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__december's Journal

(vertigo balancing act.)

and is it right, butterfly,
they like you better framed and dried

Here, I said
Don't even let this go
And it's
Hey to that old man
I'm coming in the graveyard
With my little tune
It's June
I said
She's gone but I'm alive
I'm alive
I'm coming in the graveyard
To sing you to sleep now

I don't really talk about myself too much in this journal. this is sort of the forbidden land for all my thoughts that can't go in my regular journal, which is read by IRL friends, including a lot of my boyfriend's friends, you know... people who just wouldn't understand and just don't need to know.

used to run body_obsession, but i've since started up and run body_discussion instead, since i don't really agree with the pro-ana turn the first community has taken... but it's been left in good hands. :)