i had some dreams. they were clouds in my coffee. she seeks to find the reasons her life didn't turn out more like a movie & she's trying to forget it all

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[07 Aug 2011|12:06pm]

the mirror [02 Dec 2007|03:35pm]
my friends at the mirror can't believe i have a livejournal.



i'm done.

quotes from key westttt [19 Mar 2007|04:36pm]
1."I so liked meeting you. Dude.Lol"
2."The army is hott"
" Really? no one has ever said that before"
3."Youre the coolest girls ive ever met..give me a hug" (in country accent)
5."Slap my ass!"
7."Glass bottom boat feeling"
8."2 minutes, 1 seat."
9."Where's my crack money?"
10."She thought you were a beggar."
11."Is it 21 or older to get in?"
" No its 25 or older"
12."Ladies, please be careful of these crackheads up ahead."
13."Are you guys straight?"
14."Chase, We're gunna get evicted.."
" I DONT GIVE A FUCK. Do you want me to spell it for you? i dooooooooont
giiiiiiiiiive aaaaaaaaa fuuuuuuuuck."
15."Why do they overbook? Seriously!!"
16."Are you boarding?"
"No they arent"
"Oh really?
"Haha Im just kidding"
17."Let's do a shot of vodka"
"Stephen, its 7oclock in the morning"
18."Im gunna fart..no Im not...oh crap I did"
19."Stephen, youre so whipped"
20."Joe, can we have your beads?"
21."Fuckin cockroaches"
22."This guy really wants to lick your twat"
23."Ew, he just touched me. Creeper."
24."I like your boots"
25."Ladies, you're in Key West now...Everythings expensive."
26."Thank you karen!"

back at school now. lamelamelame.

the weekend is over... [04 Mar 2007|09:16pm]
So this weekend wasn't exceptionally good or bad. It was interesting.

On Saturday, after Dan left, I did some work until Amanda and I went to Lonestar. Henry said he wanted to come down so he did. Then I decided that I didn't really want to stay at Amanda's for the night so I faked sick and went home. I really wanted to see Dan but it was 11 and he has been really tired lately. I want him to get rest though.

I remembered to bring Dan's framed picture home. He is so cute in it.

Anyway, today was wow. Yes, wow can be used in adjective form.
My mom drove me to Port Chester and then we ended up getting pulled over by the bitchiest, getto-fabulous cop ever. I was going to get out of the car because I was going to miss my train and she yelled at me. Thankfully, she let my mom go and I made my train, but it still made me really angry. I hate cops that are assholes.

I talked to Ali on the phone and she is doing well, but she feels that she isn't challenged enough at Skidmore. Sometimes I feel like that here too. Im actually thinking about transferring, so I am going to dedicate some weekends to staying at friend's schools like Rutgers.

So I decided I'm going to wait it out for Loyola. Hopefully, I will find out soon if I can go or not.
I told Gabby that I was thinking about transferring and I think she was upset about it. We decided, however, that we are going to have an amazing week. Agreed.

So then I had my choir concert which was cute. The Fairfield Country Children's Choir sang Sing Me To Heaven which was really cute. Then, me and some girls were talking about solo ideas for Pops Goes Hollywood where we are singing all movie soundtrack songs. I'm going to try out with Take My Breath Away which should be interesting.

Gotta go read the history. That's all I do this semester.
7 days til Key West!!!

writing makes me feel good. [01 Jul 2005|07:22pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i've been keeping soooo busy. 4th of july weekend will be great. I'm going to Henry's to watch Fireworks on his new boat. AND me, hen, and amanda are going to see Dane Cook again on September 16th!

Since Amanda has her own wheels, we have been taking so many daytrips. The other day we went to the Van Saun Zoo and i saw bison! The ocelots are so cuteeee. My favorite part was the butterfly exhibit. We took pics with the butterflies on our fingers.

I got my scores for SAt 2's back. I was pleased. College seems to be so close. It's scary. I'm going college hunting with my aunt and Henry in the New England area. Then on the 21st i start my Wahington D.C. Law Conference. I've got a pretty busy summer.

I wanted to get a job but I have so many trips and the only time I'm really free is most of August subtracting the last week or so cos I'm going down the shore. So that was bust.

I vowed to myself that I wouldn't spend my sumemr watching TV so I've been reading and runnign on my treadmill and basically keeping myself active. Eating Healthy. All that good stuff so I'll feel/look good at the beach and not feel like i've been sitting on my butt all summer.

I want to write a novel, so i've been thinking of some good pitches. got some good ones. I want to start it before the summer ends so I won't completely forget about it over the school year. Next year is going to be tough: Humanities, Precal, Chem, AP Gov and French. Atleast I have a lunch ( for the first time since Freshmen Year.)

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[13 Jun 2005|12:20pm]
Damn. It's been like two months since I wrote in this thing.

It's summer for me.

Maybe I will write in this thing more now that school is over.

