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if theres a heaven in the sky i dont know why theyd ever let me in [Saturday
May 14th 2005
[ mood | pleased ]

make my heartATTACK 1

they call this the badlands baby, but it used to be bayou. the shore of an inland sea. [Monday
April 25th 2005
[ mood | aggravated ]

my guys from gatsbys american dream are sooo goooodddd

im so happy i finally got the cd from them cause i love it

so my weekend wasnt the best at alll... worked friday 4-10

didnt do anythin afterwards. saturday i felt like shit the whole day

and my dad didnt help any, i suppose i ruined his life again

yesterday i worked from 8am-4 and then had to go to a baby party afterwards

then i was home alone and went to blockbuster, rented i ♥ huckabees

that movie is soooo amazing, everyone go rent it NOW

i was a born existentialist and that movie just made me like whoaaaaa

woke up today to my mom being retarded, and then woke up again and was alone

with my mother out buying new things for my sister again

i called sean at like 12 and we talked for a while

which is great cause i missed him and i needed that big timeeeee

i think hes calling me at like 3 or something

i got work at 4 today til 10 and i cant wait to get out of the house again

was supposed to go to the bank today but moms not here so i dont think so.. wtf


okay goodbye, ill update more later<3

make my heartATTACK 5

its the little days that made me fall in love with you.youre the only gift that i need [Thursday
April 21st 2005
[ mood | upset ]

i hate my parents and how they treat me compared to my sister

little miss PERFECT who does everything wrong but gets EVERYTHING

had plans for today but mother doesnt feel like GOING anywhere?

so i had to stay in?

10 minutes later she leaves to do stuff for my sister?

then my glorious FATHER comes home and decides to blame his bad day on me

'do you have to mess up EVERYONES LIFE that you know AMANDA'

i suppose so ASSHOLE.

the last few days have sucked so bad& so many people have been

annoying me/pissing me off/disappointing me

its making it more and more easy everyday to leave philly and NEVER come back

and i just screamed at my dad how much i cant wait

til i move to florida for school and get away from his STUPIDITY

the one person who would make me feel better is missing in action

havent talked to him since a week ago and im getting worried

so now im listening to my new gatsbys american dream cd and talking to courtney

and my family just went out to eat without me cause i was told to order

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. SCREW THAT... i feel a breathing attack coming on

i need you soon.

dont leave me alone
dont leave me alone
i cant stand
the way the world feels
when im walking alone
make my heartATTACK 10

April 17th 2005
[ mood | incredibly tired ]

okay sooooo this weekend was so awesomeeeeeeee

prom friday night was a blast, everyone looked so gorgeous

little bit of bad things but everything was settled

yesterday gina and i went down the shoreeeeeeeeee

went to ocean citys boardwalk and got FUDGE.

passed out at like 6, woke up at 8, watched enough

drove to wawa at 11 for a midnight snack, and spent like 30$ in food hahah

today we woke up at like 9ish, went to breakfast at the cottage diner thing

drove to wildwood and walked the boardwalk for a bit

I GOT A HERMIT CRAB !@#$%& yessssssssssssssssssss

afterwards gina and i played on the beach with sean jr [the hermit crab] haha

the ocean was so freaking cold. we took a lot of pictures

ill post those tomorrow or something when i have time

we came home around 6ish, too tired to go anywheres

i was hoping to talk to sean today butttt he didnt come on and mikey said

that his friend from virginia came to visit so i dont want to bother himmmm <3

but im sooooo tired right now and im gonna go to bed

work tomorrow 4-10, everyone come drop off your film



ive got a secret, but you wont believe, but ive got this feeling, that i was put here for you [Wednesday
April 13th 2005
[ mood | superrr sleepy ]

working like MAD the last few days

im so super tired

and i didnt feel good at all today

failed english, no summer school though :-D

all the plans are set for prom except times about the shore

got my trackjacket FINALLY

got my lab coat from work tooo!


LONG DISTANCE IS TOO.. i used that last nightttt when i called my boy

he told me to call him again tonight after work but


but thats okay i still love you lotsssss.

okay im gonna go to bed now, crazy tired. <33

- I ____ Amandalyn.
- My fondest memory of Amandalyn is _______.
- When I met Amandalyn, I was __________.
- If Amandalyn was in a room alone with me I would ________.
- I would describe Amandalyn as ______.
- Amandalyn is the most _______ and _______ person I've ever talked to.
- Amandalyn loves _________.

make my heartATTACK 15

holding your head up is hard when you just want to stay on the ground [Sunday
April 10th 2005
[ mood | sleepy ]

things that happened today in a + or - chart.

- waking up at 630
- work at 830
+ 1/2 hour break where i stuffed my faceeeee
+ came home at 12
+ message from my amazing boyfriend
+ talked to the aforementioned amazing boyfriend whilst he was on his break
+ im now in his profile :)
- stubbed my toe
+ got a new sn x250mg LOVESTORY
- dad was home by 130 and annoying as ever
+ listened to the armor for sleep cd again and againn
+ cut my hair
+ went tanning
+ got my eyebrows done
+ wendys for dinner
- madddd tired
+ megan came over to rent movies
- my sisters stupid friends
+ boondock saints<3 since she never saw ittttt
+ redid my layout for hereee
+ apologized
+ did more of my layout
- i miss seannnnnn

prom in 5 days. shore in 6. battle of the bands in 7.
florida trip moved up a week: leaving june 17th. staying for 2 weeks.

make my heartATTACK 10

tonight ill be searching for you, finding my way back to, all the promises that we made [Thursday
April 7th 2005
[ mood | IN LOVE <3 ]

have off tomorrow, and my babys not goin to school cause hes got work
Need4Spd1387: so we can talk from when i wake up till i leave
Need4Spd1387: :-D
holy shit i love you.

comment if you love me..

that means everyone who does

make my heartATTACK 18

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