we walked here and she slept over and i drove her home in the morning... my migraine had come back full-force so i had to call in to work sick... then back to work... then off monday...then back tuesday, wednesday, now today.

basically thats all thats gone down. lol .. tonight and tomorrow night will be busy ish...i get home from work and erica and i are going for a walk [each night] because she leaves on saturday for her appt..but im working so i wont get to see her go! i want to cry. for a long time.
imma miss you soulmate ;)

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Darien Lake [friday] [20 Aug 2006|12:19am]
[ mood | completely zZzZz'd ]

So this past friday, Erica, Jessica, Scott and I all jazzed over to DARIEN LAKE for a fun filled day of brain jarring rollercosters! 
The night before [thurs.] i got home at 11, 1130 - from work and then waited for mom to come home from work so i could use the car and go get some groceries for my lunch/snack for DL. Then jessi said we may not go... so then it was like 130 so i called and was all "hey. so are we going or not? cause i still need to go get food and money" and shes all "yeah, we're going" so...
2am and im out at sobeyes/the bank getting food and money for DL! home and in bed my 345am. awake at 645am [yeah 3hrs of sleep]
picked up by 8ish and on the road to the duty free [for tickets] ...and there was a timmies run in there somewhere [ooh coffee and a tea biscuit]... i think we got to the park around 1015-1030... first ride = SUPERMAN... wooooohoooo. 
so...in total we had a rockin day.
cliffhanger = 2x in a row
mind eraser= 5x?
viper= 5x?
... bumpercars, the ferris wheel...the log ride for a cooldown... and just a lot of wicked stuff. here are the PICTURES!

Thats it for ...it. haha Got home around 11pm, uploaded the pictures to my computer...said hi to mom. Talked with andi and whitney... 
said bye to andi - he's off to Cayo-Coco, Cuba with a friend for a week.

almost ready for school... hurrah for some shopping..and ...note books...and using our muddy-brains...


okay.. time to read/sleep!
steal all you like...
-The Empress/Nancy Drew/ Sra

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thursday [12 Aug 2006|02:13am]
[ mood | happy they're up. ]

Well i had this all typed and ready to go, but then poof the page randomly reloaded and all was lost. So thursday was a great day. Got up, got to 'clean' the bowl my dad was using for banana bread [yum], went shopping in st.kitts with dad [bought a new back pack and some new novels to read] and then dad and i went to a new art store up on martindale... pretty sweet [they have copic markers!!!].
Then we got home around 450 and i called jessi...we [jessi and scott and i] bladed up to the LCBO for 'the goods' and then we made it home around 545, i had dinner and the got ready to go. By 7pm, we were on our way to get Angela and then off to the falls! We made it there in decent time, by 20 to 8pm. Went to the box office to find Curtis for our tickets...but he wasnt in there so i asked Gabe where he was and apparently he was in the other kiosk. So a few frantic knocks later and TADAH BestFriend appears! so we get escorted over to the tent and to Andrew who after a hug -for andrew- and 'the handshake' for bestfriend...we got our seats. It was awesome... then after the show we drove down to clifton hill, parked and walked around for an hour or so... then came back to jessi's for a drink [not i bc im the dd]...all'n'all a pretty sweet night.

Alright, so that's it .. comments make my smile as you all know. Er, Jess and Ange - steal all you like hahaa.
yeah its now 3:23am so i should maybe read a bit and then hit the hay.

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i was this old when i _____ [10 Aug 2006|02:08am]
[ mood | distressed about stuff ]

Fell in love: i dont think i have.. for real..

Lost your virginity: ...not yet my friends!

Lost someone close to you: 18... a friend passed away

Drank alcohol: 17 for family gatherings on holidays, socially [with friends]19!

Smoked weed: never

Got your heart broken: for real? 18

Got arrested: never

Smoked a cigarette: never

Broken a bone: never

Rode the city bus: first year uni... so 18/19

Went to a concert: never

Met someone famous: young [if you count figure skaters as famous]

Dyed your hair: 14 - grade 8 [4 little golden streaks]

Got your first cell phone: 15 - needed it because i had rowing practices

Got a Myspace:dont have one...

Snuck out of the house:never?

Got your own digital camera: 17...yeah documents my life as you know..

