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a dream we were convinced of [02 Nov 2007|03:52pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

you see sorrow gets too heavy and joy it tends to hold you with the fear that it eventually departs.

i kind of regret not getting tickets to bright eyes. i always forget that fall and winter are my times where i listen to conor nonstop. his voice is just perfect for cold weather, but maybe that's just me. maybe i just make things seem to perfect, like walking in the snow and listening to bright eyes, that is perfect.

i love the days where your alarm keeps going off, but you keep hitting the snooze button. eventually you have to get up. 

it's funny, crime. why are we so in awe with violence these days? (by all, i mean the majority of the population, i am not amazed by it) Yesterday the news reported two seventh graders fighting one another, and i think it is sick that people that young are already physically hurting others. when people think a fight is about to happen, they get all hyped. it's sad.

i don't understand the concept of murder,i really don't. war is murder. genocide is murder.

what happened to talking, or did talking ever exist?

the world really needs to practice this thing called communication as opposed to killing.

college, oi vey.
i think that sums up how i feel about college.

my day? well it was lovely.
tommorrow? can't wait. 

let's love. 

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scatter brained [01 Nov 2007|07:23pm]
[ mood | scattered ]

the lead bellied fell in love with the tv screen
& since then it has never been quite the same.
the dinner table seems empty because he's off
fighting in the war.

random thoughts, random words, incoherent sentences. 
my mind feels blank at this moment.

the lead bellied, well they don't have minds.
they occupy my mind. 

it's crazy.

i'll keep quiet now, i am making no sense. this is what happens when lack of sleep finally catches up with you.
i wish they would leave my house so i could run. you wish you knew who they were.

they are real people, i promise. haha. 

they (noun,plural) - my mom and her friend. 

sleep, here i come.

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