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Time to say goodbye. [14 Jul 2004|10:15pm]
I've gotten all of my affairs in order and very, very soon I will be leaving this journal entirely behind. I've granted teacracker maintainer status of postpartum_pdx, as I feel she's truly the only one who could do that community justice. All of my other communities have been given away, as well. I'm just waiting on a new maintainer for portland_parent, and then I'll be on my way. Once that happens, this journal will be deleted, so be sure to remove me from your friends lists. It was interesting while it lasted.

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[04 Jul 2004|11:10pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

It's the biggest show in the Portland-Vancouver area and billed as the biggest west of the Mississippi.

According to the organizers, this is the biggest fireworks display west of the Mississippi--and if you've ever seen this annual event, it's easy to believe. The company in charge, Western International Fireworks, has more than 1,200 big, booming pyrotechnic products at its disposal and puts on a darn good show.

The explosives are launched from a barge on the Columbia River just east of the I-5 bridge, so the rolling lawns of the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site are a great spot to throw down a blanket. But go early if you want a good view--some 60,000 people usually turn out for the show. Prior to the fireworks display, you can check out the reconstructed Fort Vancouver, the Grant House and Marshall House on Officers Row, and live music starting at noon.

I'm not particularly proud to be an American, with a deluded sense of being "free", and I don't even know the men that died, who think they gave that "right" to me. But I'll gladly sit out in my courtyard to watch the colored glow, and there ain't no doubt, I love explosives. God bless my M-80s!

Yeah, all we had to do was sit in the lush, green grassy courtyard and watch as the skyline exploded in literally six different places. I fucking LOVE our view! Boomboomboomboom. Only in America would they celebrate their so-called indepence with massive amounts of liquor and explosives. "YAY U.S.A.! *blows a chunk out of it* WEE!"

I'm such a little kid when it comes to fireworks.

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HEY VIKKI, HOW TOTALLY HOT AM I? :D [03 Jul 2004|02:18pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

and we have crashed her body.Collapse )

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Tum tum tum! [03 Jul 2004|09:11am]
Happy Free Comic Day!

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[01 Jul 2004|02:01pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

The Phantom of the Opera, due out December 24th.

IT'S ABOUT FUCKIN' TIME, is all I can say. I just wish Michael Crawford could still have been the Phantom. ;-; I'm so much in lurve with him. Eeehee.


Mirrormask, from Neil Gaiman and Jim Henson studios. More information here and here.

The movie is supposed to come out this fall ... man, I hope so. It's in post-production, so my fingers are crossed. I'll buy the tickets in advance, that's for DAMN sure. I've been waiting for this movie for a few years, now. I first heard about it in Entertainment Weekly about two or three years back, when they had a still from the film featured, but not much else. Its style is easily compared to Labyrinth, but while I'm sure it will fall in the same vein of fantasy, I think this one will be far darker, since it's a Neil Gaiman story, and I really doubt it will be a musical.

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Huh. Who'dve thunk it? [30 Jun 2004|06:07pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

HEY, GUESS WHAT? Even with the lot of us sharing a large two-bedroom apartment, moderately using heat, moderately using the dishwasher and electricity in general, THE ELECTRIC BILL WAS ONLY FOURTY FUCKIN' BUCKS. Guess what THAT means? The ignorant, self-righteous morons that the lovely Erin replaced were running up the electric bill after all, my suspicions were correct. It's really just too bad that we hadn't had the foresight to get all bills documented, and the like. We could easily take them to small claims court to get back the money they robbed from us for extraneous rent and bills. Sigh!

It's really too bad they just don't realize what idiots they truly are, it's sad to see people who can't recognize their own faults. I really think that they're capable of being decent, likeable people ... they just don't make good roommates at all. They don't know how to co-exist with others. This made obvious by the fact that their roommate before us put them in the same exact situation they chose to put us in. Difference being that he only gave them two weeks notice, HAHA. He was THAT desperate to get away from them.

After doing the math, if we'd only gotten everything in writing, they would actually owe us a grand total of $342. $52 left of the $100 for the rental agreement fee, $200 in extraneous rent (they took up two-thirds of the apartment that we pretty much weren't allowed to go anywhere near without having to deal with their immature bitchiness, yet we were still made to pay half of the rent), and &90 for the electric bills they ran up. Technically, we could have even sued them to share the fees we had to pay to get into a new apartment because they broke the original agreement we'd had by bailing out on us. It would have been an easy win for us, since we could show how they reneged on their original agreement and were simply awful people to live with anyway. I'm really kicking myself for not getting everything in writing, damn it. I would LOVE to put those silly little nits in their place.

