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__edie__'s Journal

Muse: Edie
Fandom: Six Feet Under

Here's my poem dedicated to every guy I've ever been with:
"Your penis is kinda nice...too bad you're attached to it"

Blond and self-assured, Edie is an artist whose work has been described as a "punk/folk/poetry/performance art kind of thing." She and Claire were introduced at a bar called Nuts and Jolts, where Edie was appearing for open mike night. At first Claire wasn't certain she wanted to be there, but when Edie performed her piece - an angry verbal flaying of her self-pitying mother - Claire was impressed.

Edie and Claire found they have some things in common. Like Claire, Edie is a student at LAC-Arts; she thinks she's a junior, but can't be certain because she doesn't keep track of her credits. She's also familiar with the funeral home milieu; her Canadian uncle operated one. When Claire asks whether she played hide and seek with her cousins among the caskets, Edie says no; they played doctor underneath the dining room table instead.

Unlike Claire, however, Edie doesn't torture herself over her art. As she puts it, "...just do the work, stay out of the results." She advises Claire that when she's having a rough emotional period, it's the best time to create, and that she shouldn't wait for the "right time" for her photography. "None of us may be here tomorrow," Edie tells her, "I mean, you of all people should know that."

[Bio taken from HBO: Six Feet Under]

I am a muse from theatrical_muse, don't sue me and don't stalk me. I'm not Edie