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[03 Dec 2004|10:21am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

so yeah.. ive been grounded? i guess.. or something idk -- ive been sick for the past like 3 weeks and my bitch of a mother wouldnt let me stay home at alll.. so finally she let me stay home on tuesday cause i was like dying.. so she was like yeah since you stayed home youre grounded.. so i was like oh COOL grounded cause i'm sick.. so i cant go out, use the phone- or the computer for who knows how long. and i'm missing out on a hockey game today w/ steph rach and jen to see some people and i'm very upset about it.. so yeah new york was a lot of fun w/ kate.. we shopped a lot and went to sephora =) and saw chicago on broadway and the christmas show again.. and RYAN CABRERA was in the parade and i was like 20 feet away from him. i almost died. but yeah, alot of walking- and it was cold & rainy and windy.. so by the time we were home i was so sick i though i was gonna cough up my lungs i couldnt stop coughing.. but yeah this week has gone by pretty slow.. only 2 more weeks til VACATION and i seriously cannot wait. it needs to snow.. i didnt wake up til like 715 this morning and i thought it was a snowday cause my mom usually wakes me up if i'm not downstairs by 7 but i guess her alarm didnt go off cause we lost power the other day.. oh well- so its 3rd period on a friday morning and i CANT WAIT for this day to be over.. but i'm not looking forward to the weekend either since i cant do anything.. but my moms working this weekend and my dads probably gonna be sleeping so i dont think i'll be staying home since no one will know i'm gone ANYWAY.. so yeah this weekend is gonna suckkkk.. but sunday i get to spend the day with amelia for her birthday =) we're going to church and then i'm going to her house.. it'll be a good day - so yeah like 45 minutes left of study hall left.. wtfff am i gonna do for that long of a time since i have absolutely nothing to do? any doo.. <3

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at school... [19 Nov 2004|10:09am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

yesterday i went home and slept from 3-7:30, i woke up & showered - watched the oc & then went back to sleep.. i didnt do any of my homework and i still feel soo tired.. i really need a day off from school but if i dont go to school then i wont be able to go out and i definitely dont wanna spend my whole weekend at home.. theres a mixer tonight that me and kate are going to.. shes coming over after school and were gonna get ready and go together.. it should be fun ive been looking forward to it since the last one cause we always have a good time.. even if its boring we find a way to make it fun cause were just crazy people.. anyways- being sick and being in school isnt fun.. i spent a long time in the nurse yesterday and slept.. right now i'm looking up stuff for latin - we're learning about games and theres a lot of games that i had no idea were latin and they are.. that kinda made no sence-- whatever im not making any sence right now i dont know what im saying.. i'm gonna goooo <3


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[16 Nov 2004|08:35pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

NEW YORK WAS AMAZING.woke up 10 minutes before having to leave, that was interesting - watched nemo on the way, & slept.. got to radio city =) =) hung out around there & took picturesss, watched the show! kinda fell asleep during the first half :X i was SO TIREDD- spent 10 BUCKS on soda and raisonettesss YUM.. after the show- our group took the long way to stop at vendors on the streets even though we werent supposed tooo! sister mary stopped at them!!! hah it was so funny.. we were like "SISTER MARY WE'RE ASHAMED!!" and she was like "PLEASE DONT SAY MY NAME TOO LOUD!!!" good.times. - so we took the like 45 minute bus right to the mall =) =) - stopped at the bathroom when we got there. then FOOD, stalked hot guy, SUSHI- got "sugar" w/ rach - went shopppppping. bought $22 dollar lipgloss @ sephora! my moms bday present, boxers, chapstick from delias- SHOES FROM STEVE MADDEN!! and something elseee. spent 130 dollllars biatch... 20bucks on freaking food cause its SO expensive.. it was an amazing day i'll post pictures when i get them!! <3333

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DFGDSFDSGDAFGAEWTDFG [14 Nov 2004|07:42pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

if one more person gives me shit today i swear there's.gonna.be.hell.

