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Everyone says to get over it, and I really do try

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  2006.11.26  07.51

sooooo, i yelled at a girl for not giving me the name of a aaron carter song, but haha, I GOT ITTTT.

okay sooo, i still don't think i ever found shana so she could be my friend.

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  2006.11.16  22.57

I'm on the phone with Shana, NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. We're talking about how Mr.B watches lifetime HAHA!
Mr.Mazella loves cookies AND HE CAN'T GO TO THE DAMN MUSICAL FUCKERS!! I hate school.

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  2006.11.08  23.18
Chelsea is cool.

Chelsea is the best person ever, you're jealous.

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  2005.10.07  21.18

I haven't written for a while...
so.. this week on Sunday, I'm going up to Teen Night... EVERYONE'S GOING... well, maybe not everyone, but a lot of people, it's muy fun..
OH YEAH, speaking of Spanish, Chel... did we have like, homework? AND WHATS WITH THE NOT GIVING ME GUM!?! HAHA...
I walked for breast cancer [grams has it] and it was very, tiring.
I just got over me being sick, now I'm babysitting.
I want to see Kyle..
Me and Justin kinda talk again, accasional-{sp} "hello"'s in the hall way... it's better then like wanting to bite eachtohers ears off.
Did you have the rumor I have a STD, which is funny I'm not as bad as half the girls in school, maybe more. Little sluts.
I'm very happy and can't wait for homecomming (OH YES!) I'm going by myself most likely, because I'm me and that's what I do... I won't even take my boyfriend, oh well.

K well call me later or something... I ♥ you.


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  2005.09.10  16.01


"Should I put 14 instead of 13? Seeing my birthdays this Saturday?" Haha, spanish... "ME GUSTA THE KILLERS!" HAHAH!

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  2005.09.08  20.39

He stuck up his middle finger at me on the way outta school like he was hard while I was ready to go pop him in the face...
My friend Jeremy- moved to BlackRock and hasnt come here to visit and he doesn't like Justin :(...
I miss Jay a lot... I luv him.. I hope he comes over durring the weekend... because I'm purely lost without him and I need to talk to him...

lol... I ♥ him... my friggin ex... gatta love them.
Sammy called me today, I told him to call my phone and he DIDNT!

Okay... enough blabbering... bye!


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  2005.09.07  22.01

I love when me and Kaylee talk, it's friggin awesome...
AsxIxLayDyingx: hey,whats happened?
x0 Rican Babe x0: idk my computers muy gat
AsxIxLayDyingx: hahahah yeah my computer is too
x0 Rican Babe x0: i said gat!
x0 Rican Babe x0: haha!
x0 Rican Babe x0: gay!
AsxIxLayDyingx: hahaha...man i thought it was spanish for gay lol



Kaylee's my wifey?

"Do hos hugs make you feel safe?"


HAHA... wifey...

Who's my owner?

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  2005.08.28  23.46

Tomorrow, the little kids start school. Seeing as my little cousin and one of my little best friends go to my school, I'm going to be picking them up at 3.. waiting at the doors, and maybe going in for a quick "Hello school." thing, then me and my friend ((which I am walking home because he lives on my street)) are going to check out the trailers. Chel, you know where they're located... how do I get there?

Also Chel, I'm digging your layout, how was Kinsey's party?

Mood: crazy
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  2005.08.26  19.05

GUESS WHAT!? It's my mommys birthday
Is that soooo cool or what?
We went to a restaraunt.
Me and Kaylee had a cool convo.
x0 Rican Babe x0: me n justin r gunna go back out
x0 Rican Babe x0: he likes me but me n him gatta talk one on one
DeadPoet6969: r u serious!?
x0 Rican Babe x0: wanna know whut i find cool n sweet tho?
DeadPoet6969: whatt?
x0 Rican Babe x0: i jus broke up with my bf today... he didnt presure me to.. he was like ''im really happy u found someone and i hope it works out''-he said that yesterday
DeadPoet6969: awww
x0 Rican Babe x0: but today my friend jeremy n josh [my x] n matt were here n they were gunna cuss him out so i blocked him.. n so he went on his tupac sn...
x0 Rican Babe x0: to tlk to me
x0 Rican Babe x0: i was like awwwwwwwwwwww... u went on ur old sn to tlk to me?
DeadPoet6969: awwwww,thats soo cute,this will the 4th time u guys go back out?
x0 Rican Babe x0: haha no the liek 8th

A lot more but we'll keep that to ourself Kaylee ;-)! haha.
ILU Kaylee.


I broke up with Josh today, it's alllllllllllll good in the hood. For shizzle.

My mom tried talking black today.

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  2005.08.21  21.13


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  2005.08.21  21.09

I like my layout... opinions? If you don't like it just tell me, but.. I do. I'm keeping it.

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  2005.08.20  21.44

Ya it's been a while.... haha.. I'm alive no worries..

Justin came over yesterday, he was throwing water on me and then threw me into the pool and I got mad at him, and to make me feel better he helped me out of the pool ((by picking me up and giving me a towel)) then to be a weirdo.. he jumped in.. IN ONLY HIS BOXERS! So I was like HELL YEAH and jumped back in haha. hehe... then they left.

Lifes yummy.

A dude died, right down the street, right by Oscars corner ((Laird and Townawanda)) he got stabbed and shot. I hate it when I miss these things... especially when its RIGHT DOWN THE STREET! It sucks! I hung out with Jeremy today, I hang out with him everyday. I'm going to his house tomorrow for once. For his party. Yeah dude.

