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A very rushed fic

Title: The surety of death's steps

Maybe Tim Drake would have noticed the Batman's erratic, self-destructive behavior after Jason's death, and approached Bruce Wayne on his own. Alfred didn't want to take the risk. He knew how much Bruce needed somebody like him.


Batman Confidential #8

Apologies for the spamming, but Alfred has just made my day:

A couple of long paragraphs of nerdy, porny Alfred quotes under the cutCollapse )

I squeed a *lot*. This was near Hypervelocity-level tech talk. Nothing fancy for near-future sci-fi, but compared to most comic book tech, it's gold. And it's Alfred. He has some other great bits, including I'd win the bloody Nobel for it if it wouldn't compromise some of your more sensitive secrets. *hearts* Bruce is great, too; it's the kind of Bruce I really see Ra's calling The Detective, a kick-ass fighter but above everything else an smart man.

If you ask me, Batman Confidential is the true All-Star Batman, a retelling that changes things but leaves them great.

Ego/Id - Cassandra, PG13

Fandom: DC Comics
Title: A closed door, an open window
Characters: Cassandra, Alfred
Rating: PG13
Prompt: #4, Ego/Id
Word Count: About a hundred words.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Don't own.
A/N: None.

There are lots of storage space in the Cave.Collapse )

Batman Chronicles #05

What an issue! Oracle's first case (with a Richard Dragon cameo). Gordon has yet another close encounter with Gotham. Alfred gives wee!Bruce advice that might just possibly have a certain something to do with his future (Alfred, I love you, but you are anything but inocent, old man).

I love my crazy, wonderful Gotham people.
Not my fault. Hers. And also minim_calibre, who came up with a truly evil summary.

SUMMARY: A pink feather boa threatens to change things between Bruce and Dick--4ever. Can Alfred save the day? Warning: Angst and slash

I did what I could, but it sort of got out of hand. Sorry.

Layers of meaning.Collapse )

My current excuse: I blame Te.

Gotham Adventures #16, aka The One About Alfred. As this is getting a bit too repetitive [1. Read issue... 2. Squee... 3. Post... 4. Repeat...], I'll try and be a bit more explicit about why, exactly, this is such a hugely awesome series, using as an example this issue.

Or, you know, I might just squee a lot. We'll see.Collapse )

In short: it's the anti-comics!Batfamily. They don't doubt about themselves, their actions, or their partners. They all work together, have fun, and unleash holy hell over a Rogues' gallery made up of impredictable, thoughtful, *human* people.

As Ty Templeton answered when he asked him if he didn't dream about working with the "real" Batman: "I do".


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