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asdevfghbjnm [08 Nov 2004|04:03pm]
[ mood | cold ]

i didnt fall asleep til around 2am last night/morning.. whateverr you wanna call it - it sucked.. i woke up this morning SO tired & i went to school and didnt talk pretty much all day cause all i wanted to do was sleep. so i got home and talked to amelia cause she wasnt in school.. and now i'm being bored & listening to music and doing.nothing. my brother got to go to a football game i get to stay homeee- oh welll whatever.. so tomomorrow and wednesday we have school - i'm still thinking about whether or not im gonna try out for the play or not.. my mom wants me to and i know shell be pissed if i dont - but idk i kinda want to but not really.. so we'll see- alright i'm leavingg byeee

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and my heart feels so new [06 Nov 2004|12:14am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

walkathon was today. that kinda sucked a lot - it was windy and cold and my ankle hurt and yeah i'm done complaining about that.. so then after i came home - hung out.. slept from 2-4, showered & ate dinner.. got ready so fast - justin picked me up at like 6:15 & we went to tailgate.. it was alright- then the game.. it was fun, the black hole got kicked out of where we were cause we broke the bleachers :X, so we moved like 7 times- and finally i just was like fuck this and sat down w/ steph lol.. i saw bryann :) - after the game i came home, obviously - and spent some bonding time w/ my balcony & blankets- and now yeah i'm doing nothing but sitting here w/ my handwarmers that i got from ali =) and i think it's time for me to go to sleep soon.. goodbye

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[03 Nov 2004|09:30pm]
[ mood | curious ]

i didnt go to school today. i seriously thought i was gonna die. i slept all day & went to the mall around 3 - then i came home and did nothing, took a shower - did my hair, etc.. no one will pledge me for walkathon. i have 3 dollars - i need to find 7 more, cause i REALLY dont wanna wear my uniform.. so im on a mission for change =) PCEEE

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... [01 Nov 2004|09:36pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

i think i'm going insane or something. i've seriously been so overwhelmed with thinking about stuff i don't even know what i'm thinking about anymore. my brain hurts so bad from thinking & trying to make up my mind, i just can't take it anymore. i give up - that's what i've come to. giving up. i never usually come to this point, but i just can't take it anymore. i don't wanna waste my time on thinking about something that's pointless, because no matter how much i think about it the situation's not gonna get any better - it might get worse, but i don't know if it'll get better or not. i'm hoping it'll get better, from where i'm sitting and from what i've read, it will get better. but with my luck the good will turn around and go right down the drain into bad because of my bad luck. when i try to make things better i try so hard but they don't get better & i can't take it. i need a break from my life, just for a few days - i need to calm down and just grasp on to everything and make it sink it. i need to come to the realization that things aren't gonna change no matter how hard i try and i just need to give up.

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weekend =) [31 Oct 2004|10:42pm]
[ mood | curious ]

friday night was the football game.. amelia came over after school - and kate and marissa came over before the game and we all went toghther- the black hole was the shit. so many people were there, it was crazy - next time we're going to the tailgate for sure. even though i got elbowed in the head numerous times, pushed down, stepped on, pushed over, was used for a railing & something to hold on to so people wouldnt fall over, it was good times. lol i saw everybody - and adi =) i missed her.. so after the game we brought nick and amelia home - i was nick deconti all night cause i had his soccer jersey on - so then me and kate went home and ate ice cream and went to bed kinda early - got up early on saturday so my mom could get tickets for clay aiken (hahahaha) and then we got ready, and went to the mall - got stuff for our costume, came home - hung out.. got ready & went to joshs party - we were the first ones there & my mom went to.the.wrong.house - and we got STUCK in some guys driveway omg it was the funniest thing.. so yeah then people came and it was good except there was some drama - but it was a good party for the most part.. so then we came home and ate ice cream lol and we went to bed at like 2 after watching some of the exorcist w/ my mom - woke up this morning and hung out all day... chelsea came over for my brother & jeff was here and we all hung out and stuff - went to get food at illianos, then we went trick or treating tonight =)  me and kate were ghetto men in black - last night & tonight.. it was fun - we had on all black w/ black and white striped tights and it was hot.. so yes - now im talking to amelia  anddd then i need sleep soon.. so <33

