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Welcome to my journal, where you get to deal with all my rants and daily shit. Don't like it? Leave =].

Tim. Timothy. Timmy on rare occasions. Attends Sachem High School East. Junior. Loves to draw. Loves music, both listening and preforming. I love R&B, Soul, and Gospel. Plays alot of wind instruments. Is in the Marching Band. 3 years of fun. In the Colorguard. Yes a guy in Colorguard. I love it. I'm honest, and raw. Though I hate when people say "You will know if I like you or not.". I don't like MySpace, but I've had one for years. I am a web-designer, and I do my own HTML/ CSS. I've designed for 6 years so far. I have back-stabbed, lied, and judged people before, I'm not perfect. I am a really good person though. I will talk to you if you need someone to talk to. I can jazz-run hehe. lol l;gjkd;f. k p'z.

I haven't designed in awhile, but this is my latest layout, for LJ that is. Entitled Cyanide, inspiration from my very old friend Miyu, who I miss a lot =[. Features the duo Azure Ray, whos lyrics I ADORE. The design took about only an hour, and coding about 3 hours. A quickie I guess haha.

Live Journal. Someone want to host me =]. It's been a longgg time since that.



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Hmm... [021107 ; 12.06]
I havent done this in awhile! I don't know why I'm so on and off with doing this, I get so excited that I'm going to reopen a journal and then 2 days later its like lol okay byeee~
But anyway, life is good. Except for today, I got my cellphone taken way because I went over my texts by 735 whooppssss. Idk what it is about it, I just hate calling people, I'd rather text hahahaa.
And btw with marching band we got cheated and got 5th place. But before we even went on the field I cried like a baby infront of the whole guard because the season was over after this final competition. Whats wrong with meeeeeee. Then when we got 5th I was like~ Oh this is just dandyyyyy. Whatever mann..
Other than all of that, I got a good report card :). Also Ive started looking at colleges... I really wanna go to Sacred Heart University, they have a good Graphic Design program I hear, along with a marching band and winterguard!! All i want in a schooool :). Plus a church thats being built, I dont know why im happy about that, but I like the fact that I can still go to church while I'm away from home.

Thats about it.. Im gonna do this more oftenn again haha.

[081406 ; 10.56]
i hate being lonely.

[081306 ; 01.00]
k so last night was a huge waste.

I had nothing to do and the MB was going to preform at Holbrook for I don't know why, but were invited to go every year. But the thing was, it was supposed to be 2 weeks from now and they had to reschedual to last night, so only about 15 of us could go out of the 90 or whatever there are =\. It was really really embarassing lol. There was about 7 guard members, and we didnt get to spin, we had to hold a banner lol WOO. But we just hung out and danced and chilled and did nothing most of the time, or the 30 minutes that we were there.. we didnt even get to go to the carnival. wtf man.

after that i stayed at brians and we watched Madeas Family Reunion -- Funny movie, except i've noticed all of Tyler Perry's movies involve some bitch gettin slapped every 2 secs, that kinda sucks for them =\. Oh well~*

ew i have work later =[.

[081306 ; 12.55]

lol I have a hot Guard face.

[081206 ; 05.57]
so I have'nt used my LJ in like 2983 years. oh well lol.

this summer wasnt all that great =[. i cant wait till school starts kinda, but no one is in my classes!! Vik is in my math class so I'm happy about that =].

0 - Wind Ensamble - Mr Cruz
1 - English - Mr Figueroa
2 - History - Mr Jabobsen
3 - Media Arts - Mr Gambler
4 - Concert Band - Ms Cook
5 - Gym [A] - Mr Forman
5 - Math [b] - Ms Albino
6 - Math - Ms Albino
7 - Spanish - Ms Guercio
8 - MusicTheory - Dr Armann

Sounds like an easy year?

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