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  • Much more sexually R-rated than I expected it to be (the violence was, of course, a given).

  • The fourth wall is broken, the pieces are reduced to rubble, the rubble is thrown into the sea, and the area where the fourth wall used to be is salted with radioactive material.

  • Related to that, 97.3% of the movie consists of Wade Wilson making a quip, either in-universe or metatextual. A fair amount of them are downright crude, mind you, but not all. ETA: Although some of them could be triggery for "humorous" mentions of sexual violence.

  • There's a romantic relationship, because this is a Hollywood movie after all, and it being forced was one of my concerns, but it works quite well, I think (within the male protagonist wish fulfillment assumptions).

  • In fact, sexually explicit (for a Marvel movie) as the it is, it's also very unashamedly sweet. I think both things are related; the relationship side of the plot has nothing to do with the more usual tap-dancing around and platonic (in the philosophical sense) idealization of sex.

  • The end credits scene made me squee.

All in all, I went with the expectation of an ok time, and it was quite better than that.


Mad Max: Fury Road

I can understand why the Men's "Rights" (not enough scare quotes in the world for that one) movement is unsettled as hell about this movie. It's the most straightforward send-up of what Western patriarchy wants to be I've ever seen, and then, well, Emily Autumn's Fight Like a Girl might as well be the movie's unofficial theme song, that's what I'm saying.

The spoilery bit.Collapse )

Anyway, in summary: first-rate as feminist statement/operational plan, quite entertaining as an action movie, has the wrong title. But the already planned sequel will fix that last issue.


Hansel and Gretel

According to pretty much all reviews, the main critical question regarding Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters is: It's clearly bad, but is it bad enough to be good?

I'm going to go with yes. It makes no sense whatsoever, race and gender politics are awfully mishandled, it rates somewhere between Supernatural and Dexter in the incest-vibe-o-meter, and everybody is much better at snarking than fighting.

In other words, it's awful, but eminently fanficceable, even while you're watching it, and that's one of the ways in which a movie can be enjoyed.


Abraham Lincoln: Badass

That was pretty much the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Absolutely insane story- and history-wise, but of course that was to be expected.

Movie theaters are missing a huge profit opportunity by not selling "movie toys" for grownups: imagine the sales of dark glasses as people left the first Matrix movie. For this movie, axes would have been a hit.


Marvels plans to release a Guardians of the Galaxy movie on 2014.

Given their recent track record, it's not impossible that they'll do it right.

On the other hand, well, I'm a bit terrified.


Saw the Astroboy movie during the weekend

Or, as I will think of it henceforth, the saner Prometheus. It takes on many of the same issues — the reasons behind creation, and what happens to creatures (and what creatures can *do*) when creators change their minds.

The difference is, Astro can fly circles around the Prometheus crew in terms of his general sanity and gusto for life.


In any case it sounds more like my thing.

Here's my alternate ending for Prometheus.

Here be very clear and specific spoilers.Collapse )

As a matter of fact, the way the dialogue was going I was absolutely sure those were going to be the very next words, or words to the same effect. I felt the *point* of the movie, if there was any, was the progression between one attitude and the other, or at least a movement away from the point of origin.

Also, more spoilers.Collapse )


Superman vs The Elite

There were four movies, or rather four bits of movies, smashed up inside it:
Spoilers for the fourCollapse )

I found the first movie boring, and the second one made me angry, but the third and fourth were fun, and I'd watch the sequel.



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