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sdfsdkjhfjskhfjkshf [27 Oct 2004|10:11am]
[ mood | amused ]

for some reason ive been extremely tired the past few days.. i feel like ive gotten enough sleep but im still tired as hell and i have no idea why.. i think its because ive just been thinking about stuff way too much and its getting me exauhsted from thinking about stuff too much.. i'm really looking forward to this weeked - i really just want the week to be over so i can get out of my house and away from some stuff.. i need to get some stuff off my mind and i wanna have fun so i can maybe forget about it for awhile.. friday theres a football game- i'm really excited about it, there hasnt been one in awhile & ive missed them.. i cant wait to just go crazy and scream and cheer w/ everybody - it always puts me in a better mood.. and this weekend is halloween weekend so theres gonna be a lot going on and hopefully i'll be so busy i'll just forget about everything.. even though i wont get any sleep so i'll just be tireder - it's worth it cause i think i need to have a good weekend... this week is going by so slow- it's only wednesday, i wish it was friday- i wish it was like next summer actually  i can't stand school, its too much of a stressor and i'm always busy - i just want it to be summer again so i can be lazy and do nothing and see my friends all the time.. even though i see them every day - it's in school so its not the same.. thats why i like to have crazy weekends.. begen french-braided my hair in latin today.. everyday she does something different to my hair lol i love it.. then after latin kate had french so i waited for her and i had this piece of hair and she like licked it so it would stay on my head.. well she didnt lick my hair she licked her hand and put it on my hair.. annie was like DID SHE JUST LICK YOU haha it was great.. oh and annie accomplished what she needed to do!! ;] jens happy haha.. yeah jen WHOREE.. lol jk jk jk jk jk i love you... yeah yesterday me and jen did our health project.. it was fun- the poster board is rrealllly creative - props to jen for that. lol alright wellll i have a lot of time left of this study then lunch =] yayyy we get out of here at 11:07- sounds good to me.. so i'm gonnnna go write kate a note and then make a weekend plan =) excitedness.. <333

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in study [25 Oct 2004|02:03pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

study hall can be so boring sometimes.. i just had a 40 minute study in latin cause she wasnt here and now i have another one so im just gonna waste my time and do some pointless stuff cause i have nothing else better to dooo! so yeah its been a sucky day. but yeah oh well- this friday theres a football game and saturday theres some parties and sunday is halloween so i have some stuff to look forward to.. i hope this whole week doesnt suck.. but oh well it probably will with my luck- oh well i dont really have anything to say except lets talk about my weekend - well the parts i havent talked about yet.. i slept at amelia's house saturday night. we had to watch josh - so dania and jeff went out.. we had the house to ourselves for like 5 hours.. lets just say we got ourselves into some trouble ;) yeah it was so.much.fun. i really dont remember much of that night at all but it was a blastttt - calling random people, not being able to stand up straight or walk, DOMINOES.. walking in 5 inch heels and falling on my face- phone sex? haha wow. good. times thats all i have to say-- alright well i'll update later tonight, byee<33

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come inside take off your clothes i'll make you feel at home [22 Oct 2004|11:31pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

