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My babies

I miss Cass: she read and spoke in movement, she was bred and raised to be a weapon and instead chose to save lives, she knew the Bat and loved Steph.

And I miss Tim: he made himself a Detective because he loved Dick, he became Robin because somebody had to, he remained Robin because he didn't thought Tim would be loved.

And I miss Barbara: when the world tried to put her in a fridge, she made herself the world's most important hero.


Rumour has it...

... TPTB have decided that DCnU-Tim Drake is going to never have been Robin.

I think this is a short-sighted move from them (assuming the rumour to be true), but, although Tim-Drake-as-Robin is probably second only to Bruce/Batman in terms of comics characters that hold personal meaning to me, I don't feel as slighted by the retcon as I initially thought I would be.

When you get right down to it, Tim Drake-as-things-other-than-Robin was probably around half of my overall fannish output, right? It's likely that they have also changed his personality in ways that would make me angry, should I read the material, but the change on his resume isn't, on itself, something that puts me off.


Comic QOTW

I get a little OCD about things. Tim Drake, Red Robin #21.

(I didn't put it under a cut tag, as it's literally the first line of the comic. Let me know if I should anyway.)


Going back to comics...

If you ever wanted to see Tim taking over Lexcorp and using their resources to bring Kon back to life (and there was a time when all of us wanted to see that), then Marvel is providing a very nice cross-universe analogue with Prince of Power #1, where an angsty teenage genius mythslaying billionaire (their words, not mine) is using the vast intellectual and material resources at his disposal to accomplish the most important thing in the world: bringing back his best friend.

Needless to say, highly recommended.
Title: Five Things Bruce Wouldn't Have Done, But Tim — as Batman — Did
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DC AU
Author Notes: This is a quite OOC, awfully self-serving piece of implausible, underplotted fic. I'm ashamed. But it was fun.

Five Things Bruce Wouldn"t Have Done, But Tim ---as Batman--- DidCollapse )


The road not taken


A very rushed fic

Title: The surety of death's steps

Maybe Tim Drake would have noticed the Batman's erratic, self-destructive behavior after Jason's death, and approached Bruce Wayne on his own. Alfred didn't want to take the risk. He knew how much Bruce needed somebody like him.


Fic: On a steel mirror (PG13, DCU)

Title: On a steel mirror
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DCU
Author notes: Spoilery for Teen Titans #51. You probably already know which scene.

Spoilery fic below the cutCollapse )


Ficlet: Replacement Hero (PG13, DCU, Tim)

Title: Replacement Hero
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DCU
Character: Tim
Author Notes: A birthday gift for vespa331.
Summary: Somebody should do it, and Tim can. He needs no other reason.

It"s only temporary. Tim isn"t replacing the man; there"s probably nobody in the world who could. He"s just filling in until he recovers from his injury.Collapse )


Fic: Lateral Moves (DCU, PG13)

Title: Lateral Moves
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DCU
Summary: Tactical changes aren't incompatible with strategic consistency.
Author Notes: Spoilery for the latest Robin.

It was easier than he thought it would be. That didn"t mean it was easy; nothing that had anything to do with keeping Bruce as close to functional as possible ever was.Collapse )



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