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29 October 1987
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My name is Kiesha. I am 20 years young. Stand my ground at 5'5. Have brown eyes. Live in Pittsburgh. That's all you need to know. ♥
106 & park, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, abercrombie, aim, alicia keys, american eagle, anything pink, basketball, beer, being a kid again, being happy, being in love, bet, blank cds, blue's clues, boys, bracelets, breaking benjamin, brown eyes, butterflies, care bears, cartoons, cell phones, chatting, cingular, cool fonts, cool water, cosmogirl, cosmopolitan, cute shoes, dancing, dancing in the rain, dolce & gabanna, dooney & bourke, dora, dr. martens, driving, dying my hair, eric, eyeliner, eyeshadow, facethejury, family, fashion bug, flip flops, friday nights, friendship, ftj, glasses, golden girls, good attitudes, good charlotte, green day, gucci, guess?, hair dye, hello kitty, hollister, hoops, hot boys, hot days, hot guys, ice cream, iced tea, jc penneys, jeans, jewelry, kanye west, kenny chesney, less than jake, letters, lip gloss, lip stick, lollipops, looking at the stars, louis vuitton, love, lucky brand, make-up, maroon 5, mary j blige, math, meeting new people, mix cds, mtv, muscles, music, myspace, nail polish, nelly, nice boys, nice teeth, oldies, passions, pen pals, phone calls, picture phones, pictures, piercings, pink, pink flamingos, polka dots, prada, pretty pens, pretty smiles, psychology, punky guys, purses, ralph lauren romance, ribbons, rings, rue 21, sandals, scarfs, sheetz, shells, shimmery stuff, shopping, short skirts, singing in the shower, skittles, sleeping, snail mail, snow, soap operas, stickers, stuffed animals, summer nights, taking pictures, tanning, tanning lotion, tattoos, text messages, the mall, the radio, the real world, thongs, tiffany & co., tim mcgraw, tv, usher, versace, wal-mart, watches, wendy's, white teeth, working