soo yesterday after school i went to go get a poster board @ suburban stationary and i got a shirt at dots.. then i waited for amelia on the balcony for awhile but it was too cold so i went inside.. then she came over around 5:30 and we talked black w/ my mom & then brought my dogs for a walk.. hershey dragged me- she took me for a walk, it was fun. then she pooped in someone elses yard.. yum. lol - yeah then we ate dinner, hung out & went for icecream at city scoop. i got bubble gum, it gave me an upset stomach- but amelia's ice cream was good! lol.. so we came home & went for a really long walk - we stole a pumpkin from someones yard & then we took reflectors from random places on the road. it was GOODTIMES lol.. so we came home & went out on the balcony for awhile w/ a lot of blankets cause it was really cold.. so yeah then we watched tv & fell asleep kinda early.. we woke up around 9:30 this morning and ate lucky charms =) =).. amelia took a shower, i didn't... lol - i slept while she took her LONGASS shower! lol- so yeah, after her shower we blasted music it was so fun, we danced and screamed and headbanged ahah good.times. then after that we went on a walk- a few walks actually. we swear we arent stalkers.. lol - yeah then we switched sweatshirts. in the middle of the street, ate pez & then it started to rain, so we ran home.. might i add we were wearing pajama pants - mine are pink w/ white and dark pink snowflakes on them - hot stuff let.me.tell.you. so yeah after our walk.. we came inside- had a snack. watched the old school ghetto PSYCHO which was in black and white.. yeahh then we fell asleep lol- didnt wake up for a few hours. we cuddled! aww how cute, cause we were cold so we had to keep warm.. yeahhh- then we woke up, painted toenails, ate dinner.. i vacuumed- we hung out, went fora walk.. had an adventure. had to do w/ STEALING MORE REFLECTORS & this sign from someones yard.. people driving away from us, flashing FLASHLIGHTS, cars breaking down, standing in the middle of the street.. being FREEZING, random person drving- squishing in the backseat, attacking... "hey let me pull my pants up so i dont flash you.." YIKES, finding our reflectors. "welcome to wolcott the town of the drama if you wanna move here i dont think you wannna.... he sounds like chingy on crack" haha- everyone bursting out in laughter.. " being scared.out.of.my.mind "hey stace um wanna stop.. i know youre nervous- IT SHOWS" lol oh.man. good times. so thennn after our adventure we came home, made brownies & hot chocolate.. my mom came home from salem & we got presents.. me and amelia got matching shirts, bracelets & rocks that ALWAYS stay cold cause theres like this spell on them or something SCURRY!!! so then we sat on the balcony and it was freezing, came inside and now we're chillen- night everybody!!!

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[20 Oct 2004|10:57pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

this game i swear to god is gonna make me lose my mind. the yankees ARENT EVEN TRYING theyre like playing tball its crazy not good.. gonna go insane GRRR the sox r up by SEVEN.. the yankees better get.their.act.together. ahhhh this isnt cool!!!  i will NOT hear the end of it if the redsox win i'm telllling you. but if they win these really annoying gay seniors in my chorus class have to dress up as diehard sox fans w/ their face painted & everything.. they gotta do the whole deal - but if the yanks win, mawhinney has to dress up as a mercy girl, kneesocks & all - oh well, both will be fun to see.. LET'S GO YANKEES!

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so what makes you play this game with results always the same... [20 Oct 2004|04:57pm]
[ mood | creative ]

today was actually a good day surprisingly.. i made up a biology test that i just copied from amelia's test, so i DEF did good on that.. props to AMEELIA, & by the way, we're too cool to spell our names right ;).. so yeah - lunch was fun.. we have a different topic everyday - yesterday we talked about how many times every one of us was gonna get married and how many kids we were gonna have.. today we talked about who was gonna have sex first - i was in the top 3 lol, how.. nice? yeah haha FUN discussion topics.. but its all good - lol. so, yeah. in biology we did a lab.. the test took me seriously FIVE minutes.. lol - yeah so the lab was fun.. we had to do that thing w/ leaves where u put the leaf under a piece of paper and color over it w/ a colored pencil so the like stencil of the leaf comes out on the paper! it was like  a second grade project..  but then we had to answer about 100 questions about the 10 leafs we observed.. it was hard work - me and amelia didnt finish, OBVIOUSLY! lol we'll do it this weekend =) - so yes, we always talk about -mean girls- in biology.. so me amelia and ally decided to well.. become mean girls - we made a list of rules and stuff and we're gonna be cool. so after school i had to stay after for algebra cause i'm stupid.. so i had to call my mom - i found kate cause i didnt have my phone & she was rushing to go somewhere so she just gave me her whole purse.. lol- she was like GO ILL FIND YOU LATER.. so i left and she came up to find me and i threw her the purse it was so funny i just stopped the algebra i was doing.. and threw her purse to her -- good times. lol yeah.. so then my mom picked me up, i came home - MADE HOT CHOCOLATE!! typed up the rules all pretty =) & now i'm sitting here waiting for ameelia to come back from being away.. so we can chat about our little..club i guess you could call it? lol - yeah and i'm listening to some music. so peace out ya'll!

