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__finale's Journal

11 April
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"Amanda is secretely in love with me." - _arrestthisgirl
"Amanda is really pretty" - _midsummer
"Amanda loves Jason" - _le_skeetskeet
"Amanda hates Jeff Goldblum" - apocalypse_x
"Amanda hates people who are naturally beautiful and still smother their faces with makeup." - blackwid0w
"Amanda hates when taxi cabs run over her toes." boydon
"Amanda has A GREAT RACK" - concrete__rose
"Amanda loves a good movie" - creamtea
"Amanda loves dying her hair" - paint_water
"Amanda ANNIHILATES GAZEBOS" - falling_idols
"Amanda likes that chick off the oc" (Olivia Wilde) - frozenblacktear
"Amanda needs my vaginy" - gloriachristine
"Amanda has Mary-Kate and Ashley pics everywhere" - hummingbrd
"Amanda likes Pauly Shore" - killmattcugini
"Amanda has the funniest entries, esp. when they're photoshops." mad_hatters_tea
"Amanda likes really good music" - maybe_michelle
"Amanda hates fat wannabe gangstuhhhhsssss" - mooshi_gooshi
"Amanda needs some snow boots and sweat pants" - needles_pins
"Amanda is fucking awesome. " - maryxmurder
"Amanda hates balenciaga purses" - saveart
"Amanda likes taking pictures" - sharpie_whore
"Amanda is lovable" - spyware
"Amanda hates the Brockton, Massachusetts public school system and the majority of the kids getting their edumacation there." - the_hot_ish
"Amanda needs a new bed, preferably shaq's" - with_guns_drawn
"Amanda needs fame" - zombies
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