Really, I think the thing that gets me the most is that they'll never accept or realize that what happened was their own damned fault. They supposedly had all of these issues with us, yet neither of them had the balls to ever confront anything. They were awful people to live with, constantly judgmental, condescending, self-righteous, self-absorbed, and far more concerned with maintaining this false image of being better people than we. I mean, shit, if you've got an issue with something, you OPEN YOUR SILLY LITTLE MOUTH AND TALK IT OUT LIKE THE MATURE ADULTS YOU PRETEND TO BE. You don't act like pussies and just avoid it, then assume that you'll just be able to sneak right out of the agreement you'd made. When you ignore the little things, they fester and become more stress than they're worth. For people that are supposed to be so intelligent, you'd think they would know that already. They so readily judge the people they feel are a threat to them. After all, why would he have jumped in after all those weeks of silence, if not for being the pussy-whipped simpleton he really is? Oh, boo-hoo, "the girl" got her widdle feewings hurt because the roomies hated her and did everything in their power to get away from her. Wah wah wah wah wah. What's the fuss? You hypocrites were doing the exact same thing to us, we just had the resources to get our a lot more quickly than you.

Really, I never saw the point in her fuss, or his retarded eulogy for love lost. "Leave us alone. But only after we make up a bunch of bullshit to provoke you, okay? You're bad people whose bad karma will come back on you and you'll deserve it. But we wish we were back in New York so we could get someone to bash your knees in, 'cause we're good, mature adults who are obviously far more worthy of their kneecaps remaining intact than you." If it's over, then LET IT ALONE ALREADY. I'm at peace with who I am, I already know I'm extremely immature when it comes to handling dramatic situations with morons like you. I can live with that. Why can't you just accept that you're not as bright as you pretend to be, that you made just as many, if not more, mistakes as we did in the entire course of the situation, learn from it, grow from it, and move on? Why is it so important to you to dredge things up and try to discredit me? Methinks thou doth protest too much. Get over it already. You lost, big whoopity. We're out of each other's lives, let us just leave it that way, hm? Be glad we were stupid enough not to have gotten things in writing.

Oh, and by the way, Josh, maybe you ought to have a nice chat with Wendy and tell her all the sordid little things you told me during that drive to Multnomah Falls. You know, about how you want an "open relationship", but haven't the balls to go for one because you wouldn't mind fucking another woman, you just wouldn't be able to deal with the jealousy involved if she fucked another guy? The whole bit about how mean and stubborn she is when she doesn't get her way? How she's ignorant of anyone else's feelings, and the facts of the situation, when she's angry? Sort out all those precious little details and THEN try to accuse Tim and I of having a bad relationship.

There. Maybe there weren't so many pretty words, but how's that? Does that make you feel better to see a mindless rant about you and yours? Is it satisfying to read multiple paragraphs of vile accusations, threats, and bullshit aimed in your direction? Is that what you wanted? Well, there you have it. Now kindly remove me from your friends list and your life, thanks. Keep my name out of your mouth, out of your journal, and move on. If you wanted childishness to match your own, there you have it, babe. Buh-bye, mmkay?

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Pictures! [25 Jun 2004|08:54pm]
[ mood | happy ]

There's an entire gallery here, but here's some sneak peeks:

Why can't I breathe whenever I'm around you?Collapse )

Kittens, nose piercings, and beach bums abound!


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[22 Jun 2004|10:35am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Katie Couric and Matt Lauer get tough with Michael Moore on the 'Today' show.

Hmm. There are certain things from both interviews that have made me twitch a bit. I think I'll just have to see F9/11 and judge for myself, though I can already say that I don't agree with Moore having kept that footage of a soldier molesting a detainee to himself. He had that footage months BEFORE the Abu Ghraib images. >(

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DUDE, I AM SO GOING. [17 Jun 2004|02:18pm]
[ mood | dumbass-y with excitement ]

TESS, LOOK AT WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO MISS: http://www.faerieworlds.com/


dude. there'll be concerts with people all dressed up as froud faeries and imps and nymphs and stuff. it's so. whoa. it's totally like whoa. LIKE. WHOA.

I just saw the commercial for it and I all but died. Oh man, I can't WAIT! It's so nice being in a situation where we're not getting ripped off each month by our roommate, where we can actually afford to go and do the things we want to do! AHHH! CAN'TWAIT!

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Mree! [17 Jun 2004|12:52pm]
[ mood | triumphant & overjoyed ]

Waking up to the mewls of four happy, healthy kittens and the purring of their mum is absolutely the best thing in the world. Mum is doing fine and well, AND HEY GUESS WHAT?Collapse )

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Two to go? [16 Jun 2004|10:09pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

We're up to four healthy, alive and kickin' kittens! And it looks like she just might have one or two more to go. I'm so excited! I feel a lot better now than I did earlier; I was so worried about her. But she's doing great, now! It was just a normal speedbump that happens often when a cat has her first litter. One is black and white with the same pattern as Engel (white belly and feet, black back and face), one has Engel's pattern too but the dark bit is actually grey instead of black with stripes, and two are all white with little grey spots. They're all resting peacefully in their little closet nest. :) I'll have pictures in a few days.

