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Radio Pirate Andy

Every drawing that I drew was never ever as cute as you.<3
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omg today [Friday
April 28th At 11:11PM]
[ mood | buzzin ]

today was awesome
i hung out with sum
sweet peeople :D
pictures oposted la8er
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an old picture [Wednesday
March 15th At 11:35PM]
[ mood | tired and cranky ]

theres no point in putting one picture behind a lj cut
plus i want everyone to see this picture anyways

Comments are wanted! Trust me.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Incase you couldnt tell, thats Heather F. and Me in ninth grade.
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do it. [Tuesday
December 13th At 10:27PM]
[ mood | amused ]

say something mean to me.

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I'm an asshole but this is true. [Sunday
October 16th At 10:53PM]
I dont think you notice this, but you're loosing your friends every second. And you're talking to people you dont even know / dont know at all, just so you can bitch and cry to them.

.Bite Me.
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Friends only Faggots [Wednesday
July 27th At 8:46PM]
[ mood | touched ]

Friends Only
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*Comment to be added*
**Add me first, then comment**

this journal is totally DRAMA FREE!

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