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[18 Oct 2004|10:53pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

school was okay. came home & did nothing alll day - yankee/red sox game started @ 5 and its stilllll goin.. its in the bottom of the 14th.. oh man lol- 2 outs. sox up, its crazy.. but yeah there was really no point of this entry.. i have gym tomorrow =(.. ahh this game is driving me insane

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he's everything you want he's everything you need... [16 Oct 2004|08:42pm]
[ mood | creative ]

friday during the day was the longest day of my life. left around 4, went to the outlets- to dinner w/ kate and my aunt.. we went to nashiki =) and the chef COOKED IN FRONT OF US. it was awesome. we ate so much food, and fried ice cream =).. it was my parents anniversary, which i completely FORGOT ABOUT, i felt so dumb. so did bobby and kate lol. oh well - then after dinner, me and kate hung out and we watched american wedding - had a little fun w/ some stuff ;) & brought out the baileys again!! oh baby, fun times. then we watched halloween 8 & i fell asleep like four times and woke up after a scream every single time. then we went in the apartment and slept, woke up at 11 - went to dunkin donuts for munchkins and hot chocolate, went for a walk on the beach, the waves were HUGE.. we walked far. it was fun =).. then we went back and came here- went to church, dinner @ amici's - the bread is addictiive yum- came home. talked to people and now i'm b-o-r-e-d. GO YANKEES!!!

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[14 Oct 2004|04:15pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

this has been one of the worst days i've had in a.long.time. i was so tired this morning my eyes did not wanna stay open- i got out of bed and my neck was stuck, i was like cool my neck doesnt work.. so i like couldnt turn my neck w/out turning my whole body ALL day. it sucked ass. so yeah at school it was just a frustrating day. i couldnt walk right, kate wasnt there. my shoe fell off countless times, i tripped up the stairs - my ankle hurts like a bitch from walking on it so much. its raining (even though i love the rain) i had to walk home from the busstop in it w/ my ankle. that SUCKED, my shoe kept falling off so i finally gave up and walked barefoot. i tripped walking in the house over the damn rug. AHHH this is my list of complaints to amelia

1. SOME (scratch that) MOST.GIRLS.ARE.WHORES.
2. KATE I MISS KATE:-(:-(:-(:-(
3. longest.day.of.my.life
5. ankle is killing me like a bitch and a half.
7. i had to make up so many tests today.
8. my neck hurtsss




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[13 Oct 2004|07:16pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

psats SUCKED. amelia came over after school around 12 =). we hung out, ate lunch on the balcony - we swear we aren't stalkers! ;) we sat out there all.day. oh man lol - good times, then we went to jens til around 3 & came home & guess what we did! sat on the balcony.. ate dinner around 6, hung out - went for a walk & looked in the houses.. good times - ran throught random persons sprinklers.. funfun! she left around 9.. all in all my day was excellent until my mom calls & is like "someone wants to talk to you" i was like "mmmkay?" and she puts KATE on the phone. and i was like wtf - so kates in the hospital cause of her appendics =( =( =( i'm gonna try to get out of school tomorrow so i can go spend the day with her. i'll bring her stuff to do and be the bestest sister in the world. =) - i sat on the balcony for like an hour by myself tonight, saw a lot of planes, not a lot of stars though - talked on the phone. it was good stacy time. so yeah def. gonna try to get out of going to school tomorrow, it's not like i'll miss anything anyways cause we had no school today & none monday either and did nothing tuesday & friday is shortened cause of walkathon kickoff.. so yeah time to go idk what so bye

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TONS OF PICTURESSSS [13 Oct 2004|02:31pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

pics of me amelia and jen =) yayCollapse )

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[12 Oct 2004|02:13pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

so i walked like a fag all day in school cause i like CANT use my left leg cause my ankle hurts so bad when i walk on it & my aircast wouldnt fit in my shoe so i just had to wear my ace bandage and it was a gay day let me tell you.. i had to take a test in english, and in algebra- and tomorrow we have PSATs =\.. but amelias comin over after school & we're gonna cook & be cool and stalk ppl. yeah shhhh - lol then thursday i have to finish my english test & take a bio test and blahblahblah- friday we have walkathon kickoff =) =) =) it's gonna be fun, we got a piggg & its blue and me and josie r gonna tell ppl how to decorate it haha -- yess bitch so yeah we have shortened classes that day- so yeh time to go make dinner ttyyyyyl<333

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