I still like Justin, someone please shoot me.. jeez.

I think tomorrow at 10 AM Im going to Jeremy's game? We'll see if I feel like waking up at 9.

You guys should concider getting myspace, I have one, I love it actually. :-D

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  2005.08.14  21.51

Carly... i need Mike's number... so tomorrow, I can call him... and like.. kill him over the phone hehe... I'll do it too, I'd be like BANG MIKE UR DEAD! lol.. I'm serious though I'll talk to him. It'll be all good.

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  2005.08.11  20.46

I'm in Charlotte until TOMORROW!

Sammy's leaving me, he's going to Atlanta :'(- I'm gunna miss my miny man!

Maria hasnt been on.

I need to talk to you Kaylee.

Chelsea, doood... we're still straight I love you.

Carly- I need to see you.

Kelly- Woot Woot..

Alley- I miss you soooo much.

Scott- Wanna shave? lol

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  2005.08.07  15.55

I havent been home in the past week I swear.. my parents would come home and I'd be like "YES FREEDOM" and leave the house with Maria, and whoever we were hanging out with... Well... I stayed over Marias on... Monday? I think? Well... okay heres the story...

I stayed over, the next morning, Mary and I woke up, and we left because I had to go get my tooth brush... I left my backpack on her porch (SP)- Went home brushed my teeth and walked back grabbed my bag and walked home. The next night I stayed over Marys and I didn't take that bag. The next day I stayed home for the night. Then I stayed over Jennas... and brought that backpack. Last night on my way home I realized I didn't have my charger and left it at Jenna's house. So I went to bed the second I got home. My mom walks into my room and says "Mandy why do you have ciggarets in your bag?" I' half asleep at the time and I a say "IDK" and she said "We're talking about this tomorrow!"

So today, I called Maria, I said, "Did you put ciggarets in my bag?" She said "No, Jenna's cousin came over to the house and knocked on my door and my aunt was int he living room and she asked me to hold them for her and I said no put them in your bag, and she told me she'd be right back." I said, "Why didn't you tell me I'm grounded?" and she said "Because I thought she picked them up already." Jenna's at her grandmas house for 2 weeks, I don't have my cell for two weeks unless her mom calls back... UGH... bordness. My mom still thinks they're mine though, which makes me laugh... K, finito!

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  2005.07.26  12.37

May I just say CatCF was the best movie I've ever seen... k... thats it...
I LOVE you.. haha... wow I'm bored, and I'm also terribly sory for not updating that much anymore...

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  2005.07.24  22.29

I just wrote the longest entry I've ever written, about everythings thats been happening... and you know what I did? You know what?!?!?!!? I EXed OUT! I FREAKING EXED OUT!
I want to cry... I'm not going to re-type it... it's too long...

Ronnie came over today, he's my 15 yr old buddy... we played with my crutches [using them as swards] and I cut off his arm, he cut off my butt. Darn...

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  2005.07.18  02.53

Okay so I'm home, me and Justin are over, I'm fine, and now I think he's comming over tomorrow? Oh sheesh, never ending...

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  2005.07.14  21.02

So Kaylee, you're my best friend among the rest, we met in what like 3rd grade? Haha, Samantha was a huge part of our life... I miss her... you need to come visit me more.. a lot more... we need to have DDR nights, won't be the same without my cousin thought, you and Bri will and must sleep over together this year, and we will have a lot of fun! More comming, not enough time.

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  2005.07.14  20.48

Fer real fer real... yo.

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  2005.07.12  10.15
K Kaylee

OKay so yesterday, I was online... Me and Justin got into an argument because he thought I lied to him, and I said "I told you the fuckin truth so w.e don't believe me!" he said "Don't treat me like one of your peice of shit friends cuz I'm not" I said "I told you the truth and you don't believe me" he said something I couldnt see because I accidently xed out. So he IMed me again saying no you're not no no no no .... and I asked him to tell me what he said before because I xed out, he just kept writeing no

I stopped talking and waited for him to stop and when he did he immedietly went away. And hasnt been on since, well he just was on but we didnt talk...

This is for you Kaylee, the reason I was about to cry yesterday is because he took all of my stuff outta his profile.. like the I love you Madeline 6-30-05...

But... hmmm... today.. it's in there.. well.. only 6-30-05.

I talked to his older sister Donna yesterday- please don't tell him. Don't even talk to Justin about me.

His sister told me not to stress because he's been an ass to everyone lately, guy PMS I'm tellin' ya.

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  2005.07.12  10.06
Carly - the promised entry

We JUST met this year, it's so cool how we've begun to trust eachother like we've known eachother our WHOLE lives. I call you my best friend and you'll be my friend forever and ever and ever. As long as you don't hit Taryn, that's my job. Haha. You're totaly doing great with Mike and I hope it lasts a long tim, you both love eachother so I now it will, just don't break up! That's when it gets bad... you know me and my excelent advise are always here for you! Love ya lots Carly don't ever change!

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  2005.07.11  21.15

Scotty gatta journal! I'm happy! I luff ypu Scott! You're my gangsta! Great memz! I can't wait to have you and Amy over, lets have a sleepover!

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  2005.07.11  17.38

♥ Having a great time with my adorable nephew, downloaded AIM, and.. POP.. my boo IMed me! lol. ♥

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  2005.07.09  23.07

In Charlotte, can't write much, having fun with the FAM. so TTY all later. I'm going to try to download AIM, hit me up x0 Rican Babe x0 the O's are zeros (0)

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