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This weekend was pretty good.
Friday-acted stupid, hung out with tyler, then low on air, zak, and clay
that was cool.
Saturday- the REAL plan was suppose to be this:
Tylers dad picking him up, going and fixing
the jeep, terry picking me and molly up at 330
then going back to tylers and going to cedar point,
and yeah
...BUT this is what ended up happening:
      Terry picked me up at 300, tylers dad picked him
up at the same time, we went and got terrys ps2 to sell
so he had money, then picked up molly, went to allied
to sell the ps2 xbox, then to taco bell, and then to krogers for
some 'deep' conversation? while we waited on tyler ha, 
and then we decided we were tired of waiting around 
so we went and picked up tyler, and then went back to 
his house, then we were planning on going to drive-in, 
or drive-thru according to tyler. but then mollys aunt 
wouldn't let her go, and all that stupid stuff, so then we 
dropped her off and terry tyler and i went to taco bell, 
which was alright, then to tylers.
THEN TODAY- suppose to go to cedar point (2nd attempt) BUT
the jeep wasn't fixed and it was to cool, so we just hung out
and went to borders.

THREE MORE FUCKING DAYS OF...exams, w00t w00t.

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I've been really worried lately,
i don't know why though. i hate it.
and i think tylers mad at me, or
so it seemed, and i feel bad./

2 weeks of school left, jaklsd im excited.
lets go to cedar point.

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So its 6:03 and im pretty much waiting
for tyler to get off of work. it would be 
nice to see him today, even though
that probably won't happen.

::::::::::31/2 more weeks of school,
i would say i'm pretty excited!!$U!!
i can't wait for the summer, and
i've decided on my own that i am
not going down to my dads for a whole
month straight, and i don't give a fuck
what they say. i wouldn't mind 2 weeks
in like june, then 2 weeks july or august,
but not a month straight, thats bullshit, if
they want to see me so bad they can come
here and visit me. slkdjfoijd::::::::::::

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This weekend, my moods were all
over the place. Some parts of it
was good, and others were bad,
but i think i'm finally happy and
out of my poor me sad mood.
im getting tired of going to shows though.
i loveeeeee tyler.
I can't wait until summer...except for
having to be away for 1 month. oh sweet,.

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This weekend has been crazztytzsyzz.
but it came out to be pretty good.
A lot of talking also, which i think was 
good, and helped some things out.
I love tyler and for some reaseon
i think this weekend made me feel
closer? to him than before. 

Friday- a bunch of shitttt.
Saturday- stayed at home till like 345 or so? Tyler came over
after a little chat, went to laurens and tried to talk and reason
with her, but that didn't go to well, then at like 530 i left and 
talked to tyler as well, which went really good. then picked up
mallllly, and went to ricks, which was pretty much the sweetest
show i have ever been to! pushmoshing! FUCKYEAH!

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So pretty much i guess i'm
a self centered, only care
about tyler little bitch. mmhm...
AND i basically just have
to get over myself, okay sweet.

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The guy who does Barneys voice
is gay, and a child molester 
and can make perfectyellow circles.

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i burnt my tounge today, and it reallllly fucking 

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I've been feeling really out of place and weird/awkward
lately. I hate using the word depression, but i think
thats it. I haven't been like this since about 3 months
ago. Whenever i get this way, i think way to much,
and convince myself to believe stupid shit, and to
be all quiet/shy/awkward, so i'm sorry to anyone 
if i've been weird.

Lately i've been thinking about the summer, and
how great i hope it will be, but then i think about
how i have to go to my dads for a whole fucking
month and it gets me really..bummed. I know
its like 2 months or so away but still. I just think
about what had happened last summer, and
afraid all of that is gonna happen again this
summer. And going a whole month without
seeing everyone, espppp. tyler is gonna be a fucking
bitch. We were talking about it last night, and it
made me all sad and shit.lsdjf whatever i guess.

And to top it all off, i've been gaining weight, 
and today some girl pretty much told me that
i was, so woohoo to it being noticable...so from
tonight for about a week, im not going to eat,
and im going to start exercise, sweet.


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