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Dear God, make me a bird, so I can fly far, far away. [14 Jun 2004|06:56pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

I'm feeling flighty again. Things are changing, people are unmasking the monsters beneath their skin, and I'm getting really damned uncomfortable. It's the same feeling, in the pit of my stomach, that I got shortly before I ditched wingedlament completely. I may leave this journal behind sometime soon. I don't know, yet, who I'd take with me, should I decide to go somewhere new, to start over. I want a fresh start, I really do. I want to leave behind the stigma of this journal and all I have and have not accomplished with it. I want to begin anew, perhaps meet new people, make new friends, start over as Tim and I have had to start our life together over. Fresh, clean, all ties cut. Immerse myself in anonymity once more. There's too much drama here. Too many who I have yet to just remove from my friends list, who report back to people who seek only to hurt me. I'm tired of being judged for the things other people say. I'd keep this journal about to maintain its communities, much as I've done with wingedlament. Though, I think I'm finally going to delete wingedlament and lai_lovers. That's a part of my past, now. They're so far behind that I don't know that I want anything to do with them anymore. In fact, as soon as the paid account on __kerplooey expires, you can color me gone.

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This is lynduh. [14 Jun 2004|04:06pm]
[ mood | envious ]

She looks like my Angie, and I think I love her for it.

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... I ... I ... I ... [13 Jun 2004|05:38pm]
[ mood | LUST ]


I want that. I need that. David Bowie by Yoshitake Amano? You had better fucking believe I want it. I need it. I am fucking speechless. I've always adored the work of both men, and to have this sort of combination WITH A FUCKING STORY WRITTEN BY NEIL GODDAMNED GAIMAN. I'm dying.

I'd keep it secret, I'd keep it safe, on the shelf next to my Alan Rickman coin.

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PLAY WITH MY DUCK. [13 Jun 2004|04:34pm]
[ mood | amused ]

my pet!

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Ermkay. [12 Jun 2004|03:43pm]
Hi, DON'T DO THE SAUSAGE THING, alright. Apparently it's something that was made to swipe your Livejournal passwords. DON'T DO IT. If you've already done it, open IE, go to Tools, then Internet Options and Clear History, plus Delete Files and Delete Cookies, then delete the journal entry and change your password. Apparently the Russian language meme thing does it, too, so don't do that one, either.

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Postpostpost. [12 Jun 2004|12:33pm]


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Hey, kids! [09 Jun 2004|10:07am]
[ mood | amused ]

Check this out! I guess I was right after all, aw. ;) Poor little poser. Got shot right the fuck down. Boohoo, huh?

AND HEY, BABY, GOOD JOB DELETING YOUR COMMENTS. Too bad I've got them in e-mail format and have decided to re-post them in a way you can't be rid of them. ;D What, afraid someone else might notice your stupidity?

Don't tangle with me, girl. You can't handle this.

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Wahaha! [09 Jun 2004|09:46am]
[ mood | silly ]

_ankle_couture! Join, biznatches, you know you want to. :D

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[08 Jun 2004|09:41pm]
[ mood | bored ]

The moderator of "hospital" posted this in response to this entry. I just couldn't take it and had to respond, so just in case the comment gets deleted, this is what I said:

"You know, I'm just curious ... how can you tell if she's 'dull' when the questions you provide for your so-called application are pretty dull and typical in and of themselves? In fact, how can you sleep at night with half the things you say to the people that you reject? Honey, you really need to learn to offer constructive criticism, not hurtful taunts or vague, unintelligent remarks like 'you seem dull'. I'm sorry for busting in on your community like this, but I really felt the need to say something after having browsed through a greater portion of the community. Overall, you present yourself as a very shallow person with high standards for people who, from what I've seen, have more of a right to be accepted to any rating community than you do. I've seen your pictures, and in my opinion you're very plain Jane in appearance. There isn't much of anything that strikes me as unique or particularly 'hot'. I'm not saying you're ugly, because you're not. However, you don't seem to put much effort into maintaining your community in a fair and just manner. In fact, you don't put much effort into properly maintaining the community on the whole. Sure, you've got a decent layout going on, but there are a great deal of misspelled words in the user info (which is an instant turn-off for most people, and likely a reason you don't have that many members or people of more intelligence applying), you whore the community out by requiring that new applicants promote it (a job that ought to be left entirely up to you and the current members, as it just isn't fair to make someone promote a community they've ultimately been rejected from), which is yet another turn-off for a number of people who might have otherwise applied. Was this community a result of your personally being rejected from other rating communities? Or are you actually hoping to run a quality rating community? Because it looks like you need a lot of help. Not only in the personality department, what with all of your dull, uninteresting comments and posts, but in the maintenance of the community itself. Really, I just think you, and other members of the community, could learn to be a little nicer to your applicants and a little less judgmental, especially when you're rejecting people for reasons you likely would have been rejected if you weren't the moderator. A little less hypocrisy is always nice. Anyway, I'm not trying to be a bitch, I'm just showing you what real criticism is, how to actually spell 'criticism', and attempt to promote some decent manners on behalf of the people you put down and ridicule for such low, shallow reasons."

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