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Just finished watching a couple of Leverage episodes. I had forgotten how much I love that team and their unnecessarily convoluted and oftentimes comedic shenanigans.

The final scene, Parker saying "we provide... leverage" is, of course, everything I could ask for, but I'm not sure Nate knew... Nah. I think he knew very well that Parker's Leverage will be much more, well, "ruthless" isn't quite the right word — Parker's heart is huge, they are all sweet people, which is why they fell in together so easily — but dangerous might be. Because Nate was an essentially lawful person lashing out for revenge and redemption, and very good at it, but with a certain holding-back. Doing a good job, a necessary job, and sort of enjoying it, but not always comfortable with the fact that he enjoys it.

Parker — Parker has never been what Nate was. She doesn't run Leverage because she got broken, she runs it because she got better, and, for the kind of people and systems they are going to go after now, her mind and her spirit are going to be a much better fit. For Nate it was always personal, there was always a face behind things, somebody to punish. Parker feels more in terms of systems to crack. Marks get their painful due, yes, but &madsh; and I'm probably over-reading, and certainly haven't had enough sleep lately &madsh; Parker's gesture as she said that last "leverage" was exactly right in its (very properly unsettling) difference.

I still got all the Nate-to-Parker transition feels, apparently.


Caveat Reader: I'm not in a good mood right now, and that led directly to writing this fic. It's a non-nice Leverage AU, and as Leverage is kind of fandom's comfort show, it's probably not really interesting even to fans of the show.

Title: Reverse Leverage
Fandom: Leverage AU.
Rating: PG18, just to be in the safe side.
Warnings: Probably doesn't induce happiness, so it's not really Leverage, I guess.

The bedside lamp exploded. Sophie kept her rhythm.Collapse )

Yes, I watch Leverage with a week of delay

I think The Two Live Crew Job is one of my favorite episodes yet. Not that the cons weren't very predictable ---and I think the premise could have been exploited in a deeper way--- but it was a very fun episode, and after all that's what I watch Leverage for at this point.

Some of the highlights for me: Wil Wheaton. Wingspans. Parker, like a dozen different times (the two or three things about ghosts were awesome). Eliot and Mikel's Batman-Vision (yes, that's totally how I called it! cf, for example, the "Tao" story in, IRCC, "Legends of the Dark Knight"). How everybody is in professional awe of Sophie, beginning with Nate.

There were some rather unsubtle points in the plot, but the interesting one was about the difference between a crew and a family.


Fic: The Purloined Conman (Leverage, PG13)

Title: The Purloined Conman
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Leverage
Summary: Everything is a con. The only variables are your leverage, your intentions, and the scope of it.

Nobody else in the team had thought they could pull it off. They knew what each of them were capable of, but even after working together so long, they hadn't grasped yet what they could do together.

Nathan had always known, though, and it hadn't surprised or unnerved him. They were conmen, and everything was a con.The only variables were your leverage, your intentions, and the scope of it.

Still, when sessions got particularly boring, Nathan wished he hadn't let Sophie talk him into stealing a Senate seat, even if congressional politics offered him a dozen daily chances to screw the corrupt and do some good. He hadn't thought about drinking in months, and there were days when the client mattered to him more than the final twist of the con.

He had the nagging suspicion his team had conned him good.

... I'm actually approaching them from the other side of spacetime.

I haven't seen Leverage S02E04 yet, but for a second I misread its title as "The Fairly Oddparents Job," and my heart grew three sizes. A Leverage/Fairly Oddparents crossover! Timmy needs to re-steal the magic cupcake and wishes to have the best thieving crew in the universe! Etc, etc. Cosmo trying to participate in a con would be hilarious.


It was made of awesome and thievery. Not a great scam, but everybody was funny and rocked, from their description of what they did between seasons to, well, everything. Parker is still my favorite, but there's no bad in them.



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