First time you got drunk: never woken up with a hangover...so .'. i've never considered me 'drunk' -- just tipsy and extremely tipsy

Read Harry Potter: 14 - end of grade 9 i got hooked.

Traveled across the ocean: never...:(

Wore a toga: never! lol

Traveled out of state/country: 4 - went to myrtle beach

Shopped at Abercrombie/M&S: not yet

Went to Disney World: never

Went on a date: 18

Saw a Broadway/West End play: never, though i have seen the nutcracker!

How old are you now: 19

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[09 Aug 2006|11:17am]
[ mood | giddy *.* ]

a few quizzes to pass the morningCollapse )

okay. imma go skip rope now...

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shoutout [08 Aug 2006|11:39pm]
hi chris. you are awesome, kind, and such a gentleman!
friends forevar?
yeah. i thought so.
what's your poison?

The Last Hurrah [08 Aug 2006|12:06am]
[ mood | i will miss kathleen. ]

Well. What can i say...really. Tonight [well this evening] was Kat's last hurrah. She's leaving at 630am on Wednesday morning for a plane ride to Iowa. Her and Bret are driving back up here [to their new appt in windsor] for this coming school year. It's gonna be sad not to have kathleen living right across the highway, but we'll see each other during the holidays she spends back home.
So, for our last hurrah Kathleen and I went out to Port Dalhousie for a few rides on the Carousel, some ice cream in waffle cones [yum], more carousel rides, a wander to the end of the pier and back, and a trip to Old Port Candy where we checked out the goods...and bought pop shoppe pop [cream soda for me and lime ricky for kat]...then after everything we decided we'd go see if the pen was open...yeah it wasn't so we watched "John Tucker Must Die" and it was REALLY funny and good. and you should all go see it...even if ashanti's in it hahaa.

so. here are the pictures and one video of our evening!!
The Last HurrahCollapse )

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busy body [07 Aug 2006|02:43am]
[ mood | caffeine withdrawal. ]

wow. it's been a busy few days. lets see...this past week:

a lot of just plain working...blah blah blah.
Andi is my new "boyfriend" ... though i think he thinks im joking/ not serious...
's coo' 's coo'

SO. my life is a soapopera atm [not completely, but enough] ...nothing i can write about here, so... more on that never.

Lets see... i think it was last friday...so 2 days ago [well 3 cause apparently its 3am on monday] i got home from work at around 1150pm...popped online and said to jessica and erica "get your clothes on [not jammies, though really jammies work too] cause we're going for coffee @ the complex...i missed them and needed to update erica on the soap opera/ tell jessica about it... so we were there from midnight till like 230am! sweet.

then, yesterday..up around 1030am... sit around, get some sunshine...ready for work.
WORK... then nicole and charlotte went home, but dawn, nathan and i went to the boat house with whoever else went [lotta ppl: some performers, laura, dave, dennis, judy, amanda, best-friend-curtis [i drove there with him] cal, luis...whoever..

i had a whole 7$ on my person.. i was going to get 1 thing [food, no drinks], but that never seems to be the case when best-friend is there.
so... sara had: [if i remember...but not in an proper order]
-malibu rum and pineapple juice
-sex on the beach
-twisted screwdriver
-melon ball [or] sweet tart [tho i think it was a melon ball]
-lemon drop [straight vodka shot and quickly suck on the sugared lemon wedge]
-sex on the beach...again

then..drive home [not me. duh] home around 130...texting on the way home...getting ready for bed/in bed...texting. waiting for a reply...fell asleep..woke at 430am with my phone in my hand...
"oops sorry, fell asleep" and put it on the charger.
then tonight.. home around midnight. get the girls and back to the complex for a night of good clean fun [talking with coffee, nuggets and ice caps [coffee for me, ice caps for jess and er] nuggets for jess and i] with the purpose of organizing thursday, updating the two points of the triangle on the soap opera that is my life... and just hanging out bc i will miss them when school starts up. tho we promise to stick together.

home around 245am? 230am maybe... and now im here .. updating.

i really hope thursday works out -- and ill bring the camera and we'll have a lotta fun and WOOH it will be awesome.

and later today [today being monday] i will see kathleen and nicole and we will have a day of bonding because kathleen is moving to her new appt. for school in a few days.

k. sweet.
o'er 'n' out

-admiral/peek freans 
//EDIT//we didnt start the fandomCollapse )//EDIT//

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