Just got back from prom and prom weekend. It was a blast.

That's all for now.

i felt it was time [08 Mar 2005|06:30pm]
It seems almost everyone has deserted their eljay but whatever.

I had a really nice vacation. I stayed in Philly for a while and looked at colleges. I fell in love with UPenn but it's SO hard to get into. Philly is so much like Boston only better because its only 2 hours away and not as cold. I have to do really well on my SATS this Ssturday. I've been studying mad hard and I'm doing a speed-reading course too.

So the play has pretty much taken over my life. I will be so happy when its over.
Hawaii is coming up soon and I am so excited. I need a break!
AP Exams after Spring Break. Only taking 2 but I need to do gooood.
I've been pretty much a continuing anchorwoman on the NHS TV News show for the past year. It's pretty cool. I feel so, like, cliche. It's pretty cool though.

My non-school life has been going well. I can't wait until Amanda gets her license so we can take a million weekend road trips. SO EXCITED. In other news, the boy is doing well and I can't complain. Prom is going to be a blast. Me + Dan + Amanda + Henry.
Need I say more?

In conclusion, I am so happy that I am not doing track this year.
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[12 Feb 2005|11:41am]

I have been sick for the last few days which sucks, but I took DayQuil. So I was supposed to go the city but that didn't work out so now I'm going to a comedy club in NJ and then probably Sports World and then Lindseys for SLEEPOVERMADNESS. It is funny cause I was kinda of upset that my original plans didn't work out but these new plans are SO much better. I'm gunna have so much fun! I can't wait!
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[17 Jan 2005|07:18pm]

thanks martin<333
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[01 Jan 2005|02:18pm]
damn. there is too much drama to handle these days.
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[08 Nov 2004|03:12pm]
ali and i love how in old movies, women always have perfect makeup on, even when they are taking a shower or waking up from bed.
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yeah i listen to cat stevens. [29 Oct 2004|06:51pm]
today was the quickest day of school in a long time. i dressed up like audrey hepburn, but everyone thought i was Jaskie O. i had a fun day. we had a mock election is us history and even though my team lost (by one vote) i still got free candy. i also got to look at a developing fetus in sex ed (which is officially the best class ever) and i'm pretty sure i bombed a math test. who uses linear combinations anyway....

on wednesday night i went to a sugarcult concert with some friends. it was pretty cool. i hadn't gone to a show in forever. last night i had dance which is getting better and better every time. i'm so glad i started.

i am going to a halloween party tonight. it should be fun. my bf has a problem with keeping secrets from me and telling them to all my friends. he is the sweetest kid i know, so i can't be mad at him. anyway, i'm supposed to get a surprise tonight.

i hope it's good.
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[12 Sep 2004|12:27pm]

i'm the birthday girl today!

happy birthday to me!
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[28 Jul 2004|02:08pm]
i felt like doing a friends cut.

comment if you want to stay

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[24 Jun 2004|04:11pm]
i am leaving for london now and i will be back the 1st of July.
i will miss you all <3333
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[23 May 2004|07:00pm]
friday was battle of the bands. ali and i made awesome shirts. i didn't really have a good time though. the one last year was so much better.

today i went to the beach and it was so nice. the water was really cold though so i just tanned and listened to maroon 5. then i read a little tale of two cities and had some rita's ice. yum. now i'm home doing all this work i avoided doing before. i <3 procrastination! really!

atleast i have a nice tan.
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taken from the besthubbieever. [13 Apr 2004|04:45pm]
1. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
2. How long have you known me?
3. When and how did we first meet?
4. What was your first impression?
5. Do you still think that way about me now?
6. What do you think my weakness is?
7. Do you think I'll get married?
8. What makes me happy?
9. What makes me sad?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
14. Do you think I could kill someone?
15. Describe me in one word.
16. Do you think our friendship is getting stronger, weaker, or staying the same?
17. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?
18. Are you going to put this on your livejournal and see what I say about you?
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[16 Mar 2004|07:35pm]
on my comment page, post a picture of yourself.

- favorite nickname
- age
- obsession[s]
- favorite smell
- song[s] you are afraid to admit you love
- something you've never done

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[26 Jan 2004|09:56pm]
so the mae concert on sunday was amazing. i love the singer and he looks like keanu reeves in bill and ted's excellent adventure (dude!!!) except noone else thinks so except for my mom because she's cool like that.

"i want to fuck his voice" hahahaha.

anyway, the other bands were awesome as well. the venue was really nice and it had awesome lighting.

today sucked as mondays usually do. on that note, i felt like depleting my friends list a little. if its a matter of life and death, just IM me or something. the main reason i'm taking people off is because i dont feel they really read it or need to know my life.

toodles. <3
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[22 Jan 2004|06:47pm]
hi im in love with this man and his music.

im in a good mood but im really tired. lots of funny stuff happened today. im going to take a nap.
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